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Сабина – эфирное создание, очень симпатичная молодая женщина с творческими способностями и чуткими прикосновениями. Ее массаж – это подлинное искусство, которое дарит ярчайшие впечатления всем органам чувств. Массаж в исполнении Сабины не только расслабит Ваши напряженные мышцы и устранит долговременные блокады в Вашем теле, но и пробудит дремлющие в Вас жизненные энергии, наполнит Вас энтузиазмом, полностью расслабит Ваше тело и душу, подарит истинное блаженство. Позвольте этой нежной фее Вас понежить и побаловать, раскройте вместе с ней тайны тантры, познайте волшебство прикосновения!


Радость в жизни мне дарит искусство. Музыка, живопись, литература, а также красота природы, кулинарное искусство, люди и животные. Все это я обожаю, искусству я посвящаю все свое свободное время.

Почему тантра:

Тантра – путь к внутренней свободе и гармонии. Тантра-массаж – ритуал, который позволяет проникнуть в волшебный мир, полный любви и уважения к самим себе и окружающим. Для меня радость и большая честь участвовать в ритуале самопознания другого человека, которому я с помощью искусства тантры и моих прикосновений могу помочь отбросить все социальные маски и роли, навязанные обществом.
В каждом из нас скрыта внутренняя красота, которая во время тантра-массажа раскрывается и становится доминантой личности. Осознание тесной связи нашего тела и духа – только начало процесса самопознания, принятия себя и любви к самому себе. Человек раскрепощается, между дающим и принимающим устанавливается полное доверие, которое позволяет усилить переживания и ведет к трансформации обоих участников ритуала. Этот опыт уникален, никогда точь-в-точь не повторяется. Поэтому я делаю тантра-массажи с любовью, сосредоточившись на текущем мгновении, которое всегда уникально.

Любимые тантра-массажи:

Чем дольше длится массаж, тем ярче впечатление. Мне нравится, когда человек сознательно погружается в ритуал, полностью раскрепощается, что позволяет мне установить с ним доверительный контакт и лучше понять его потребности. Поэтому мои любимые процедуры – тантра-массаж «Делюкс», тантра-массажи для женщин, например, тантра-массаж «Рождение Венеры» или тантра-массаж класса люкс «Pretty Woman», и тантра-массажи для пар.

Галерея и видео


I’m a very demanding person, but I was totally happy with the services of this studio. Contact with the receptionist was excellent. Always right, very good in English, seems to care and manage privacy well, welcome in center is professional and discrete. Center and the massage rooms are very well decorated, atmosphere is good and clean. I felt secured and clean when I went to the center. The website is good and very informative. Tantra massage yesterday with Jana (Trainer) was one of the best I received in the center. I would really like to meet more masseuses like Jana (trainer) or Sabina. Excellent services! Thank you.
I would like to say thanks to Sabina once again for an unforgettable tantra massage! When I saw Sabina on your website, I knew I was going to experience something interesting and unusual and I'm glad that my sixth sense didn´t disappoint me. Sabina gave so much of herself to the massage! It is something she doesn´t have to, but she wants to. The massage was spontaneous, without a scenario, but all my body was covered and well taken care of. She felt what was right for me. For a while, I felt as a baby being taken care of by mom and in the next moment Sabina turned into a Goddess, so determined to the sacred tantric ritual and she was really working with the energy she had created. It was unbelievable. From the beginning and for the entire time of the massage, we were in the Indian temple of Tantra where I had never been before. I left with a smile on my lips, with an incredibly positive energy and I felt just pure happiness. Every time I recall the massage, I find myself smiling. I believe that the experience will keep me energized for a long time, especially when I will need it. It wasn´t my only massage for sure!
Tantra massage in your studio was a present for my 40th birthday. The day I had the massage was a landmark for me. It was the first time I came across this type of massage and I know already it was not the last time. SABINA was my guide through the whole ritual. A young, beautiful, perceptive and sensitive being who is the right person for her job. In her company I felt calm, relaxed and excited from the first moments of our meeting. Sabina is a real professional who knows what to do with a client to make her feel not just like a queen, but like a tsarina. She didn’t leave a single spot of the skin on my body unnoticed, she was such a good guide that after a while I felt completely natural and normal. My doubts about tantra and tantra massage were gone. And what did I take home with me? Sabina gave me and showed me through her art that there is something that I hadn’t known about for forty years. It was simply unbelievable. I want to say thanks again to Sabina for an unforgettable experience.
I’d like to express my thanks for yesterday’s delightful experience with Sabina and Livia. I still haven’t re-emerged from it. I tried tantra massage for the first time and I already know it was not for the last time. It was not easy for me to relax completely at first, but the whole experience was amazing, especially thanks to the lovely approach of your fantastic and fascinating masseuses. I couldn’t find the right words yesterday and I struggled to find them today again until I thought of the English word “heavenly”. I’ve discovered the answer to the question “what would you do if the end of the world was coming tomorrow”. I’d go to you. Thank you for your professional and passionate approach.
Martin, 43
Dear Tantra Massage Prague,

