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Frequently asked questions teaching

Id like to surprise my partner with home Tantra massage, which course do you recommend?

Tantra massage is a great way to show your partner how much you care for them as well as a great way to make your love life more colourful and to get a new spark in your relationship. This wonderful ritual will brighten up your life and inspire you on many levels. If you want to surprise your partner with a home Tantra massage session, you can choose between individual courses or courses in small groups. The advantage of individual courses as compared to small groups is that the speed and content of the course is adapted to you and we will teach you whatever you want to learn. The Art of Tantra Massage course will give you sufficient time to delve deep into the secrets of Tantra massage. For Tantra inspiration and the basics of conscious touch you can choose the shorter course of the Art of Touch. From among the group courses we recommend From Touch to Intimacy which we also offer as a women only course.

To understand Tantra massage better and to learn the art of guiding another person through this ritual we recommend that you try Tantra massage yourself before the start of the course. For our students we offer a discount of 30% on any Tantra massage in our catalogue. We recommend you take the massage before the start of the lessons, because you will learn faster that way. A good choice is the 3-hour Tantra Massage Deluxe or Pretty Woman Luxury Tantra Massage for Women.

I want to do Tantra and Tantra massage professionally, which course shall I choose?

Being a Tantra massage therapist is a beautiful, meaningful job, because you give others joy through sincere and receptive touch and you help them develop and enrich their sexuality. Professional Tantra massage sessions require that we deal with many topics which surpass the scope of standard massage art, but they are important for your and your client’s safety and the client’s overall experience. Complete Course of Tantra Massage for Professionals will help you explore the art of Tantra massage and to provide services of the highest quality. The follow-up course, The Art of Conversation, Therapeutic Approach in Tantra Massage will teach you to work with various types of clients and their needs and provide you with tools for maintaining boundaries and many other tips you will make use of in your everyday professional practice. If you want to take it easy or if you have already done some Tantra courses you can try Basic Course of Tantra Massage for Professionals.

To understand the ritual of Tantra massage better you also need to experience the role of a recipient. For this reason we recommend that you try Tantra massage yourself before the start of the course. You will learn faster that way. Tantra Massage Deluxe or Pretty Woman Luxury Tantra Massage for Women provide enough time to get the experience. As our student you can use the 30% discount on all massage types from our catalogue.

We are a couple and we would like to do Tantra together. What courses do you recommend and how can Tantra help us?

Tantra is a very colourful and rich art and life philosophy that provides more than just Tantra massage. It is completely up to you which path you and your partner want to take and what you would like to learn from us.

The art of Tantra massage for partners is a great way to enrich your sexual life, to learn to pamper each other, to learn each other’s needs and secret wishes better and open up. Tantra massage for couples is taught both individually or in a group. The more intimate individual course provides more privacy, but it also enables us to concentrate only on what you and your partner are interested in. The Art of Tantra Massage course will provide sufficient amount of time to learn the art of Tantra and mutual touch. If you are only looking for inspiration you can first go for the shorter course of The Art of Touch. From among the group courses we recommend the From Touch to Intimacy course in a mixed group.

Before you start learning the art of massage together, we suggest you first undergo the ritual of shared massage for couples, which is a beautiful intimate experience and will help you understand everything you will then learn. For our students we provide a 30% discount on all Tantra massage sessions.

If you prefer to concentrate on mutual intimacy and proximity, to develop communication, get rid of shame or inhibitions, to spice up your sex life and to get to know each other on a deeper level you can try the individual Course of Tantra Sex for Couples or one of the other courses of the School of Tantra Sex.

What does the individual course look like? Who will I learn to provide a massage on?

First we discuss one of our teaching programmes together, depending on whether you want to do Tantra professionally or whether you want to learn it for yourself and your own intimate life. Then together with your instructor we plan the dates of the course which is divided into 3 to 6 units depending on your preference and availability. We can meet several times a week, but longer breaks are also fine. If you are a couple, you will learn to massage each other, if you sign up on your own, you will learn on one of the massage therapists in our team or on your own model who you can bring to the course. The course is practical and it also includes a printed manual of the discussed procedures and techniques, which is included in the price of the course. The advantage of individual courses is that we can completely adapt them to your experience, time availability and speed.

