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Tantra masseuse Hanah

Hanah is a sensual and tender woman with beautiful deep eyes and sensitive nature that will attract you with her warm heart and nature attitude due to which you soon find out that you feel completely free and relaxed with her enjoying her pleasant company. Tantra massage with her is a path towards her own soul and bodily sensuality, through which she is a perfect guide.


Hanah apart from tantra massage most loves laughing and travelling during which she likes discovering exotic smells and tastes, lazing about on sunny beaches and meeting new people. She likes sport and everything new takes as a challenge.

Why the tantra massage?

I love tender and sensual touching and caring for another people is my second nature. Tantra massage is a ritual; I can do whatever I like the best, that is touching and bringing others unforgettable experience of love, care and acceptance. Tantra is an amazing and natural path towards discovering own body, nudity, intimacy and passion.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I enjoy long tantra massages Deluxe, during which we can sink deep into deep intimacy of touching and during which I can play with every part of your body.



I want to express my deepest appreciation for the tantra massage from Hanah. Her massage was the most delightful tantra massage I have ever had. Her warmth, tenderness and attention gave me a soothing and blissful time! She made me feel comfortable and at ease all the time. She patiently explaned everything I was interested in at begining of the massage session. During the massage and afterwards she helped me unwind in her gentle way, I found the feeling I had indescribable. I do want to come to Prague again, and soon, and have another extended massage session with Hannah. She is so heavenly!
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