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Have you ever wondered what your Tantra masseuse is like in everyday life? Our massage therapists have been photographed in pin-up style where they show you their favourite hobbies as well as other activities and let you look into their hearts. Do you still hesitate who your ideal guide on your Tantra massage could be? Look at our pin-up photos and choose the masseuse closest to your soul.

Experience your favourite Tantra massage in a space that you don’t know yet. We have opened a new massage room which will surprise you with its intimate feel and luxury oriental style. Attached to the massage room is a private resting room, toilet and shower. Enjoy the privacy and exotic golden look of our new space, let yourself be pampered and experience the tenderness of Tantra massage in our new Golden Room.

A Tantra massage session with masseuse Anička made journalist J.X. Doležal so interested that he decided to film a programme on the topic of Tantra and Tantra massage for Metropol TV. In the programme, you can see top Czech religious studies expert Doc. PhDr. Zdeněk Vojtíšek Th.D., an expert on the topic of cults and new religious movements and the head of Religious Studies Department at the Hussite Theological Faculty at Charles Universty; founder of Integrity Centre and Tantra Massage Prague, Tatra mentor, therapist and student at the Evangelical Theological Faculty of Charles University Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová; founder of Tantra centre in Lažánky, teacher and film director Ing. Igor Samotný; Tantra masseuse, therapist and theologist Anna and practicing Tantra masseur Ondřej Havel.

Founder of the Integrity Center

Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová Bc. Michaela
Lynnette Torstenová

Dramatherapist, tantric tutor and tantric massage trainer, graduate of Sky Dancing Tantra, a student of the Evangelical Theological Faculty of the UK, masseuse and founder of Tantra massage center Prague s.r.o.Read more

About us

Tantra Massage Prague, Ltd. was originally founded back in 2004. The company has since developed into a tantric center of excellence, providing services of the highest quality. We offer the broadest range of tantric massages in the Czech Republic at our center that is based in an attractive locality in Prague, and that has been styled around the original Indian culture that Tantra originates from. Read more

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