What does the Tantra massage course in a small group look like?

The From Touch to Intimacy course is offered in a mixed or women only group so it is up to you where you feel more comfortable. The group will have six members at most so that we provide intimate atmosphere and personal approach. We will learn on each other, so you will get to experience the role of the recipient as well as the provider. You can swap partners during the course as you like after mutual agreement. You can sign up for the mixed group individually or in a couple. If you sign up as a couple, it is only up to you if you want to work together during the whole course or if you want to try the massage with other people too.

What do I need for the course?

Dress comfortably and in loose clothes in which you feel comfortable and at ease. For the Tantra massage course you will need: a sarong, 2 fur gloves, an ostrich feather and a fan. All the rest is at your disposal at the course for free.

Can I buy the tools for the Tantra massage course at your centre?

Yes. You can look at all our goods in our e-shop or at the reception of our centre. If you want to buy the tools in our centre, please arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the course so that you have enough time to choose everything.

If we sign up for the Tantra massage course as a couple, do we have to take part in it together, or can we change partners for the exercises?

It is fully up to you how you want to do the course. You can stay as a couple throughout the course and learn on each other, or you can experiment and experience the touch from someone you don’t know in a safe environment. No one will force you into anything and everything depends on what you decide together.

Can I try the techniques of intimate massage at the course?

Yes. Intimate massage is part of our course and it is only up to you if you want to try it with us at the course or if you want to do it in the privacy of your home. If you sign up for the course without your partner, it only depends on your feelings and your mutual trust with the recipient. We won’t force you into anything and everything will stem from the atmosphere at the course and mutual trust and understanding.

Im a professional Tantra massage therapist. What new things can I learn with you?

In our centre we teach a unique and elaborated technique of Tantra massage based on Tantra as well as the principles of bio-energy and bodytherapy. Their author is the Tantra teacher and therapist with more than 15 years of practice Bc. Michaela L. Torstenová, MBA. This technique is not taught at any other centre and judging from the reactions of our clients it is one of the best in the world. To master this technique we recommend the Complete Course of Tantra Massage for Professionals which all massage therapists in our centre have completed. As the only Tantra centre we provide Tantra massage with therapeutic approach which we teach in the course named The Art of Conversation, the Therapeutic Approach in Tantra Massage. Our courses on ritual Tantra baths are also unique. We teach them either separately or as part of the course for professional therapists.

What is the School of Tantra Sex?

The School of Tantra Sex is the first school in the Czech Republic that teaches the principles of male and female sexuality based on Tantra teaching and practice. The training takes place in a small group, but you can also go for individual training or training for couples. You will learn with the use of various aids under the guidance of our experienced lecturers with many years of experience with Tantra practice.

What languages do you teach in?

The courses are in Czech and English, but on request we can arrange an interpreter to other languages. The service of an interpreter is not included in the price of the course.

How often should the lessons take place?

It is possible to do the course in intensive form, for example as a long weekend or as daily sessions for one week or up to ten days, depending on the length of the course you choose. If you live in Prague we recommend continuous lessons. There can be one or more sessions every week with the possibility to practice between the sessions. If you are busy, it is possible to do the course in an even more relaxed way, but not less often than one session per 2-3 weeks. We don’t recommend longer gaps because of the continuity of the course.

We only want to learn intimate massage. Is it possible?

Yes, but...

Intimate massage for a man or woman is not only about the technique, but also about the approach of the giver, working with breathing, energy, mood and overall physical and mental preparation of the recipient. The intimate massage is thus part of a complex ritual of Tantra massage and we recommend you learn it as part of Tantra massage as a whole in one of our courses. Although we teach this type of massage only as part of a whole, we can provide individual teaching made to measure in which we will explain the principles of intimate massage for man or woman and at the same time we will teach you this massage using practical aids and pictures so you will never be at a loss how to please your partner.

Is it necessary to go for Tantra massage before the course?

