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The number of couples facing problems with conception steadily increases. Reasons for the non-success differs – it could be of physiological as well as psychological character. Such a set-back sometimes leads into a serious break-up of an otherwise happy relationship, speaking nothing of sexual life quality. Lets explore cases in which Tantra or Tantra massage can help with conception.

Nightmare Called Infertility

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Infertility is defined as a couple´s unsuccesful trying to conceive in the period of more than one year (in case of unprotected sex we take into consideration in average two intercourses per week). About 5 – 15 percent of couples face such a complication. Female physiological causes could be, for example, a damage or closure of an oviduct, hormonal defects or problems with ovule´s embedding. Male infertility is often caused by the sperm´s quality of spermary or chromosomal defects. The large part of the whole problem is also the psychological nature. The couple trying to have a baby often makes love according to a preconfigurated schedule. Sex then becomes an obligation instead of a joy when men subserve in order to stop his partner´s cry and hysteria. The couple find themselves in a vicious circle as both partners become more distant.

How to prevent this? Most importantly stop constantly thinking about the conception. Specify ideally one term of the year when you really wish to become pregnant. Write the date down on your calendar to devote the hoped for date just for yourself. Promise yourself not to think about the pregnancy until this very moment. Our culture teaches us to achieve our goals through will and with a strength and therefore we often lack humility to receive things as they are. The humbleness should be an integral part of our lives. We must accept what our body lets us and what it doesn´t. The humility doesn´t mean to be pasive. We have to understand, that our body is wiser than us and has good reasons to behave the way it does. One thing works perfectly – always when we try too hard at the same time we push away our desired things and cause more damage than success.

New Phase of Sexual Discovering

Be happy! After the year of resting you should be ready for moments of sexual joy and discoveries. Throw away contraception pills, patches and condoms and start enjoying the company of each other with everything that comes with it. The contraception pills change your body´s chemistry so you might find out after stopping that your sexual apetite is bigger than before. Use the saved money to enjoy Tantra massage which will definitely enrich you, deepen and maybe start over your relationship. Go to the sauna together or have a romantic dinner. Enjoy this period of the year, because after you will conceive the desired baby other obligations will absorb your time. Consider the time as a second honeymoon.

How does Tantra influence the Conception?

Tantra teaches us to relax in accordance with the reality. It teaches us to play, experiment and rejoice in our own and the partner´s body. Tantra massage helps to relax the pelvis; to stir up an energy there as well as the life. This is gravely important. Your pelvis has to glow, live and be charged. The same thing applies to your breast which you will feed your baby with. In Tantra massage we have a sensitive and caring approach while respecting elements of bioenergetics in stimulation of the pelvis. Yet the body interconnects. Tantra massage positively influences a production of dopamine and serotonin (the hormones of Felicity). The excitement pervades everywhere. What you will learn from Tantra is transfarable to your very bedroom allowing you to cuddle perhaps every day. Discover the bounderies of your sexual appetite and let it to reach a new dimension and a new place in your life. Let the instinct and passion to be in control. IF to no end look for the inspiration, the individual lesson of Tantra massage might be perfect for you. Without a doubt you will find out the unthinkable about yourself.

By discovering the magic of Tantra, Tantra massage and rituals you will open a new door to yourself and you will stop concentrating on the stress and technicalites of conception. If there is no biological dysfunction to hold you back, you will find everything somehow gets ahead; which is the whole point.

Interesting Facts

It is a generally known fact that the best time for conception is the ovulation period.

The up-to-date research further shows, that also the male can contribute greatly. How? Pleasantly. Ejaculate as often as possible! Everyday ejaculations enhances the quality of the sperm since it decreases the presence of demaged DNA, i.e. the genetic information which the sperm transfers over to the future embryo.

Doctor Greening made a study in which 118 males where involved. All of them had damaged DNA in their sperm. They were asked to ejaculate daily in the course of one week. The use of other treatment was prohibited as well as changes to their lifestyle. In the beginning of the project about one third (34%) of sperm was damaged. After the period of seven days only about one quarter remained (26%).

Source: European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) (2009, July 1). Daily Sex Helps Reduce Sperm DNA Damage And Improve Fertility. ScienceDaily

Written For Tantra Massage Prague, Ltd. by: Michaela Lynnette Torstenová

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