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Since it first arrived to the Czech Republic tantra massage has changed a lot. From a secretive massage hardly anyone knew it developed into a massive hit. Through media awareness and clients´ positive experience tantra massage became one of the most popular kinds of massages ever. Yet expansion of Eastern philosophy and sacred eroticism brings negative aspects. Those are mainly the cases tantra is an enterprise tool and at the expense of spirituality; people who have no or just little knowledge, such as a weekend course of tantra massage, with no experience with the philosophy they are coming from, actually run tantra centres today.

In order to prevent tantra teaching from exploitation and to maintain spiritual and therapeutic principles of the massage, Tantra massage Prague: Ltd. prepared for you Quality standards and Ethic Code, that will help you orient yourself to select an appropriate massage centre and you tantra guide.


1. The rules and objectives of provided tantra massages

1. Definition of a term “tantra massage”

1.1. Tantra massage is a complex ritual involving both mental and physical level of a client. Its essential part is an atmosphere coming from ancient tantra tradition of tantra rituals taking place in the temple of the goddess of love with sacred importance. A ritual offered the client a chance to get out of common social roles and impersonate with male or female principles, due to which a man becomes more free and authentic being. A massage further develops sensual perception of a person who perceives mainly haptic sensitivity of a whole body, atonement to sound harmonies and increases smell perceptions. During the massage we use aroma therapeutic essential oils, hot towels; peacock feathers and in longer massages also music instruments. During whole massage a vital energy is awaken from the beginning, maintained and distributed into the whole body. Principally a massage aims at developing sensitivity towards own body and feelings that helps being more perceptive towards other people and mainly a partner.

1.2. During tantra massage the role of tantra masseuse of masseur is specific. She becomes a guide that takes a client to a ritual, introduces him to tantra learning and tantra massage principles but also its borders. They teach them to breath well to help clients to get in closer contact with their bodies and feelings and enjoy deep relaxation and meditative state of „letting go off control“ during the whole massage.

1.3. Within tantra teaching and holistic attitude towards humans tantra massage includes also intimate parts massage of the receiver. Their touching does not lead to orgasm but feeling deep potential of own sexual force. The receiver learns to use tantra breathing techniques and using them to distribute natural vital energy all through the body. Intimate massage always directs with feelings and client´s borders and massage framework. Tantra massage is not done in order to satisfy sexual instinct but to cultivate sexual energy. The receiver enters the ritual ware of the attitude.

1.4. Tantra massage has a set structure set up to create a meaningful complete. A receiver does not influence the structure of tantra massage though some elements can be left out on request. Tantra massage objective is not to fulfil a client´s wish but on contrary to let go of fantasies and expectations. They learn to enjoy a feeling of HERE AND NOW.

1.5. Tantra massage does not allow for sexual intercourse between a receiver and a giver. A receiver remains in passive accepting for the whole time. A masseur does not enter any negotiation with a receiver regarding sexual intercourse.

1.6. Nakedness in tantra is perceived in a context of visual stimulation and expresses comprehension with own body and accepting yourselves. It is a sign of openness and allows for free energy flow that is one of the pillars of tantra teaching. A client is naked during massage and a massaging person treats nakedness with respect to tantra experience and maturity of a receiver. Clients can systematically develop under supervision of tantra guide but also it can be perceived as a one-off experience.

1.7. Tantra massage is designed for men, women and pairs of any age regardless of skin colour or sexual orientation. Partners in tantra massages can also deal with relationship issues such as rediscovering mutual attractiveness, intimate communication, difference of female and male sexual needs, mutual understanding and tolerance etc.

1.8. In order to reach a required quality a tantra massage the environment has to fulfil certain criteria; a client feels safe and intimately, the place does not contain any objects that divert attention, there is a comfortable seating in the massage room for introductory interview and final reflexion, a shower or a bath for body hygiene. A massage is done on a futon accompanied by music without any external disturbance. Stylish and thematic accessories are appropriate in the room. A massage is done in an approved room fulfilling all hygienic conditions for providing massage services.

