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Tantra masseur Matyas

In his company, it is not possible to be in a bad mood. Even after a little while in his presence you will start to smile involuntarily. Meetings and experiences with him can be compared to a big roller coaster ride, full of intimacy and laughter. You don't have to worry about being evaluated or judged. You can finally be yourself. He welcomes you with charm and disarming honesty. Whether you want a change, a rest, or to touch the secrets of your own sexual energy, you are in the right place. Don't wait. Experience again the lightness of being that life so often robs us of.


I love company and all the pleasures that life has to offer, but at the same time I can appreciate the peace that comes from solitude. It brings with it inner peace, thanks to which I can accept and understand all my feelings and thoughts. That's why I like it when I can fully devote myself to what I'm doing and forget about the world around me - everything that is, is here and now. There is nothing that brings me more joy than looking for beauty in people, both the external, which is easier to find, and the mysterious internal. I am fascinated by the wisdom that comes with age and how life experiences shape the human soul.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra is a return to the lost. To something that one gradually loses in the course of life. It is a desire for self-knowledge and self-acceptance and at the same time a willingness to work on yourself and push your being beyond the boundaries of everyday life. It is an effort to break out of the enclosure into which society and the dogmas of today's world confine us. What I love about Tantra is the honesty with oneself - there is no room for hypocrisy, we exclude no part of them from life or the human body. It is a place of absolute freedom, where there is no binding "wrong" or "right" and where one can simply "be".

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

All our massages have something in them that is extremely valuable to me, but it brings me the greatest pleasure when I can immerse myself in Tantra for a longer period of time. Our longer massages allow me to fully devote myself to everything that belongs to Tantra, which is why my favorite tantric massage is the Deluxe.


Great massage from Matyáš, professional and personal approach, I will definitely be happy to come back. Matyáš gives his best, sympathizes with the client and is very genuine.
For the first time I tried the four-hand tantra massage Deluxe at your center and I was very satisfied. The massage was also combined with a bath. Masseurs Nari and Matyáš were really very attentive and complemented each other during the massage. I was very satisfied with the massage and highly recommend it.
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