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Tantra massage in diapers

Tantric temple

Tantra massage originates in over thousand years old Indian tantra teaching practiced in secret and handed over only by oral tradition at first; later it was written as a dialog between Shiva (male principle) and Shakti (female principle). Currently there is a number of tutors and tantra schools all around the world mediating tantra to modern people and opening a path to deep transformation experience. In 1999 tantra was brought to the Czech Republic by a British body therapist, John Hawken, whose seminars and trainings of so called Sky Dancing Tantra became very popular here and started the first generation of tantra practitioners that is now firmly based in CR. It is worth mentioning that John undergone a tantra training in 1989 at a famous therapist Margo Anand, whose books called The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and The Art of Sexual Magic were also translated to Czech.

Tantra massage as we now know it from most tantra centres was set up by the founder of the first German school Diamond Lotus, Andre, who during the 1980s composed a beautiful tantra ritual for giving and honouring your partner. The ritual soon spread all over Germany and a number of other countries under the name of tantra massage.

In the Czech Republic the ritual first appeared 2001 when Denisa Palečková, who was then only twenty five years old, after doing tantra training at John Hawken, began to practise tantra massages and offer them. Tantra massage became privilege of the rich, busy and traveling men. Females practically didn’t enjoy the massages and tantra was unknown to wider public.

„I first encountered the magic of tantra massage in 2003, when I assisted to Denisa Palečková and Richard Vojík at a tantra course in Prague. Two men from Germany came along, both around thirty years old, who just done a tantra course in Diamond Lotus and offered to try out their tantra massage training for free to two women. They were charismatic and enthusiastic and I was curious after the years training at John Hawken what else can tantra offer and agreed to their offer eagerly. Tantra massage was beyond my expectations. It was tender, sensitive and deeply intimate. In the tantra training we would massage each other as well and during intimate rituals there was also intimate part included in the end; I have never experienced anything that sophisticated before as this kind of tantra massage. I have already done a half a year massage course, tantra training with Josh and a number of seminars where I helped as an assistant to tantra tutors. Apart from that I studied social work at the Charles University in Prague and started my psychotherapeutic training. Tantra massage caught my attention as a form of therapy and so inspired by Andre´s technique and my own several years´ experience I started with tantra and massages developing my own procedure connecting tantra principles, intimate atmosphere and spiritual importance with intuitive touching and also offering a perfect massage and body work,“ says the founder of Tantra massage Prague, Michaela Lynnette Torstenová.

In 2004 the Tantra Temple was born. „At first there were only men visiting but then even women discovered the magic of tantra and I first felt the massage has a profound healing potential. People interested in learning gradually came to me; I would receive emails with thanks and more satisfied clients would come back describing how tantra massage enriched their lives. I was excited and found my work deeply satisfying,“ says Michaela Lynnette Torstenová. „After a year of practising tantra massages and lecturing tantra courses, enriched by experience from Tao seminars by Maitreyi D. Piontek, in 2005 I decided to teach tantra massages myself. It was a huge success with many satisfied clients.“

In 2005 tantra massages were also taught by Denisa Palečková and they would address a higher number of people. Despite the effort tantra was still just a borderline community issue often perceived as a cover for sexual liberalism or a weirdo path.

Tantra massage expansion

Tantric goddess

Tantra massage has been experiencing a boom since 2008/2009, when it became a popular social issue. Male and female magazines started to bring reports, articles on personal experience with tantra massage that at the time was offered on professional level only in two centres in Prague. It was Tantra massage Prague (formerly Tantra Temple founded by Michaela Lynnette Torstenová) and Tantra Spa (founded by Denisa Palečková and Richard Vojík). Tantra massages became a domain of men, women and pairs and not only overworked businessmen but common people, for which tantra massage often was an entry gate to tantra as such.

Today at the beginning of 2012 every month a new report is published on the issue here and almost every Czech between 25 and 60 years of age at least heard of the form of therapy and relaxation; on top many already have own personal experience. The development brings positive and negative aspects. Amongst undeniable benefits belongs the fact Czechs are getting more open to a new form of sexuality, closeness and intimacy and tantra creates an anti-pole to profane and pornographic sexuality of today. Tantra massage teaches people to understand their sexual power and discover their own and their partner´s potential so that they become more intimate and close. They learn to use their sexuality and maintain happy and relaxed. A spiritual level of the massage allows the receiver to get out of common social roles and become more authentic. Tantra massage also helps getting rid of shame; it teaches how to speak on intimate needs and enjoy sexuality without any feelings of shame, as a sacred act that after years of taboos and absence of sexual education people need much in CR.

Amongst some obstacles of the expansion is a fact tantra massage places pop up like mushrooms now. Tantra massages often offer masseuses with insufficient qualification that undergo only weekend training and only see a good business opportunity in the massage. But tantra is not a kind of art you learn in a couple of days or can be sold. The essence is your own understanding of tantra teaching that basically influences it and changes view on sexuality. Through own experience a person matures and forms ways of thinking about the world. The basis of tantra masseuse or a masseur is to facilitate deep feelings that can only happen if a person knows how and what to work with. In numerous tantra massage places and centres there is only a formal ritual (initiation, washing with hot towels, using furs and feathers etc.) that lacks any content and human depth.

