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Tantra massage is not impersonal or mechanical approach but a real and often deep meeting of two people full of sensitivity, respect and body attention as well as the soul of the receiver. Although there is a primarily set up framework each massage is a unique ritual between the giver and a receiver depending on their mutual energy. Considering both personalities, the client and a masseur or a masseuse, the form varies in details; tantra principles and quality of massage procedure remain the same. There is a lot of space for intuition and following energy of the present moment which is an inseparable part of each tantra massage.

Coming to our tantra centre

Our clients´ privacy and your comfort always come first. In our centre you meet only your special masseur or masseuse or our kind receptionist. After you take off your shoes and coat they take you straight to the massage room with refreshments and a cup of tea. If you like we are glad to show you also the reception properly so you feel completely at home. Prior to the massage you will be given information from your masseuse or a masseur on how the selected tantra massage will go and you get space to share your experience, expectations, wishes or needs. Also you can ask any questions or express your worries. For you to enjoy the best experience we incorporate your individual wishes within the tantra massage such as foot or ear massage :-). We add extra thirty minutes of time to any tantra massage for a final relaxation and discussion that is up to you to use.

Preparation for a tantra massage ritual

Following is a bath or a shower and your get a pleasant towel and a soft scarf (sarong), which is used in India as ritual clothing. A massage is done during a sensual oriental music accompanying your purification also. There is a lot of essential oil smells which enhance your expectations. As soon as the purification is over you ring the bell and the massage begins.

Ritual beginnings

Tantra massage begins with a ritual in a vertical position as an expression of respect towards the receiver and attunement to each other. You needn’t do anything at all; a masseur or a masseuse will take care of everything. You simply follow awakening of your senses, your attention is sharpening and light waves are flowing through your body. At the moment you receive an embrace you find out that you stop thinking and only enjoy the feelings and touches. During the ritual you are taken off your sarong probably without even noticing it consciously.

Massage, massage and massage

You don’t even notice and suddenly you are lying on a comfortable futon with your heart beating and feeling light as a feather. Then a massage relaxes you from tension and stress and through long moves and pleasant massage of head, feet and trapezes. Then a masseur or a masseuse use hot towels with essential oils to take you to a deep relaxation and intense body sensations. Sensitized body is later massaged with furs, feathers and soft objects so that excitement flows all through your body. The top of you sensual experience is an oil full body massage with hot oriental oil. Each part of the body is massaged so that is gets relaxed and is spoilt to the limits of tolerance. Within tantra massage De luxe or Pretty woman you enjoy also hot lava stones that give you a wild fire energy at the first chakra level and warm you up with a volcano heat from Hawaii. As you are lying down full of sensual feelings slowly a moment you cannot bear more is coming…

Intimate massage

Very slowly a masseur or a masseuse starts approaching your intimate parts. You find out there is no shame and the only think you desire is to feel her or his sensitive hands. You knew beforehand that a part of tantra massage is also intimate massage of joni or lingam but you could never imagine what it will be like. Energy is flowing from your genitals up the spine to your head and you are starting to feel what tantra means. You begin to recall what you heard about breathing at the beginning and focus on using the awakened energy. Hands of the giver are all over you. She helps you breathe and get energy all through your body, and as you take another breath she leads you further on towards yourself. You are not thinking if you are completely devoted or open; the energy between two of you is almost material. There is no pressure or expectations. You slowly loose yourself in time and space and your body is full of energy that nurtures and heals you.

Final relaxation

As you are lying down on the futon with your eyes fully open you let the whole experience sink in. A masseur or a masseuse is here with you softly caressing you and leading the energy all over till it settles. You may need an embrace or hold your hand or talk about your experience. There is space for everything and everything is welcome. Then you can lie on your own to purify yourself. Hot water is flowing down your body and you are still wondering what really happened. But you feel fine and that’s what matters.

Saying good-bye

After you put your clothes on back again you ring a bell and you can invite your giver to listen to your experience, wishes, discoveries or questions.
You go back home to think about what you experienced in length…

Our tip!

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Video report from our tantra massage

Video report from our tantra massage

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