Why tantra? Six reason to experience tantra massage at Tantra Massage Prague, Ltd.

Tantric masseuse

1. Real tantric experience

... more than 10 years of experience.

I founded this center for tantra massage (Tantra Massage Prague, Ltd.) after more than 5 years of personal experience with tantra, traditional massage and eastern philosophy. I spent half year in India and Thailand, went through two years of tantra training as well as training in drama and gestalt therapies. Moreover, I taught tantra seminars for many years and I have learned how to work with the body and mind. Having experienced all this, I got to know personally the healing effects of tantra as a life philosophy as well as tantra massage as an ecstatic ritual of worshiping sexuality. Furthermore, I embraced the tantra way in my everyday life. When I decided to open my own tantra center, the goal was to pass this healing experience on to every client and to enable other people to explore the magic of tantric sexuality as well as the possibility to work with life-giving sexual energy. Based on this idea, I personally teach all the members of our team and I try to lead them through tantra in such a way that they are professionals in working with the body, tantra and tantric massage.

2. Experienced masseuses and masseurs with traditional and tantra educational background

... 75% of our team graduated from a college with a degree in a creative field.

To be qualified for professional work with the body, all the members of our team completed, at minimum, a 150-hour-long massage training course, certified by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Education. Moreover, they also completed other specialized training courses and schools, such as Hawaiian massage, hot stone massage, Japanese Shiatsu massage, Indian head massage, lymphatic massage, reflexology foot massage, relaxing aroma therapy massage, chocolate massage, Balinese massage, Ayurveda massage and many others. And as a matter of course, each masseuse and masseur has experienced tantra massage and completed an over 80-hour-long course of tantra massage for professional tantra therapists, including a course entitled: The Art of the Interview – a Therapeutic Approach to Tantra Massage. Each member of our team has experienced several self-experimental (self-experience) tantra massages before even touching their first client.

3. Exquisite oriental ambiance with an intimate atmosphere

... a Tantra Temple in the heart of Prague.

Tantra Massage Prague, Ltd. – centrum Truly, our center is a real oriental temple in the heart of Prague. There are three beautiful, yet uniquely designed, massage rooms with a private shower or bath tub in each of them. Each room features nice ambiance, soft towels and a comfortable massage futon. You will be surrounded by stylish wall lamps, sea shell chandeliers, hand made wall paintings, Indonesian sculptures, carved wooden decorations, fresh flowers, and the shimmering lights of candles and exotic scents from the Far East. Certainly, the atmosphere and spirit of our center will support your tantra massage experience making it an adventure through your own body as well as an exploration of new cultures. Moreover, we make sure that you feel at home shortly after your arrival.

4. Wide offer of tantra massages for women, men and couples

... supported by the most beautiful tantric rituals.

We would like to offer you the traditional tantra massages prolonged by the most beautiful tantric rituals, such as ritual tantric baths, tantra massage with priestesses of the tantric temple, the ritual of tantric initiation or the senses awakening ritual. Learn ancient tantra breathing techniques and give yourselves over to the magic of touch. We are here to care for you and to pamper you like you have, heretofore, only dreamed of. Připravili jsme pro vás tradiční tantrické masáže rozšířené o nejkrásnější tantrické rituály, mezi které patří např. rituální tantrické koupele, tantrická masáž s kněžkami chrámu tantry či rituál tantrického zasvěcení či rituál probouzení smyslů. Naučte se starobylé tantrické dechové techniky a oddejte se kouzlu doteku. Budeme o vás pečovat a hýčkat vás tak, jak jste o tom zatím pouze snili.

5. Above standard services for our clients

... forget about time and give yourselves over to the magic of touch.

The client comes first, always! This is our rule and we try our best for you to feel welcomed, respected and accepted at our center. We always treat our clients with respect, dignity and understanding. Would you like to know more information about the tantra massage process if you did not find it on our website? No problem. Do not hesitate to write or call us and we will be happy to help. Honestly, you can ask about anything. We desire for you to experience a real tantric ritual at our studio. So, we offer you an extra 30 minutes for free. This half-hour can be spent chatting with the masseuse/masseur, drinking tea, having a small refreshment or simply enjoying the final relaxation. Are you stuck in traffic and cannot make it on time? No need to panic. If possible, we will be happy to prolong your massage for free. Do you need help choosing the most suitable tantra massage or buying a gift voucher for a close friend? Do you need a taxi? Would you like us to find out your travel connection. How about making a reservation in a restaurant? There is a lovely receptionist to help you at the reception desk in our center. Please, do not hesitate to contact us. Finally, it is only natural that we offer the finest essential and massage oils, delicious teas, fresh fruit and overall care for details.

6. Tantra massage courses

... for those who want tantra to become a part of their lives.

Were you touched so deeply by the tantra massage that you would like to take it with you outside the walls of our center? No problem! Based on our long-standing experience and broad professional background we are happy to offer you tantric massage training (or even tantra) adapted to your personal experiences, needs and goals. We are here to help you as long as you will need or want. We teach couples as well as individuals who want to use the art of tantra massage to enrich their partner's and their own sexual lives. Moreover, we also offer special training for professional tantra masseuses and masseurs. As soon as you like, thanks to our wide offer, you can be certain your adventure in tantra will be successful and you can enjoy its therapeutic potential.

Have you not decided yet? Read our references in the media or recommendations by our clients here on the website. Make a reservation for your next tantra massage at +420 603 185 066 and enjoy a life experience you will never forget. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Written by Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová, MBA

Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. founder, psychotherapist, manager, tantra lecturer and personal development group lecturer, coach, yoga instructor and instructor in holistic work with the body, massage therapist (10 years of experience), therapeutic tantra “Inner Wave Technique” author, massage lecturer. Read more

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