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How does your program „Tantra massages for companies“ work? Are we required to use your services each month in the same set amount?

In the program „Tantra massages for companies“ you set an amount of transfer to our account and enjoy any services on offer up to the limit. On top you get automatically 10-25% according to the amount (you find more info on company programs HERE). The amount can vary each month and your credit is increased according to the actually transferred amount. The only condition is a regular monthly cooperation with a firmly established date. All the credit is automatically transferred into the next period!

How does personal ID works and who can benefit from it?

With a registration into „Tantra massages for companies“ we give you a personal ID number that you will inform us at your order by phone or email. You can give the ID to anyone in your company or friends you wish to enjoy our services. We will set up a company account for free that through which we deduct all the utilized services. At the end of each month we sent you a review with an invoice with the credit and amount left to use.

Can I use my company credit for gift vouchers?

Yes, you can. Your credit “pays” for the gift vouchers for any tantra massage on our offer and we will send it to you within three days since your order!

What leaflets and company brochures do we get?

Within the program„Tantra massages for companies” you get from us free brochures, cards and leaflets you can place at your company or give to your friends. We got cards and brochures in Czech and English version!

Is a tantra massage an appropriate gift?

Due to increasing interest of media tantra massages are becoming increasingly popular and slowly familiar to people as an interesting option of massage that leads to deep ecstatic feelings. Popular magazine editors come and try tantra massage to write reviews about them (for example Elle, Novinky.cz., Redhot, Look magazín and others). Tantra is simply an issue. A voucher of a tantra massage is according to our survey simply “in”!

What kind of tantra massage is suitable?

In order to help you choose a suitable type of tantra massage, in each category of presentees we advise which massage on our offer is appropriate. Generally speaking business partners, important clients or special employees are recommended Tantra massage „De luxe“ in various length, for women Luxury tantra massage Pretty woman. These massages express clearly how you appreciate the presentees. For regular employees an advisable option is a tantra massage „Classic“, which can please and relax anyone. For friends you can choose tantra massage for pairs or any of individual massages. For the head of a company there is Tantra massage „De luxe“ that lasts at least 2,5 hours. Let yourself get spoilt!

How can I register?

You register in a program „Tantra massages for companies“ by filling out a simple on-line form and just let us get back to you! A registration form you find HERE.

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What is Tantra Massage

Tantra massage combines elements of ancient Tantra-Taoist techniques and massages, with an atmosphere of sensual, intimate ritual that rise your energy up and fill you with excitement, tenderness and a sense of vitality and inspiration. Tantra massage is based on personal approach, sensitive attention and deep knowledge of energy work to help you relax, discover ecstatic experience and intimacy of your own body. Read more ...

Video report from our tantra massage

Video report from our tantra massage

Tantra massage – tip for unusual gift!

Tantra massage is a gift not to be forgotten. Give it to your partner, friend or colleague as an unusual gift for the anniversary or simply just for fun. Tantra massage brings joy and fulfillment on many levels. Read more ...

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