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Naked yoga

Naked yoga is a phenomenon that appears in connection with seeking freedom and releasing from common conventions. Come take a ride on that wave. It is inspirational, artistic, entertaining and tender; it is all about human body but mainly about you!

Imagine smooth wooden boards on the floor of a cosy room, candles, flowers and the sound of a bubbling stream; imagine yourself after a tiring working day as you sit down in the room along with another eight women. There is a moment of silence, you relax and get yourself ready for what is to come. The tutor initiates the class. You take off your clothes knowing the time and space is opening only for you, for your rest and being with your body and nakedness. The class has begun. You breathe deeply and focus on the present moment only. You enjoy the smell your body and from time to time your eyes peek at other naked women in the room. You enjoy the freedom as you are not bound with anything; it is just you and your body and poetry of other naked bodies. After breathing exercise there is a set of asana from ashtanga vinyasa yoga with a characteristic change of positions. A dynamic exercise revives your energy and your body and soul are floating. Just here and now, inhale and exhale; the smells, the nakedness and all the looks at secret parts of yours and others bodies.

Are you tempted by the idea but asking yourself what´s tantra massage got to do with naked yoga practice? Apart from the fact both focus on healing shame and establishing a positive attitude towards you, one supports and develops the other. Tantra massages develop sexuality and discovering other dimensions and pleasures, they heal your attitude towards yourself. Likewise naked yoga brings you back into touch with your own body, its smells and nuances. By regular yoga practise your overall body attitude changes same as breathing habits and the body gets back to harmony. The usual patterns and tendencies to keep energy at certain places change. You get yourself into flowing, you are more creative, and have space for new ideas and mainly time just for yourself. Gradually as you are getting more intimate with your body also your attitude towards sexuality develops and it gets more relaxed which is also an objective of a quality tantra massage. You might surprise yourself and your partner too. Is it your first time you encountered “yoga” as a term and want to understand it in broader context? Then read on further.

Yoga in a broader context

Naked yoga

The oldest data on yoga come from the period 900 to 500 BC; yoga was described as a system of ascetic practice, meditation and worshipping practised by saints in Indian cloisters. Sanskrit term yoga means to unite, bond or control, therefore yoga is meant to connect an individual person with a universal being. By doing so and reaching the connection overcomes untrue ego (meaning unreal self that was obtained conforming to the society and require social roles), which restrains us from connecting to the real essence of being. The disconnection makes us unhappy because we mostly aim material world and worries. According to yoga the real essence of life is eternal being, consciousness and welfare. A yoga practitioner attempts to identify with the essence that according to yoga philosophy leads happiness, peace of mind and enlightenment. Yet that cannot be done if our body is weak and preoccupied with physical worries that tend to hold our concentration. Through body work yoga aims at establishing balance, stability and physical health. In a firm and healthy body there is a peaceful and balanced mind.

The main pillars of yoga are a system of asana (body positions), breath control (pranayama) and meditation (calming of mind). Asanas are demanding on balance and require a gradual achieving of physical flexibility and a good physical condition. Balancing in asanas can be achieved only by total concentration and correct breathing that leads to calming down and deliverance from stress and worries. Yoga class is a kind of a return to your inner self. Most western world today uses yoga to reach health, flexibility and mental relaxation.

Yoga and nakedness

European culture and its perfect body cult lead to disconnection from yourself and not accepting how we look and who we are. We try to reach advertised presented ideal, we starve from hunger, diets and tiring exercise and still try to be someone else but satisfied in our one and only body. We learn to accept our body at many seminars but the way through our heads and thinking is slow and not leading to desired result. We understand that it is good to accept ourselves the way we are but lack the ability to do so.

We can only accept our body if we learn to remain in close contact with it. To listen to its signals, changing energy during the day and in various places of meeting; let it lead and inspire us. We can only really be content if we accept ourselves with all the small details and nuances our body offers. Learn to feel its smell, discover its hidden places, your thighs, belly and gender. Learn to control your body and be aware of it. One of the methods how to intimately meet your body and of course – naked! A ritual of naked yoga as a method is a self-acceptance brings a lecturer, Julie Gaia Poupětová, who works with a development of sexuality for individuals and pairs.

Each position of the naked yoga open a different view on your body. You will learn more about yourself the way you haven’t seen it yet. During a ninety minute exercise you get into a close relation with your own body, you learn to accept, use and love it. Other women coming through the same process can be your support. The whole ritual is finished up with a relaxation with your eyes closed and a final mediation. Whoever can talk freely about the experience, whoever does not, leave it inside his soul. You leave and the inner peace, relaxation and inspiration surprise you. Wearing clothes feel quite strange after all that…

Written by Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová, MBA

Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. founder, psychotherapist, manager, tantra lecturer and personal development group lecturer, coach, yoga instructor and instructor in holistic work with the body, massage therapist (10 years of experience), therapeutic tantra “Inner Wave Technique” author, massage lecturer. Read more

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