It is not necessary, but based on experience we recommend that you try Tantra massage at least once before the actual course. You will learn much faster that way. In the course we will teach you to guide the recipient, to work with energy and touch, to keep the boundaries and many other things. Experiencing the position of a recipient helps to understand the whole concept of Tantra massage, to imagine the feelings of the recipient, to know what is pleasant and how your body reacts to various kinds of touches. For this reason we provide our students with a 30% discount on all Tantra massages from our catalogue.

What if I dont like something or feel ashamed?

During the Tantra ritual and while teaching it too we are very sensitive to your feelings and we do everything so that your experience is positive. We won’t force you into anything in the course and it is up to you how much you want to open and what you want to try. Tantra is not about violent shifting of barriers, but about realising them and gradually and sensitively overcoming them. Don’t be afraid to tell us if you don’t like something or you don’t feel up to something.

Do you teach intimate massage of men or women in a Tantra massage course for a group of women?

We always adapt the courses to our clients, so at the start we ask what you would like to learn with us. If you are interested in the intimate massage for men we will invite a male model for the final part of the course.

Frequently asked questions for couples

Can Tantra massage for couples enhance our sex life?

Yes, but it always depends on what it is you need to enhance. Tantra massage for couples enhances communication about intimate topics as well as mutual needs, it increases mutual sensitiveness, it helps rekindle passion, it teaches you what touches you like and what your body needs, so it will be easier to teach your partner to understand you better. Besides, in Tantra massage you will learn powerful breathing techniques which will deepen your sensations and strengthen the perception of the present moment. You will experience a new perspective on sexuality and your own body, you will experience respect and complex care. Nothing stops you from using all that you experience during the Tantra massage for couples and that you find inspiring in your partnership. As a follow-up to Tantra massage for couples we also offer individual lessons of Tantra massage, Tantra sex coaching, or lessons of Tantra as such.

Does Tantra massage contain sexual intercourse?

No. Tantra massage is not about sexual exchange and throughout you remain in the passive, receiving role, thanks to which you can lose yourself in the sensations of your own body and experience the so-far unknown feeling of submission. Only that way can we step out of what we have learned and we regularly do and discover something new that can affect and inspire us. During a Tantra massage session a client experiences the receiving role during which they need not care about anything or anyone, they just let themselves be pampered and spoiled. However, after the massage we can leave you alone so you can enjoy the intimacy of a couple.

Is it possible to be in contact with my partner during Tantra massage?

Yes. You can start the massage session with a shared bath or meditation in a pair, during the massage you can hold hands and after the massage you can cuddle together. The massage therapists can leave you alone for a while.

Is it better to experience Tantra massage for couples in the same room or separately?

Whether to choose the more intimate massage in the same room or the more private massage separately depends primarily on the dynamics of your relationship. We recommend that couples who are afraid they might feel jealous of each other, who might want to check if the other one likes it or feel that one couldn’t relax in front of the other take the first massage in separate rooms where they can both concentrate each on their own sensations and then share them during a shared bath for example. This option gives you both the chance to open up and get the most out of the massage. To more open couples where there is no shame between each other and no need to control each other, we recommend massage in the same room which will support and build your mutual energy. Even for less open couples it is possible to try massage in the same room, but we don’t recommend it during the first visit. More information about Tantra massage for couples can be found in our article Tantra Massage for Couples.

Frequently asked questions the prostate

What is the prostate?

The prostate is sometimes called the male G-spot. It is part of the male sexual organ and one of the most important glands in the male body. It is located inside the pelvis and so it is best accessed through the anal opening. You can feel it between the perineum and the anus. A healthy prostate is round and is of the size of a walnut or chestnut and its stimulation is pleasant and doesn’t hurt. During ejaculation the prostate secretes a fluid that has a positive effect on the lifespan of sperm. Prostate massage increases and intensifies the quality of sex life and brings a deep feeling of submission.

Why is prostate massage important?

Prostate massage pleasantly relaxes the whole area of the pelvis, it awakens energy of the first chakra and induces physical and mental relaxation. Apart from that, prostate massage can significantly influence your health, it has healing properties. It helps prevent prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and problems with urinating caused by prostatic hypertrophy. If you treat yourself to this massage regularly, it will intensify and prolong the quality of your sex life. Each massage session also brings intensive relaxation and the possibility to enrich the classic male role by feelings of accepting.

