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Have you enjoyed our massages so much you would like to treat your lover with their own Tantra massage? Would you like to avoid a complicated hunt for the needed accessories? Our E-Shop offers everything from fur gloves to natural massage oils, colourful ostrich feathers, aroma essences and much more! You can also check out and buy our products directly from our studio.

  • Gift Certificates:

    Surprise your partner, friend or boss with unconventional gift that he or she will never forget! Tantra massage is the gift that pleases both body and soul. We supply gift certificates with unique graphic designs, different for each of our services.
  • Fur Gloves:

    The arousal of sensuality, playfulness and sensitivity of the whole body is an indisputable part of every Tantra massage. And it doesn’t matter whether it is conducted by a professional studio or a partner at home. Soft gloves made of rabbit fur in different colour variations are the right tools for this. They are velvety soft and elegant. Everyone will fall in love with them!
  • Ostrich feathers and luxurious punkahs:

    Integrate all of your senses into a massage and create an exciting contrast between the gentle stroking of the soft feathers and the sensuous fanning of its cool breeze. These are very useful for Tantra massages at home as well as in professional Tantra studios.
  • Sarongs:

    A sarong is a silky soft, large cotton scarf, used as a traditional dress in India. By using sarongs during Tantra massage, we connect ourselves with its culture and historical roots. Enjoy its softness and colours. It can also be used as a picnic blanket or a summer dress.
  • Natural massage oils:

    Oriental and flowery blends of top-quality natural oils support the aphrodisiacs effects of the Tantra massage. They will turn the massage into an ecstatic experience of all the senses! Come with us on an exotic journey. We offer oils of all scents as well as pure natural, well-cultivated ones full of nutrients.
  • Decorative and ritual objects

    Atmosphere is created by details. Make the room smell of sandal wood with our natural essential aromatic sticks; create an altar with Shiva and Shakti symbols or warm up essential oils in untraditional way in our rustles heater. Look at our additional objects and get inspired. You home can become a temple.
  • Lubricant Gels:

    Silky soft silicon lubricant gel developed exclusively for intimate parts. It is the right kind of relief for males and females alike. It can be used for Tantra massages as well as prostate massages. Silicon lubricant gel is moisturising and its effect long-lasting, which intensifies feelings of joy and lust. The lubricant is anti-allergenic, unperfumed and infinitely smooth!

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Personal visit:

You can shop directly in store at our studio. All goods are offered in many colours and variations; it is very easy to choose. Our steady selection is available Monday to Sunday between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. We are looking forward to your visit!

Mail delivery:

If you are interested, please e-mail us your mail details to obchod@tantramasaze.com We kindly expect you to list selected products and colours of choice. Within two days, you will receive pictures of the goods along with offered price. After mutual acceptance of the terms, we will send you the billing information. Once payment is received, the shipment will be sent to your mailbox. We also offer shipping abroad.

Payment information:

Account number: 43-7122080207 / 0100

IBAN CZ 7401000000437122080207

Payment method: euro payment
Bank address: Na Příkopě 33, Prague 1, 11407, Czech Republic

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