2. Tantra massage objectives

  • Complete feeling of deep and lasting relaxation
  • Feeling of own sexual power
  • Acknowledging practical information on how to work with sexual energy in a tantra way
  • Feeling of honour and respect towards yourself and a giver
  • Obtaining a positive relationship towards own body
  • Learning on open communication on feelings and desires
  • Getting respect for intimate issues
  • Removal of shame
  • Sinking into a feeling of now and here
  • Getting into a meditative state „letting go“ of control and letting things flow freely
  • Getting out of social roles and searching an authentic self
  • Rediscovery of sexual interest in a partner
  • Inspiration in partnership, understanding own and partner´s needs.

3. Healing effects of tantra massages

  • It relaxes from deep stress, helps getting rid of anxiety and fear of life.
  • It relaxes muscle tension, supports a proper function of blood flow and helps regeneration.
  • It gets rid of psychic blocks and helps healing non-physiological issues regarding pregnancy.
  • It has a positive influence on erection.
  • It helps with issues of premature ejaculation.
  • Heals prostate problems.
  • With women it helps reaching orgasm or with issues of painful sexual intercourse due to insufficient relaxation.

4. Rules of tantra massages

4.1. Tantra massage requires a lot of time to reach all objectives. There is a minimum of ninety minutes for the massage and thirty minutes for client interview and relaxation. The shortest full tantra massage amounts to two hours of pure time of direct work with a client. Such massage includes an introductory ritual during which a client learns breathing techniques, then so called „exit massage“ for relaxing a getting rid of stress, then washing with hot towels to warm up muscles. The washing has a ritual and celebratory importance. The main part of a massage is all body oil massage including bottom, feet, head, face and intimate parts. The stress is put on feeling the body as a total, mental and physical relaxation and aware work with sexual energy. For deeper and more intense work three to three and half hour massages are most appropriate.

4.2. Any massage shorter than two hours of work with a client including intimate massage cannot be called tantra because it is not possible to fulfil the set content of tantra massages; that is individual steps follow and are of particular importance.

4.3. An exception is an introductory massage that can last just sixty minutes plus thirty minutes of a meeting without a massage of intimate client´s parts. Such massage can also be tantra and in its length they fulfil a meeting purpose. An importance is set on breathing techniques, creating trust and total relaxation of a client.

4.4. Tantra massages do not include petting or intimate touching of a receiver with a masseur or a masseuse. A masseuse is not an object of a tantra massage and intimate touches cannot be bought from her or force her in any way. Tantra massage is based in a feeling of a receiver role, focusing on own feelings and following own internal process. Tantra massage does not mean an erotic exchange with another person.

4.5. Tantra massage is no petting or intuitive touching without any knowledge of anatomy, framework and concrete anatomy masseuse techniques. Often physical and mental blocks are released, for which knowledge of body work is essential. Tantra massage is not a technically well done massage without any acceptance of spiritual and ritual framework (atmosphere, attitude and spiritual importance); hence it cannot be understood as a connection of a classical massage finished by intimate massage with ejaculation.

4.6. Orgasm is not an objective of tantra massage therefore it cannot be “ordered” nor promised to a client. A principle of complete purposelessness and following actual feelings of “now and here” have to be maintained.

4.7. Tantra massage does not comply with paying for sex service (sex, oral sex and others).

4.8. Tantra massage cannot be done without initial interview during which a client is informed on the intention and procedure of a tantra massage and limits are set. A following reflexion of client´s feelings and experience is also appropriate unless a client objects.

4.9. Tantra massage works therapeutically and healing with a number of mental and psychological issues but certainly cannot replace psychotherapy.