our four days trip to Prague started by an evening at your lovely place. Your facilities are so nicely designed, so pleasant and full of good taste. We enjoyed every moment. It was so romantic and all the people we met were really nice and courteous! Everything was nicely organized. Furthermore it's easy and fast to reach you by taxi from the center. We were welcomed in such a nice way we immediately felt positive.

To Sabina: Agnès was delighted by your wonderful tantra massage. She thinks it's the best she ever had, and felt so good afterwards! You're a true master. Agnès felt surely very relaxed and energetic for the whole stay.

To Livia: I felt great after the tantra massage, under your control, your talented fingers and the passionate body contact. But it was more than that. I felt really amazing exchange with you. I don't know how you say this in the tantric language, but that evening was a genuine moment of shared sweet & touchy emotions that I will not forget. You are a great, lovely and unique person.
Agnès and Andreas
I’d heard about tantra massage a long time ago, but I only decided to try it out in November. We went together with my husband for whom it was a birthday present from me. We had a couples massage for an hour and a half (and it was in fact longer, because after the massage we had a wonderful chat with our massage therapists – Sabina and Adele). All in all it was an excellent experience – lovely environment, great and very skilled girls and an indescribable atmosphere. I’ve never experienced anything like it! Thank you very much and we will surely come and enjoy it again!
Tereza, 31
A few days ago my husband and I went to your center. We received a voucher for tantra massage as a wedding gift. I don’t think I would have bought the voucher myself, but I would have missed a wonderful experience. I can’t describe in words what lovely feelings I had. The best of all was the feeling of absolute consciousness and tuning in. I truly felt like I received a gift. I’ll try to store these feelings within me for as long as possible. They have opened up the door to a different perception of myself. Thank you very much, Sabina, for this experience.
Katka, 29
Sabina was a wonderful masseuse. I would highly recommend her to any visitor of Tantra Massage Prague. As a guide through my first tantra massage she showed a tremendous amount of skills and empathy, which are both essential components of tantra massage. When I return to Prague I will certainly visit her again. Sabina, thank you for a wonderful experience that was more than I expected.
John, 39
Dear Sabina,
when you entered the room you seemed gentle and calm to me, but I was later surprised how much strength you had. Tantra massage with you was a truly tremendous experience. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to relax both mentally and physically. I admire you because I’m not a small guy, especially compared to your delicate feminine frame. And most of all thanks for giving me a part of your peace and strength. I still draw energy from it and I believe I will for a long time. I’m looking forward to another indescribable meeting, I’ll be happy to see you again.
Jan, 49
I’m glad that after carefully considering where to go for tantra massage I chose this centre and that Sabina was recommended to me, because she was really able to relax me and take me to a place where nothing hurt, nothing worried me and where I was pampered and respected. When after the introductory chat I was left alone for a while and I was supposed to ring the bell when I was ready, I thought to myself that I must be mad and what I was doing there. This feeling soon left me thanks to Sabina who radiated positive and calm energy and during the opening ritual I realized that I chose the right place. The massage outdid all my expectations; I will never forget it and I will certainly try it again in a longer version.