What is the prostate massage procedure?

Prostate massage is part of the complex Tantra massage ritual that will physically and mentally relax you and prepare you for new sensations. The massage therapist uses empathy as well as Tantra breathing techniques, so at the moment when she starts doing prostate massage, you are already beautifully harmonised energetically. Thanks to personal bonding and trust you might not even think of embarrassment. The massage therapist starts to massage your perineum and using smooth oil she gently prepares your anus for the massage. A thorough and gradual preparation ensures that you don’t sense any pain or unpleasant feelings. Only when you are sufficiently relaxed does the massage therapist put her finger inside. She works with the same perceptiveness during the actual prostate massage. The prone position is ideal for this massage, but it can also be done in supine position. We recommend that you breathe in a relaxed manner and if you feel like it you can make any sounds that help you relax. The massage therapist ensures your safety and hygiene by using a latex glove.

Do I need to prepare in any way for prostate massage?

Don’t worry, no special preparation is necessary for the massage.

Will I like prostate massage?

It is not possible to say beforehand what effect prostate massage will have on you. It is still not a common part of our culture, it is surrounded by many prejudices and ambiguities. If you are interested in this massage, we recommend that you choose a massage therapist who you feel you can trust. During the massage you should remain in contact with your body. Try to free yourself from all worries, breathe and watch how your body reacts. Especially the first time it is good to reserve enough time that will help you gradually relax. During each subsequent massage you can give in to your feelings more. That is why we recommend not to judge prostate massage on the basis of one massage session, but to try it again during other rituals.

Frequently asked questions for women

Shall I choose a male or a female massage therapist for my first Tantra massage?

This depends solely on you. All our massage therapists are sensitive and empathic guides who will fully respect your feelings and boundaries during as well as after your Tantra massage. You needn’t worry that the therapist wouldn’t respect your boundaries and would push you into something just because he is a man. Experiencing respect and acceptance in combination with male dynamic energy can prove to be a very healing experience for you if you lack an attentive and respectful male touch in your life. If you are thinking about choosing a woman to guide you through the secrets of Tantra massage, try to imagine whether you might not feel ashamed to experience with a woman excitement and submission, which are often a matter of fact in the dynamics of a man-woman relationship. But if you feel a woman will understand your body better because she is a woman herself and you are tempted by this idea, then choose a female therapist. If you hesitate we recommend choosing first the less intimate massage Sensual Ritual of Honouring the Body or the energy massage Shakti Initiation which very gently works with sexual energy and can thus be the entry to the secrets of Tantra massage for you. More information on this topic can be found in the article Tantra Massage for Women.

Will I experience an orgasm during a Tantra massage session?

The magic of orgasm lies in the spontaneity of the moment that can’t be affected by will, and striving for it is counterproductive. Tantra massage provides a safe space without pressure in which you can enjoy loving care, attentive touches, gentleness and everything that comes spontaneously. Discover together with your massage therapist how your body reacts to various kinds of touches and let everything flow freely. All your reactions are accepted and respected, there is no pressure put on you. Tantra massage in a state of absolute relaxation can lead to the experience of a full-body orgasm, i.e. a state where your body is filled with energy that is often perceived as a total loss of control and a deep internal submission that continues long after the massage session. Attentive, conscious touch as well energy and breathing techniques are essential to reach this state. So don’t push yourself and see what your body and Tantra massage have in store for you.

How long should my massage be so that I can relax sufficiently?

Women need much more time to relax than men. A woman’s body wants to be pampered, spoilt, awakened and gently discovered. A woman thus needs time to not only enjoy the touches, but also to experience them to the full. Only then can she feel like a real goddess. For this reason we recommend longer Tantra massage types which respect the needs of a female body. These massages include Tantra Massage Deluxe, The Birth of Venus Massage or Luxury Tantra Massage Pretty Woman.

Can I bring my partner to my Tantra massage so that he can watch?