4.10. Tantra massage cannot be done by under-aged.

4.11. Tantra massage cannot be done under influence of alcohol or toxic substances.

5. Tantra massages procedures

5.1. Tantra massage always starts with an interview that is a part of the whole meeting. Its purpose is to meet all participants, evoking trust and safety, work with order and required passing of information that create framework for tantra massage. During the interview a masseur or a masseuse:

  • Informs a client on origin, objectives and history of tantra.
  • Works with client´s motives (why he/she came in, what they expect).
  • Informs on massage procedure, objectives and principles.
  • Sets up a framework
  • Helps reflecting feelings and experiences of a client.
  • Offers new stimuli based on evaluation of situation, needs and experience of a client.
  • Applies tantra techniques with objective to provide a client new tantra experience.
  • Teaches a client tantra breathing techniques and support through breathing leading to the fact a client senses own body better enjoys actual emotions.
  • During a massage a client is guided by words and supported in enjoying the experience.

5.2. Following introductory ritual to tantra massage done in standing position. The ritual is aimed at gaining and strengthening trust between a receiver and a giver in a non-verbal form but also has a spiritual and psychological meaning. It evokes a feeling of a celebration and honour towards a receiver, an atmosphere of meeting of two people where one softly but firmly leads the other. There is also an introductory breathing technique of tantra energy work.

5.3. Later a receiver is put on a futon. Tantra massage is a true massage. Depending on chosen length of this part of a massage it includes hot towels and lava stones, elements of bioenergy, all body oil massage connecting elements of classical, Thai, Hawaii, tantra, Tao and Indian head and face massage. It includes the whole body of a receiver including intimate parts. The importance is on feeling the body as a whole. To do a massage properly a full understanding of tantra ritual and ability to apply them in praxis is necessary. Own experience is also important along with ability to perceive a personality of a client not only on a physical but also mental level that is as a whole and not leave any part out. A client is encouraged to breathe properly and give in to feelings that are all accepted and supported. Therefore a client can be totally him/herself. There are no shame and an accent of any objective or result and gets into a state of a deep relaxation.

5.4. Not less importantly there is relaxation and reflection of enjoyed experience after a massage. A client takes a bath and with a cup of tea discusses his/her feelings. A masseur/a masseuse help processing the experience and transfer its positive effects into common life. There is no pressure on a client if there is any reason not to talk. Of course the level of openness is completely voluntary.

6. Frequently asked questions of tantra centre clients

  • I want to sink into meditation experience.
  • I want my feelings and bodily needs to flow freely
  • I want to let things flow and do nothing at all
  • I wish to be guided (learn to breath, open up and relax)
  • I wish to be in closer contact with my own body and enjoy my sexual power
  • I wish to give my partner an interesting gift
  • I want to talk with my partner about communication on intimate issues and mutual needs
  • We want to learn tantra techniques and how to use them in relationship
  • We want to revive our relationship and get rid of stereotypes
  • We wish to enrich out sexuality and gain inspiration
  • Our relationship is exhausted and we wish to find out “red clue”
  • Between me and my partner there is a distance we don’t know how to overcome
  • I cannot talk on my intimate issues
  • I miss being touched
  • I work too much and lately find it hard to relax
  • I am afraid of women
  • I have a problem with prostate
  • I ejaculate prematurely
  • I got erection problems
  • I need to relax
  • I used to by tyrannised and I am afraid of men
  • I don’t like my own body and do not deserve to enjoy pleasure
  • I suffer from loneliness and depression
  • I am afraid of intimacy
  • I am ashamed
  • I don’t know what intimacy is

2. Personal right protection

1. Voluntariness and respect to rights of participants

1.1. Tantra massage is provided and accepted on voluntary basis. None of its participants can ever be pushed or persuaded to it.

1.2. A client can whenever interrupt a tantra massage without giving any reason. He/she is needs to explain anything unless he/she wishes to do so.

1.3. A masseur or a masseuse can interrupt or finish a massage if a client does not respect limits of tantra massage, mainly keeping a passive role during a massage or repeatedly tries to persuade a masseur or a masseuse to provide any type of sex service.

2. Maturity

2.1. Tantra massage cannot be provided by immature or under-aged person and cannot be received by any under-aged person.

3. Personal data protection

3.1. Tantra centre does not keep clients´ data mainly their names, phone numbers or email addresses without their written consent.