I’d like to thank Misa and Sabina for an unforgettable experience with four-hand tantra massage. Like a typical guy I can’t describe all the emotions that this meeting stirred up in me, but it was wonderful. Misa, Sabina, once again thank you for the lovely moments! I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Good afternoon, massage with Sabina in the lovely environment of your center was an experience whose intensity and depth can’t be expressed in words. Masseuse Sabina, this incredibly kind and charming person, led me through my first tantra massage and gave me something new and really precious for me at a moment in life when I needed it most. I experienced absolute acceptance without any judgement, understanding and care. Perfect relaxation. Tender, exciting and intimate moments. Even after three weeks this experience is still “inside me” and I can draw from it. I heartily recommend it.
Paul 35
Some two weeks ago I went for a massage with Sabina. It was a fascinating experience and it helped me discover some areas of my sexuality and helped me open up more to people, to new experiences and to the world in general. When I arrived for the massage I was all nervous and stiff (which I usually am when I meet new people), but after the opening conversation and when the massage procedure started my nervousness was gone. After that I was only immersed in Sabina’s wonderful touches and the magic of the moment. I recommend tantra massage to everyone. It will take you to a completely new dimension.
Mary, 21
Dear Sabina, thank you for caressing my body and soul. I went to have a Tantra massage feeling worried and doubtful, yet something made me go and see if it is as helpful as everyone says. Thank you for showing me a way to open up to myself, through touch and your kind words full of honesty. I’d like to thank you here and recommend you. Thank you!
Sabina is simply wonderful! She is so careful and sweet that she will immediately get your interest. She devotes herself wholeheartedly in what she does. Her gentle touches are full of energy. After the massage I felt completely reborn. I was in the dimension of calmness and inner peace. Thank you very much again!
Antonio, Italy
It was a lazy Saturday morning, when I woke up for my tantra massage session in your Studio, but I couldn´t imagine what was ahead of me. I booked a session with Andrea and Sabina and didn’t really expect much, except of a really nice spirit and a usual professionalism of the studio. It was a mistake! Before I booked the massage I red a description of the masseuses, who were available, to make a best choice. I’m glad I didn’t pay any attention to physical characteristics (even if those two masseuses I picked are very beautiful), but I was more interested in their motivations and personal descriptions. I made my decision based on my intuition and it turned out to be a perfect combination. When I met Andrea and Sabina in the massage room, I was nicely surprised by their energy and presence. We had a brief, but good talk about my expectations and intent. I told them, that I loved the tantra massage to be intuitive, connecting and working with energy and I could really enjoy, when there was more presence to the touch and awareness and less need for a structure. I took a longer shower than usual, taking time to wash my mind away. I rang the bell, which was the signal, that I was ready, and that they could come in to start the massage.I won’t tell you what exactly happened within the massage, because I want to let it as if it was happening in another time and space, in a sacred place. But I can say that from the beginning everything was purely ecstatic. We naturally tuned into each other and let the energy express itself with consciousness and mutual respect. Our hearts and souls dictated our bodies. Our inner selves got in a sacred place, where they could express themselves with freedom and authenticity. No structure, only life energy flowing...I enjoyed this tantra massage in a way I rarely do. It was exceptional. I felt connected to myself and to my two goddesses in a natural and trusting way. I've never experienced a 4-handed tantra massage with two persons, who made me feel like there was only one goddess with 4 hands. Their intuition is so deep.
I felt my body exploding with the orgasmic energy and the lingam massage was deep and wild. I felt like I let myself live.
Three words I felt during and after the massage: fulfilled, loved and authentic. I have been living this energy since then. Pay respect to yourself and to the goddesses your meet along your way and it will be rewarding for your heart, your body and your soul. With unconditional love, Namaste
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