Yes, it is possible, but consider whether you don’t deprive yourself of the feeling of privacy and whether you won’t stay more in control because of the presence of your partner. For couples we recommend Tantra Massage for Couples during which you will be massaged at the same time so you can both enjoy your own sensations that you can share together later, for example during a shared bath. If only you receive the massage and you want your partner to be present it is necessary for your partner to come a little earlier and talk to your massage therapist about the procedure of the massage and how to join in if possible.

Frequently asked questions for individual lessons

Where shall I go?

The lessons take place either in our Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. Centre, Na eelice 5, Prague 5 or in the newly open Centrum Integrity Ltd., Staropramenná 7, Prague 5. Our lesson coordinator with whom you will arrange the dates will tell you the location of the lessons.

How do I get there and where can I park my car?

Our Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. Centre, Na eelice 5, Prague 5 is 100 metres from the Bertramka tram stop, the newly open Centrum Integrity Ltd. is at Staropramenná 7, Prague 5, about 250 metres from the Andl metro station. Near both of the centres there are parking places for 30 CZK per hour from Monday to Saturday. Parking is available for up to six hours and on Sunday the time is unlimited and parking is free. You can also park your car in the Nový Smíchov Shopping Centre where weekday parking is free for up to 3 hours and for up to 5 hours on weekends. From there you can walk to our new centre on foot (3 minutes). The original centre is one tram stop away at Bertramka. Please, ring the doorbell of the centre and the receptionist will show you in and explain everything.

Is the structure of the lesson/course set beforehand or is it possible to arrange the content with the lecturer?

We try to adapt the lessons to what you are interested in and what is useful to you. For that reason it is very helpful if you have an idea of what you would like to learn. You needn’t worry if you don’t have a specific topic though. You will find an area that you are interested in with the lecturer for sure.

What will I learn at the course?

It depends on what your knowledge is and what course length you selected. The more time we have, the more you can learn about the topic and try it out. If you have a one-hour lesson, the lecturer will explain the basic principles of Tantra and Tantra massage and how to incorporate it in your life. The lesson can consist of practical examples of Tantra breathing, conscious touch and other techniques used in Tantra massage. The lesson can take on the form of Tantra counselling or coaching, so we can talk about a specific topic with which you need helping.

I know a few things about Tantra and Id like to dedicate the lesson to a particular topic, is it possible?

Of course it’s possible. It is very positive if you come to the lesson with specific needs and ideas. You can discuss them in advance with the lecturer and adapt the lessons to them. In this case it is very helpful if we know about your requests beforehand, the lecturer can prepare and you don’t need to waste your time explaining what you’d like to talk about.

What do I need to bring?

You will get everything you need for the course at our centre, both for one-hour lessons and longer courses. Small refreshments and drinks are available. All you need is comfortable clothing and a good mood.

Will I get a confirmation of attendance after the course?

Attendance certificates are given to the participants of our group or individual courses of Tantra massage that have a fixed structure and content. That means we are sure that the client leaves with specific knowledge that they can use in practice. After attending a one-hour lesson it is not possible to reach this level of knowledge so you won’t get a certificate.

We have booked an hour lesson for couples, what can we expect?

As you are coming with your partner, the lesson concentrates primarily on how to incorporate Tantra massage and Tantra into your personal life. You have probably talked with your partner about why you are interested in this and how Tantra could enrich you. You can start from that with your lecturer and find an area that will be beneficial to you. A lesson for a couple is also a combination of theory and practical examples.

Is a one-hour lesson suitable as a present?

Yes, it is. A Tantra lesson is a present which can bring a new impulse and enrich your relationship. Make sure your partner is open minded and interested in this topic and whether they would consider trying something like this. We also recommend you provide the partner with at least a little time between giving them the present and the actual date of the lesson so that they have some time to think about what they might be interested in in Tantra.

Wed like to come for a lesson for couples, but my partner is very shy. Is that a problem?

In that case we recommend that you book an individual lesson first. It is necessary for your partner to feel relaxed and comfortable and this is best achieved if they are there alone with the lecturer. This is nothing against your relationship, you just need to give your partner the opportunity to say without worries what they might never say during a lesson for couples. You can come together anytime after that when your partner feels ready.