3.2. The data that a centre gets from a client for ordering reasons are not saved after the massage.

3.3. All centre operatives are bound by confidentiality and refrain from informing on a client´s identification or data on a third party (outside the centre).

3. Treating a person interested in tantra massage

1. Client´s awareness

1.1. A person interested in tantra massage always has to be informed on what tantra massage contains regarding its intentions, procedure and tradition.

1.2. The limits of tantra massage are always clearly set ahead the procedure.

1.3. In case of different expectations of both parties a client is explained what a centre or tantra massage can actually offer and what it cannot do.

1.4. A client has right to ask additional questions regarding tantra massages and say the reasons bringing him/her to the massage.

2. Client oriented attitude and respect

2.1. A client always have to be treated openly and with respect even in case a client asks questions and requires service beyond tantra massage limits. In the latter case a client has to be explained the difference between tantra massage and erotic service and whatever tantra massage can offer. If a client still continues to demand service beyond limits of tantra massage, he/she is informed such service cannot be offered and asked to leave from a centre.

2.2. A client can never be judged for his/her questions or information on themselves. Regarding an intimate character of tantra massage client´s information is approached sensitively, with respect and no judgements.

4. Complaints regarding quality or ways of providing tantra massage

1. Right to complain

1.1. A client has the right to complain in case of discontent with quality or providing of tantra massages. A place where he/she can send a complaint has to be stated on website of centre operator. The contact data ought to state who deals with any possible complaints.

1.2. If a centre is a member of tantra massage association a contact to association employee dealing with clients’ complaints has to be clearly stated.

1.3. A client is sent an evaluation and processing of his/her complaint within thirty working days by email or in writing on stated address.

1.4. In case of any questions a client can be asked by a responsible employee for further details regarding a complaint.

5. Personal and organisational operation of tantra massage

1. Environment and conditions of tantra massage

1.1. Tantra massage is the same as other massages considered as epidemiologically relevant issue and therefore falls within the Act on public health protection (Act no. 258/2000 Coll.). Any tantra massage centre has to be approved by an appropriate hygienic station and comply with appropriate operation code of a centre. An operations room has to be agreed and certified according to a licence office.

1.2. With respect to cultural tradition and work with intimate levels of a client a room for a tantra massage should offer a private atmosphere. Any disturbance from other massage rooms equipped by shower or a bath should be heard prior or after the massage.

2. Education and qualification

2.1. Tantra masseuse or masseur has to comply with the following:

  • She/he graduated a second class degree.
  • She/he has a course of classical massage accredited by MŠMT (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports).
  • She/he has a course of tantra massage supervised by a qualified tutor.
  • Regularly and minimally once or twice a month she/he consults work with a qualified tutor and participates in group or individual supervision lesson.
  • She/he has a knowledge and own experience in the field of tantra teaching mainly its principles, importance and benefits for a client.
  • She/he can lead an interview, work with an offer, ask questions, work with an order, think constructively, react authentically and spontaneously, comprehensively explain tantra principles and techniques and individual phases and content of massage, reflect sensitively to a client, provide feedback, and keep limits and framework for a massage.
  • She/he is able to react appropriately to actual psychological state of a client.
  • She/he is skilled in massaging, can work with body and knows anatomy and body structure.
  • She/he maintains and applies a therapeutic attitude to clients.
  • She/he maintains ethical code of tantra massage
  • At no account she/he offers sex service to clients.
  • She/he consecutively increases her qualification.
  • She/he has never worked in porn industry, nor offered erotic massages or prostitution.
  • She/he possesses essential qualities such as personal maturity, psychological stability, empathy and comprehensive speech.
  • In case the centrum provides tantra massages to a foreign clientele, the representatives have to be fluent in the language of clientele.

