Tantra massage Prague Ltd. - Exclusive interview with the owner of Tantra massage Prague, Ltd., Michaela Lynnette Torstenová

As a founder of a prestigious centre of tantra massage, what actually led you to tantra and why did you decide to stay on that path?

It all began when I turned eighteen and found a leaflet at a language school announcing a course starting on the very same day. Purely out of curiosity I called in and joined the course immediately. And I was thrilled. I got to know open educated people unlimited by conventions. They wanted to sing, dance and enjoy their freedom. I desired to know more, because it was something making sense. I found my current boyfriend there and together we signed up to a two year tantra training that made us feel very close. After it finished I was invited to a weekend course of tantra as an assistant. During the introductory meeting on Friday there were also two men from Germany who just finished a tantra massage course and wanted to open their own tantra salon in Germany. But first they wanted to try their skills in praxis and offer a chance to try tantra massage to two women from the course for free. I was always curious and the first one who took up on the offer. I experienced amazing two and half hours of concentrated care, tenderness and pleasure just aimed at myself. I felt that the masseur feels every breath I take and seeks anything to please me. I felt just like a queen; totally beautiful. This kind of beautiful experience was still very actual when a week later a course lecturer called me whether I wanted to try a four hand massage with her. At the time I has only a basic massage training and experience from tantra course and my own experiences but Denisa told me not to worry at all because she lead the whole course. I agreed and felt something very nice again. Since my childhood I have been very creative so I asked my own boyfriend to help me experiment and create my own technique with him. I figured it out after about a month of experimenting and and I began to test the effects of my massage in praxis. Here there was very little awareness, tantra massages were only just starting. I was quite successful and most clients were coming back. Two years later I opened my own tantra centre, broadened and completed my technique and started teaching tantra massages. Now many people all over from Czechia, Slovakia and abroad come to learn my „Inner wave“technique. I also taught an Indian :)

Most clients certainly ask what feelings the masseuse experiences during the massage?

A role of a tantra masseuse is very specific. She has to learn a lot about human body, psychics, tension and also know her own body as to how tantra works with sexual energy and then mediate these feelings to the client. A masseuse is a guide during the ritual for a client. Hence it is important she is connected and enjoys the massage too. The feelings are mostly about excitement and tenderness and sometimes also care. After the massage joy and satisfaction follow as she sees a shining relaxed client. Last but not least there is a satisfaction from well done work. But sometimes it can happen that a masseuse experiences also unpleasant feelings mainly with the clients who struggle to respect limits of tantra massage and ask for sex instead. Then it is difficult for the masseuse to concentrate on the massage and a client for she has to focus on keeping the limits within the massage. Such massage is unsatisfactory for both the client and the masseuse. Luckily there are not many such clients.

Are your clients mostly men or women? What age are they usually? What was your youngest and oldest client?

Tantra massage is still more popular amongst men who are more adventurous to try something out of ordinary. Women usually get is as a gift from a friend but some of them also call in on themselves. With growing awareness on tantra and friends stories who already tried out tantra massage the number of women is growing. Our youngest client was twenty and the oldest 78 years old.

Has it ever happen to you that a client desired to get on a sexual level and requires more than just a tantra massage?

Yes indeed they sometimes ask why it is not possible to overcome our set limits but my opinion is that for a tantra massage it is basic to sustain the safety and security between a receiver and a giver and the fact no limits are overcome. During tantra massage a receiver enjoy being cared of and it is not advisable he/she takes on an active role. A masseuse has to communicate that to a client and sustain the framework of the massage.

Can a female client choose her giver, whether it is a male of female? What do they prefer?

Yes, they can, both men and women can choose freely. Women usually prefer women as they expect more understanding to their body, being more sensitive and not also feeling ashamed. Only after the second or third massage they choose a male masseur. Yet there are also women who prefer male-female polarity from the start. Mostly they are surprised by their sensitivity and empathy. Tantra masseurs are carefully selected and often have artistic inclinations. There is also an option of four hand massage when a client can have both a male and female giver at once…

When a client decides for a tantra massage, should she prepare in a certain manner? How does it actually work?

Clients get everything necessary for the massage directly in our centre. The preparation lies in creating enough space prior or after the massage so that there is no more stress and tension and they needn’t rush to work or an important meeting right from here. It is advisable not to eat a big meal just before the massage so the body is not spending much energy on digesting. After coming to the centre the masseur or masseuse take them to the massage room. The meeting starts with talking about how does tantra massage works when a client has a chance to express desires, expectations or worries. Apart from information a client also gets fruit, chocolate and drinks according to taste. After a shower a selected tantra massage begins with introductory ritual while standing and a masseur/masseuse nicely relaxed a client. After the ritual a client lies on a futon. The first part happens without any oil and through long moves to remove stress and tension from the body. Then there is a hot towel massage with lavender oil, sensitizing feathers and furs and silk scarfs with hot almond oil the top of which is an intimate lingam massage (male genitals) or joni massage (female genitals) and pelvis that usually climates with orgasm. After the massage a receiver is again covered in scarfs and cared about including relaxation and refreshments. In case of interest they can talk with a masseuse about the experience or simply say goodbye. A ritual serves a maximum satisfaction of a receiving woman or a man everything is done according to clients´ needs.

Are couples interested in a pair massage? Has any jealous scene ever occurred?

Tantra massage for pairs enjoy about two to three pairs per week. The massage is a specific matter. Some couples like being in the same room together, others prefer separation for their partner´s presence is disturbing and they cannot fully enjoy their feelings. A couple can therefore choose on their own. Women with more jealous partners choose a female masseuse; I experienced jealousy only once when a partner enjoyed his massage a lot and reached orgasm while his partner was looking forward to a romantic evening of love making and only expected the massage as a warming up ritual. Anything is possible and it is important to share your wishes with us and your partners too.

You also teach tantra courses... Do your clients rather have a professional motivation or to enrich your partner life? Do you ever get any feedback from them?

The ratio is about forty to sixty. Majority of clients learn tantra for their own personal use, a part of them, mostly women, have professional aspirations. The most skilled and talented once get a chance to work in the centre. The number of females is growing lately who want to surprise their partners or understand female needs better.

Do you prefer a tantra massage done by a man or a woman?

To be quite honest, the gender of a giver is less important for me rather than what kind of a personality he/she has. A giver has to be sympathetic and bring pleasant feelings in me. During the massage I prefer sincere and open attitude without any remands on results. Each tantra massage is a discovery journey into unknown places and it depends on the giver, which way to guide or lead a receiver. I like surprises; to relax properly I need to know that I can only go as far as my body allows me and no one expects anything from me. Only then a tantra massage is a real experience; for me as well as my clients.

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