Id like to have a lesson for couples with a friend, is it possible?

Yes, it’s possible. Lessons for couples don’t need to be for partners only. You can come with a friend too. The lesson will be adapted to the situation.

How shall I book the lesson?

Write to us at skola@tantramasaze.com or call our centre at 603 185 066. Get the voucher number ready as it is necessary for making a reservation and have ready possible dates that are suitable for you. We will arrange the dates with the lecturer and call you right back with a confirmation and the address of one of our centres where the lessons will take place.

Can I choose the date?

You can. We will try to accommodate you. However, please take into consideration that if you are interested in afternoon or evening classes it is better to book at least a week or two in advance. Morning lessons are more flexible.

Is it necessary to book in advance?

Ideally a week beforehand. It is possible that we’ll be able to offer you a lesson on the day you call, but the lecturer is quite busy so we can’t guarantee that.

My voucher is no longer valid, what shall I do?

In this case, unfortunately, it is not possible to use it. You can still try to contact us and we’ll try to find a solution.

My voucher is valid till tomorrow, but I wont have time to come, what shall I do?

In this case, please contact us immediately. We can extend the validity of the voucher by up to a month, but it is necessary to do that while the voucher is still valid. Explain the situation to the receptionist so that we can extend the voucher’s validity. Then it is necessary to reserve a date and have the lesson during the extended month.

I was given a lesson as a present, but I dont like it and I dont want to use it, what shall I do?

In this case it is possible to exchange the voucher for one of our massages for example. The charge for this transfer is 250 CZK and it is necessary to pay for the price difference. We will give you all the information based on the specific situation and your request.

I had a lesson booked for a certain date, but I forgot about it, what shall I do?

In this case the voucher expires. However, we know this can happen, so please contact us. We’ll try to solve the whole situation.

Is it possible to continue in the course?

Yes, of course. We provide a whole range of courses, both in groups and individual. If you are interested in continuing with lessons, contact us and we will recommend the best form of continuation based on your requirements.

Is it better to try Tantra massage before the lesson, or is it better to attend the lesson first?

It depends. If you have never tried Tantra massage and you try it before the lesson, you can attend it with specific feelings and experience and base the lesson on that. On the other hand, if you first take part in the lesson, you’ll be more prepared, calmer and you’ll be able to use the things you’ve learned during the massage

Frequently asked questions for men

What if I get an erection during Tantra massage? Is it suitable in a Tantra centre? How will the masseuse react?

Tantra massage is a sacred ritual of honouring the body in all its naturalness, so it provides a healing space for absolute openness and authenticity. Many modern men of today focus more on their output and reaching preset goals instead of their feelings. Erection is considered an expression of manliness and sexual success. The result is that men are under great pressure which often leads to erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, loss of sexual appetite, loss of touch with one’s body and other dysfunctions. Life is thus stripped of sensitivity, gentleness as well as sensitivity towards oneself. Tantra massage also consists of working with intimacy and gradually awakening life-giving sexual energy, so it is a deeply healing massage. The Tantra massage therapist places no requirements on you during the massage and she sensitively accepts all reactions of your body. The strength of erection does not equal manliness in Tantra. This approach, if experienced and accepted, helps to heal one’s relationship to one’s body and sexuality. In Tantra massage we respect everything that is natural and truthful. You can experience Tantra massage free of all prejudices and expectations as a natural and healing process.

What is the position of an orgasm in Tantra?

In Tantra philosophy, just like in the Tantra massage ritual all authentic experiences are accepted without judgement or shame. Tantra is specific in that it teaches to experience the so-called full-body orgasm, which is a state of absolute bliss independent of physical ejaculation. This internal orgasm is manifested by total loss of conscious control and full submission to bodily sensations. In all of your body you sense a high level of energy and a feeling of blissfulness which remains long after the end of the Tantra massage session. Tantra breathing and meditation techniques, which the massage therapist will teach you during your Tantra massage session, help achieve this state.

How does prostate massage work?

