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Do you long to hand over the reins to your guide and delve into the mysterious depths of acceptance, active acceptance and deep relaxation? Then Dark Touch is exactly what you have been looking for. However, read carefully what exactly you can expect from this new service and what not.

Dark Touch is a fusion of tantric massage and elements from the world of Kink. It is a tantric massage spiced up with many special elements and exciting tools. We have designed this experience to give your body a real ride through the world of pleasure. You will be caressed with sensual touches, wrapped in ropes that help you deeply relax, energized by the flogger section and awakened to playfulness by the toys of your choice. A firework of emotions and new sensations await you.

Thanks to the Dark Touch Tantric Massage, your body will receive a burst of new energy. You can surrender, let go of stress or emotions you are holding in your body. You can reconnect with your sensitivity or wildness. Touch your own darkness - in the kindest, gentlest and safest way.

  • Tantric massage "Dark Touch", 150 min
    6300 CZK260 Eur

What can I expect?

  • Initial interview (about 20 min) to set safe space and boundaries.
  • A deep release even for those who find it really hard to let go of control.
  • Sensual dynamic and firm touches.
  • The relaxing effects of the ropes.
  • A massage which helps to heal feelings of shame.
  • Energizing flogging.
  • A variety of special toys to help build energy to deepen the overall experience.
  • Finding pleasure in places you might not have thought of.
  • The determined guidance of a tantric guide.

What is not involved in this service?

Dark Touch is not a BDSM session. The whole service is conducted in the energy of caring, so don't expect any humiliation or overly dominant attitudes that would violate your personal boundaries. The entire service is conducted in a safe environment and follows our code of ethics.

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