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Tantra massage is neither sexual practice nor erotic massage. Tantra is about mind and body relaxation and conscious channelling of sexual energy. It ought to learn us excitement is no taboo.

Tantra massage Prague Ltd. on Novinky.cz

„Most people today perceive sex similarly to fast food dinner. There is no tenderness nor intimacy in sex anymore; it became a physical performance during which the participants concentrate on how well they look and how long they can last, how many awkward positions they can manage in shortest amount of time,“ tantra masseuse Anna describes current situation. „We should learn to enjoy our sexuality so that we can resource from a single intense sexual encounter all week long.“

Tantra massage Prague Ltd. on Novinky.cz

And that is just what a good tantra massage should teach us. During the ritual you have more than two hours to relax and enjoy as well as manage your excitement. „For women a massage is often a fulfilment of their dreams. Not always partners have enough time to devote to women the way they wish. Most women dream of being caressed, cared about, stroked in their head and having their feet massaged,“ explains Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová, a founder of a tantra centre.

Men learn purposelessness

According to Micheala Lynnette Torstenová men actually discover purposelessness during massages. „They learn that everything needn’t have a certain result and enjoy the strong effects of just letting things take its own course and flow on the wave.“ During tantra massage a client is in a receiving role and has a special opportunity to try out what it feels like to get caressed for long hours.

Tantra massage Prague Ltd. on Novinky.cz

Everyone finds own way in tantra. „Nowadays sixty five percent of men come to us but the number of women is increasing,” says Torstenová. It is not just relaxation; a massage ought to have healing effects. It helps men with erection issues and women suffering from pains during sexual intercourse due to lack of excitement. „Spiritually tantra massage tries to lift sexual energy into higher chakras; human energy centres. It aims at connecting sexuality and spirituality,“ she says.

Tantra massage is no sex

Massages definitely include no mutual contact, sex or other “extra practise” even lots of clients do not get the point according Torstenová. „From time to time a client comes with a completely different requirement and wishes we cannot fulfil and have to refuse immediately.“

Tantra massage Prague Ltd. on Novinky.cz

Tantra massage begins with a standing ritual, continues with oil-less massage and increasing sensitivity with feathers, furs and towels; then oil massage follows and peaks with intimate parts. „The thing is to accept sexuality as our natural part. To realise it is not dirty and excitement is a part of us without any shame,“ explains Torstenová.

Massages for couples

Tantra massage can be done together as a pair as well. It has beneficial effects supporting mutual trust and according to Anna it can also inspire you. „Recently I got an email from a Portuguese couple which paid us a visit. They chose a combination of awaking senses prior to massage. Clients have their eyes covered and are stimulated with sounds, smells and music. They are offered fruits and chocolate and then a long massage starts. The email said the lady began to quite have different feelings about her body and found beauty and sensuality. She began to appreciate what she is better and in the end it had a very positive effect on their relationship.“

Bc. Michaela Cmíralová, Novinky.cz

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