Prostate stimulation is a deep healing experience of submission, relaxation and gradual experience of a strong inner ecstasy. It teaches men to relax more and accept, it removes shame and releases emotional blockages. It is sometimes called male “G-spot”. Prostate massage also helps prevent prostate problems because for its health it needs regular stimulation. Prostate massage is not done separately, but only as part of a total Tantra massage session, during which the therapist will relax you gradually and prepare you so that you can experience this deeply intimate massage as pleasant. The prostate is first massaged from the outside, through your perineum, then also from the inside through your rectum. It goes without saying that a lubricant and latex gloves are used and the energy is spread around the whole body. During the massage you should feel no unpleasant sensations nor pain. The length of prostate massage is individual and depends on your feelings. More information on prostate massage can be found in Frequently asked questions about prostate massage.

Does Tantra massage also include massage of the whole body?

Yes. Tantra massage is a complex and elaborated ritual which provides complete physical and mental relaxation. It works with sexual energy which is awakened and then spread around the whole body where it is then experienced as a deep and fulfilling feeling. In order for this life-giving energy to flow freely, the body needs to be perfectly relaxed and warmed up. This Tantra massage consists of working with the whole body, including techniques for releasing stiffened and tense muscles such as hot towel massage, whole body oil massage, lava stones massage, head and neck massage etc.

Is Tantra massage limited by age?

No. Tantra massage follows from individual needs, experiences and physical state of the recipient for whom it is made to measure. Whether you are 18 or 70, we will be happy to welcome you. It is never too late to get a new impulse in life.

Frequently asked questions for gay men

Is it okay to have an erection during Tantra massage?

Tantra does not divide things into decidedly good or bad, it always depends on individual experiencing. During the massage it is important how you feel and if you feel good. Today we put a lot of demands on men, they have to “perform” in all circumstances. They need to attain great results at work and at home they need to prove their manliness with a hard and long-lasting erection. This pressure to perform often has the effect that men lose erection altogether. The healing effect of Tantra massage stems from the freedom it provides. It is okay to get sexually aroused, but it is also okay if you don’t. You don’t need to perform in Tantra, the important thing is to enjoy it. This healing experience can inspire you in your everyday life. You can try to see yourself through loving eyes. Instead of requirements you need to meet, you can ask yourself what you need right now and how you can take care of yourself. The experience of Tantra loving care will show you how you can approach your body and sexuality with respect and without expectations. And how to enjoy all the pleasures they bring.

How does Tanta philosophy see orgasm?

In Tantra philosophy all natural reactions of our body are accepted without judgement and embarrassment. Tantra is specific in that it teaches to experience a truly intense and unique state of inner orgasm which you can help by a special Tantra breathing technique which the massage therapist will be happy to show you before the massage. This otherworldly beautiful state doesn’t depend on physical orgasm and if it happens it floods your body, heart and soul with a wonderful wave of delight in which you sense only the intense sexual energy spreading through your whole body. All thoughts and attempts at conscious situation controlling disappear from your head and everything flows smoothly. Delightful feelings will stay with you long after the ritual.

What is the prostate and why is it important?

One of the most important glands in men is located in the pelvis. You might have heard the expression “male G-spot”. What does the prostate look like? When it’s healthy, it’s the size of a walnut or chestnut and it has a round shape. It contains a fluid that is part of the ejaculate and supports the longevity of sperm. The prostate is accessible through the anus or it can be felt through the perineum. Prostate massage has great effect on the health of the gland itself, on the whole body and male sexuality, it helps attain an intense bodily and mental relaxation. Regular stimulation protects the gland from risk of cancer and prevents urinary and erectile problems. They are often caused by prostatic hypertrophy. Prostate massage intensifies and increases sexual experiencing. It introduces an unknown receiving role into the life of men. You can tell the beneficial effects of prostate massage on better physical condition, greater joy of life and relaxation. The touch is pleasant and pain-free.

What is prostate massage procedure?

