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Would you like to be initiated into the traditional wisdom of shamans and their techniques, but South America is far away? We bring you a taste of working with your medicine - life energy, shamanic healing and ritual performance on the way to an expanded consciousness and an active creation of your life in accordance with your sacred dream.

Jitka MandalamJitka Mandalam, teacher of shamanism and tantra from John Hawken's International Paths of Transformation team, together with our center, has developed a completely new concept of massage, which is primarily focused on transformation and healing. Having increased energy, harmony and a deep inner peace are important elements on the way to transformation and to overall health at the level of body and spirit. Our inner strength - Orende - is considered the highest medicine in the shamanic world. Thanks to the increase of Orende, the energy channels of Larien are opened, which allows for the expansion of a persons potential and perhaps even touch ones seemingly supernatural abilities. This massage awakens the bodys energy and teaches one how to work with it and use this awakened energy, and inner strength (medicine) in a meaningful way.

Four variants, four elements:

Thanks to the division of this massage according to the elements, the client has the opportunity to consciously enter the process and the transformation by choosing an element. The client can focus attention on certain processes and effects of the massage, which can have a psychosomatic effect. Energy follows intention. In doing so, we are based on the teachings of TCM - traditional Chinese medicine - where each element addresses certain energy pathways that are related to the function of the organs and then also to our mood, emotions and overall psyche.

  • Earth - helps anchoring in the body, in life, in this reality, brings sensuality and a feeling of solidity on earth
  • Fire - stimulates joy, passion, creativity, inspiration and motivation in life
  • Water - affects our flow through life, emotions, feelings, forgiveness, heals our relationships
  • Air - related to the feeling of freedom, lightness, clarity (except in communication), elevates above the difficulties of life

The course of the meeting:

You actively create your space with the masseur - shaman. In the beginning, you search for and set an intention. Then, in a ritualistic way, you purify unwanted influences and invite auxiliary forces and qualities into the space. The shaman then gradually prepares you for the elemental part of the massage itself with a series of shamanic techniques, which, in accordance with your intention, opens the passage of energy more and more. The final part of fire medicine - the shamanic teaching of sexual energy - is powerfully cleansing and transformative. You can consciously taste it and gradually get to know it. This part is optional. It is conducted as a deep meditation, leading to slowing down and perceiving the present moment on all levels. You can get into an altered state of consciousness by relaxing into the flow of energy, actively using the three keys to guide energy, and thereby cultivate your energy. You learn to handle it, consciously use it and focus on it.


  • Leads to deep relaxation on all levels of body, mind and spirit
  • It opens space for the new
  • Teaches to actively create one's reality
  • Nurtures to contentment and happiness
  • Develops the ability of receptivity
  • Leads to health
  • Induces expanded awareness
  • It opens the way to new perspectives on oneself and on life
  • It invites creativity and responsibility for one's health, for one's choices
  • Develops the traditional American Indian teachings of Fire Medicine - conscious work with sexuality

  • Tantric-Shamanic massage, 180 min
    7600 CZK320 Eur

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Gift a unique spiritual experience full of fantasy. Shamanic elemental massage is a path to sources of inner strength and energy, which at the same time helps to find balance and a new direction.

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