Another obstacle is connecting the name of tantra massage with erotic servers and their placement into prostitution offer or private salons workers. Today you can see an offer of „tantra massage + oral“ or below note „sex for additional fee“. It is popular to employ only just adult girls of eighteen years of age. As I mentioned above the basis of tantra massage is tantra understanding of sexuality, maturity and personal growth of a giver, so believe me that a real tantra masseuse will never offer you sex services for an extra fee because she values herself and would never even think of selling herself.

Tantra business – What to beware?

Do not rely on nice pictures on website or skilfully written texts. They are often stolen from other websites because tantra entrepreneurs or erotic workers know nothing about tantra and can hardly write anything about it at all. Your lead can be the fact there are no expert articles on the web but just a few basic information with a description and service offer. The more quality articles and reference you find in the media, the more trustworthy the centre is. Beware the centres that openly offer sexual service on web or on phone. You will surely not meet any tantra there. Also too young and outstandingly beautiful girls are also suspicious as well as extremely low prices. A quality full tantra massage (including intimate parts massage) is unlike to drop under 3000 CZK / 90 minutes of a direct massage. Good centres don’t lack clients and they ask appropriate prices for the quality of their massages. Of course you take as much time to shower, talk to masseuse and final relaxation as you like. After tantra massage it is important to let the experience sink in and the ritual is pleasantly closed up. Do not believe offers of half or hour of an hour massage. Deep feelings require time for the process and to connect with the masseuse/masseur. During 30-60 minutes the process can surely not happen. Private places are also suspicious; they can surprise you unpleasantly with lack hygiene, non-quality oil or hidden camera.

Just to summarize, a masseuse of a good tantra centre should fulfil the following criteria: a finished secondary degree, a classical massage course accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT), tantra massage course lectured by a qualified tutor of a at least fifty hours, own tantra training, seminar and course experience and further on-going education in the field of tantra and massage. The more massage courses the masseuse/masseur has, the better performance she can provide. The length of praxis is also important.

Centre Tantra massage Prague, Ltd. As one of the tantra massage technique founder in the Czech republic set up the quality standards of tantra massage, where you can read according to what factors to orient yourself and not get fooled by cheaters.

Why do tantra massages attract the Czechs?

Let’s seek the answers in a paradigm of contemporary sexuality. Sex and nudity attack us from chocolate advertisements, internet offers plenty of porn of all genres, there is an absence of a sensitive sexual education at schools; the period focuses on appearance and successful performance. All the factors lead to loss of intimacy that is necessary for our sexuality. In the society where people base their idea of sex based on pornography a fantasy and sensitivity quickly fail. Sex becomes a mechanical issue often unsatisfactory. Tantra massage advises people to stop and devote to the present moment as a deep meditation. There is no performance pressure at all. Tantra massage has no objective and the only criterion is a good massage feeling. The attitude is healing for men and women. A number of sexual malfunctions are closely connected to psyche and as soon as we stop pushing ourselves the trouble is gone. Yet tantra massage is not just a form of malfunction treatment. Tantra attitude towards nudity gives space to enjoy the long lost intimacy. An excitement becomes a journey of discovery, magic and innocence where we can be authentic and ourselves. A masseur or a masseuse doesn’t hide behind a mask of professionalism or courtly but become silent witnesses of your ecstasy that fulfils and nourishes the body and soul. Tantra massage becomes a real meeting of two beings. Even more important are partnership benefits. Many people fight their desire to try exciting experience outside their partnership and a fear of breaking the relation. It is quite common that the partners don’t speak on the issue and get mutually estranged. Then a sparkle gets missing from the relation in time and we long to feel touches of another person; that is a well-known fact and quite natural behaviour. Tantra massage can fulfil both partners´ desires for a safe framework with firm limits where they can openly talk and share. If a man and a woman find the courage to have a dialog and mutually respect each other, the relation gets deeper and revived again.

Nevertheless an important aspect is also the ability to let go and devote to the other person or a moment... Contemporary times teach us control and fear to express our emotions and feelings. When we don’t express ourselves then we get insecure how we get accepted. The same applies to enjoying pleasure. Tantra massage offers an option to try to be you in a safe, supporting and accepting environment where we are encouraged to lose control and become more authentic. Tantra masseuse or masseur does not judge your expressions, nor put you in a box; they are there to help you discover who you really are.

Tantra massage is a unique form of experience therapy and relaxation in the Czech Republic as well as in the world bringing values and feelings we desire and long for in our hearts. It balances today stressful time and brings us back to the roots of ourselves.

Written by Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová, MBA

Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. founder, psychotherapist, manager, tantra lecturer and personal development group lecturer, coach, yoga instructor and instructor in holistic work with the body, massage therapist (10 years of experience), therapeutic tantra “Inner Wave Technique” author, massage lecturer. Read more


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