You can enjoy this healing massage at a request during a Tantra massage session. It will enable you to experience a unique quality of submission. At the same time, it is a great prophylactic measure for a healthy prostate and overall body vitality. Preparing for prostate massage starts at the very start of Tantra massage. The sensual ritual consisting of touches of different intensity around the body relaxes the recipient of the massage. Gradually the trusting and intimate atmosphere intensifies during the massage. At the moment when the massage therapist starts the prostate massage the recipient often forgets all his nervousness or embarrassment. Prostate stimulation starts on the outside of the body, by perineum massage. When this area is sufficiently relaxed the direct prostate massage through the anus can begin. Slowly, using quality oil and a gentle latex glove, the massage therapist relaxes the whole area and with respect and gentleness spreads the accumulated energy around the whole body. The length of the massage depends on your reactions, and you won’t experience anything unpleasant or painful. The prone position is ideal for enjoying prostate massage. But it can also be done to a supine person. The best you can do is relax completely and entrust yourself to the hands of the massage therapist. Let everything flow naturally and trust your body and your masseur.

Does Tantra massage include touching all over the body?

For sure. The massage therapist will massage you literally from head to toes. This beautiful ritual tested by centuries works with your sexual energy. The massage therapist awakens it and then spreads it around your body, which brings blissful feeling and a flooding of strength. Before that your whole body needs to be relaxed, including tense muscles in your back or shoulders. The massage therapist uses hot towels, hot stones and quality essential oils. This way they physically relax you and you can enjoy all the exceptionally exciting touches.

Does Tantra massage have an age limit?

No. You can get Tantra massage whether you’ve just finished secondary school or you’re in retirement. The massage therapist always reacts to the needs and wishes of the client so this massage can always give you what you need.

Frequently asked questions for gay couples

Will Tantra massage for couples enhance our sex life?

Massage for couples always has a positive effect on the intimate life. Massage will introduce you to a new approach to intimacy. We will teach you how to relax, breathe properly and succumb to the process with trust. Other inspirational and healing elements include respect and loving care, which our experienced massage therapists provide. After the ritual you also learn what you enjoy and what your deep needs are. At home you can take your partnership communication to another level. If you like massage for couples, we recommend that you continue in widening your experience and knowledge in our Individual Course of Tantra Massage. Here you can work on specific topics that you deal with in your relationship.

Is sex a part of Tantra massage?

Sex does not take place during Tantra massage. The strength of the ritual lies in deep experiencing of one’s feelings and sexuality, the massage provides an opportunity to experience unknown feelings and states. You can leave behind well-established patterns of behaviour and draw new strength and inspiration. That’s why there is no sexual exchange during massage and the client enjoys the loving care of the massage therapist which is not returned.

Can we share our couple intimacy during the massage?

There is space for your intimacy before the massage, you can for example treat yourself to a shared Tantra bath. You can also hold hands during the ritual and after the massage ends the massage therapists will leave you alone discreetly so that you can enjoy the subsiding ecstatic feelings in each other’s arms.

Will we enjoy massage for couples more in separate rooms or together?

The answer to this question lies in the way your relationship is arranged. If one of the partners is jealous or pays more attention to the partner than himself, we recommend separate rooms. The partners enjoy the massage separately in undisturbed privacy. They can get together immediately after for the shared romantic bath or relaxation where they can share their new experiences. They might go for massage in a shared room the second time round, when they already know its proceedings. If you know that you can enjoy massage next to each other without unnecessary shame or control, we heartily recommend the ritual in one room. The shared space intensifies the energetic effect and sensuality of the massage, besides, it intensifies the bond with your partner.

Our tip!

Tantra massage offers much more than a wonderful experience! As you experience repeatedly, you will soon learn the techniques of tantric breath and energy work that will bring into your life the dimension of abolishing love meditation and deep acceptance of yourself and your partner. You will learn how to connect with your partner not only physically but also energetically and how to mutually support the growth of your sexual potential! Tantra massage for couples.

What is Tantra Massage?

Tantra massage combines elements of ancient Tantra-Taoist techniques and massages, with an atmosphere of sensual, intimate ritual that rise your energy up and fill you with excitement, tenderness and a sense of vitality and inspiration. Tantra massage is based on personal approach, sensitive attention and deep knowledge of energy work to help you relax, discover ecstatic experience and intimacy of your own body. Read more

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