2.2. A qualified tantra massage tutor ought to comply with the following requirements:

  • She/he graduated a second class degree.
  • She/he has a course of classical massage accredited by MŠMT (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports).
  • She/he has at least six hundred hours of expert masseuse education.
  • She/he has at least a yearly systematic course of tantra massage in a closed group.
  • She/he has a self-experience course or a training in the area of social skills and relations (for example psychotherapeutic training or self-experience training for helping professions)
  • She/he has at least two years’ experience with tutoring.
  • She/he has at least three years of own massaging praxis in the field of tantra massages.

2.3. A supervisor has to comply with the following requirements:

  • She/he graduated a high school education in humanity studies.
  • She/he graduated an accredited five years psychotherapeutic body oriented training (Bodyterapie).
  • She/he graduated a supervising training.
  • She/he has a minimum of a tree years own therapeutic praxis.

6. Professional development

1. Consecutive qualification growth

1.1. Masseuses and masseurs continuously educate themselves in the field of massages and body work, tantra teaching and psycho-social skills. Copies of certificates are presented to the centre operator.

1.2. All data on seminars and educational lectures or trainings ought to be available on website of a tantra centre and a client can request to see appropriate certificates.

7. Emergency situations

1. Fire safety rules

1.1. Tantra centrum has to possess fire safety rules approved by an appropriate fire station in the locality.

1.2. The solution has to be kept by the centre including the data expiration control of fire extinguishing equipment.

8. Increasing service quality of tantra centre

1. Quality control of provided massages

1.1. Centre operator bears responsibility for quality of provided tantra massages. Continuously service quality is checked by an appropriately qualified tutor. In case of imperfection are repaired without delay.

1.2. IN case of complaints the centre operator is obliged to process the issues and evaluate appropriate consequences.

2. Centre development

2.1. Tantra centrum regularly organises seminars in the field of therapy, body care, sexual and relation themes and psycho hygiene for their masseurs and masseuses; also ensures supervisions of massage team, checks and helps planning individual education plans for masseuses and masseurs.

2.2. A centre brings new services and reacts to feedback and clients’ needs and demands.


1. Client´s awareness

  • A masseur or a masseuse explains any expectations about tantra massage ritual to a client; concretely what are the principles of a massage, its origin, tradition and what you can expect and what to avoid.
  • A masseur or a masseuse clearly sets limits and a procedure of the whole ritual of a tantra massage. A client is aware of the fact if anything unpleasant happens she/she can communicate that to a masseur or a masseuse and they will fully understand and respect his/her opinion.

2. Working with an order

  • A masseur or a masseuse asks a client the reasons to come to the centre and what tantra could do for a client, what are the expectations.
  • They emphatically work with the issue a client brings in and inform them whether and how they can work with it.
  • Unacceptable orders can be declined and the limits are set for tantra massages. Understanding of its principles and benefits is stressed out to a client again.

3. Information confidentiality

  • During tantra massage ritual a client privacy protection always has to be maintained regarding their intimate issues they bring in. /li>
  • The data can never be passed on to a third party.

4. Maintaining limits and framework of tantra massage

  • All offers and variations of tantra massage are specified on a website or in printed materials of tantra centre. Clients are offered no other extra service in the centre.
  • A client cannot be offered sex service such as sexual intercourse (coitus), oral or anal sex, touching a masseuse or any other form of erotic exchange for payment nor free.

5. Hygiene standards maintenance of tantra massage

  • A masseur or a masseuse are both very careful about their hygiene. Prior to every massage they take a shower, wash their hands with soap and use antibacterial gel and cream.
  • In case there are any wounds on hands using a pair of latex gloves is a necessity.
  • The centre fully abides by all regulated standards of hygiene and operational rules agreed by the ascribed hygiene station. That mainly regards a thorough hygiene of all surfaces in the massage room, using clean and ironed clothes for each individual client and quality agreed massage oils.

Written by Bc. Michaela Lynnette Torstenová, MBA

Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. founder, psychotherapist, manager, tantra lecturer and personal development group lecturer, coach, yoga instructor and instructor in holistic work with the body, massage therapist (10 years of experience), therapeutic tantra “Inner Wave Technique” author, massage lecturer. Read more


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