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Эвелина – женщина, полная чувственной страсти, внутренней силы и нежной женственности, обладает богатым внутренним миром. Эти кажущиеся противоположности делают ее чутким проводником, который ощущает не только потребности Вашего тела, но и глубинные желания Вашей души. Эвелина – опытная массажистка, ее массажи насыщены глубокими переживаниями, чуткостью и вниманием. Приходите к ней, чтобы остановить время и ощутить силу и красоту мгновения «здесь и сейчас»!


Я люблю жизнь во всех ее проявлениях! Повседневные мелочи, улыбки, ласки, взгляд в глаза и чашку вкусного чая. Жить здесь и сейчас, ощущать жизнь всеми органами чувств, подаренными нам природой. Люблю музыку, танцы, путешествия, природу, книги, из которых я черпаю вдохновение и стимулы для духовного роста.

Почему тантра:

Тантра-массаж я воспринимаю не только как чувственный ритуал поклонения нашему физическому телу во всей его красоте и уникальности. Я вижу в нем также возможность идеальной гармонизации сознания, способ достичь глубокого внутреннего расслабления и подлинной радости. Во время тантра-массажа меня поражает, как тантра всем нам указывает путь к самим себе. Это по-настоящему расслабляющий, насыщенный эмоциями, интимный, нежный и чувственный массаж. Тантра никого не оценивает, не судит, с точки зрения тантры все мы - прекрасные и совершенные существа. Приходите к нам, чтобы остановить время и ощутить силу и красоту мгновения «здесь и сейчас»! Я с удовольствием стану Вашим проводником в мире тантры, покажу Вам, какие тайны скрывает Ваше тело.

Любимые тантра-массажи:

Больше всего мне нравятся тантра-массаж «Делюкс» и тантрические ванны. Во время массажа мы с принимающим можем настроиться друг на друга, полностью погрузиться в наши общие переживания, с помощью правильного дыхания и прикосновений установить подлинно интимный контакт.

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I had a great time at this center! My masseuse was Evelin, who was very cute, darling and lovely person. She made my experience very unique. I had already tried many tantra massages in some different studios, but it was never like this and I consider myself very happy to approach this place. The massage was very intimate for me and for the first time in my life I was able to open up completely. There was nothing else than her touches and the present moment. I was craving for her touches and she was working with all the tension and blocks in my body so well. When I try to analyze it now, I think that this was only possible because I felt, that she loves her job. She was completely involved, interested and spontaneous and she took real care of me. I really recommend this place. It is very organized, well managed, with the spirit and a real spiritual atmosphere. It is a diamond among another tantra studios.
Garry, 37
Where do I start, my last tantra massage with Evelinka was truly put of this world! This was my sixth visit at Tantra massage Prague center and certainly not the last time. The massage of itself was unbelievable, full of love and care. Evelina is a God sent and have an amazing gift as a giver. Each touch and stroke are sending your body a stream of positive energy, that will last for a long time afterwards (a few days) making you feel like a new born. Each tantra massage at your center surprises and makes me feel amazed, wanting to come back for more. It's definitely the best therapy one can experience in today's busy and stressful lives. Not to mention the nice and professional receptionists who were always fast to answer any of my requests and questions. I pray that everyone on earth has the chance to try one of your massage at least once in their lifetime. May you be blessed Evelina, you are a wonderful amazing person! Until next time, I long to go back to Prague for another massage
Daniel, 39
Today I had an amazing tantra massage with Evelina. It was just fantastic. Can you please bring her an extra thank you from me? Tell her I am still flying her touches and the energy circulating in my body.
Audun, 41
Hi guys,

today, I had absolutely amazing tantra massage Deluxe in your beautiful SPA. My guide was masseuse Evelína. I have to say that I have never had better masseuse before! During the entire massage I felt like a king. Our connection, which she took care of was full of tenderness and beautiful feelings of warmth. She was able to create perfect harmony and give me a truly tantric experience. It can´t be really described by any words ... it was wonderful, authentic and full of positive energy.

Dearest Evelin, you were really great, thank you very much for Your perfect care.

Moreover my general impression of the environment and equipment in the SPA is 100% positive. Professionalism, comfort, atmosphere. I will definitely be back!
Dearest Eveline,

Having experienced such an unbelievable and unique massage with you, I was not able to share my feelings at the moment with you. To be honest, I was not even sure whether my experience was a real one. I have been to Tantra Massages Prague Centre about three times before I have met you. Back then, I have never chosen my masseuse as I believed the fate would bring me the one I am supposed to meet at that time. However, I have always expected the best possible result. Everything is perfect in my life, to be clear! Unfortunately, it was never that kind of experience my close friend had described me after visiting your studio many times. When he had told me about the energy vibes, touching and shivering all around the body, I felt jealous silently. Having experienced my third tantric massage with all the nice feelings but without those ones I was actually longing for, I decided to stop enjoying any more tantric massages at all. However, fate did want us to meet. I happened to talk to my best friend about my massage experience and we discussed why I do not feel those vibes he experiences. Shivering, flows of energy and other feelings that I cannot event describe by words. He told me that I had not met the right masseuse yet. And that it took a long time for him to find the right one, too. Beloved Eveline, when you entered the door, I saw a beautiful woman with gorgeous eyes and a wonderful smile and laugh! Dearest Eveline, I am not sure whether you know what kind of power you dispose by only looking at me and how my soul felt touched. I had no idea what to expect next. After the introductory interview, I became to have a slight idea that this massage will be somehow different. You have an amazing therapeutic approach by only speaking to me. You know the right moment for the right words to be said aloud. Without even knowing it, you answered most of my inner questions with such a patience and peace that I would be able to talk to you for hours. Having met you, dearest Eveline, I encountered something very unique and precious in my life. Gratitude and humility. I want to meet more people like you, Eveline! I also must thank you for this sentence you inscribed into my memory. You can only be disappointed when you have any expectations. My dearest tantric goddess, I will never forget the ritual we have experienced together. I felt like being in one body with you. And in fact what have been going on afterwards is still beyond any words for me. It was the first time I did not felt ashamed of my emotions, dearest Eveline. You accepted me the way I am. You approached me with such a love and care! Although I know it is better to enjoy the massage with closed eyes, I could not help but looking at you constantly. You have really become my queen during the massage. There was so much energy in everything you did, Eveline. I will never forget the scene when you elegantly poured the water into a bowl and then twisted a towel. Oh my lord, just few seconds of those thoughts and I am shivering all around my body again. Eveline, I have been feeling like a god, a king, during our massage. You really bring the strongest power one can imagine into the ritual: open heart and love. It is only because of you and your approach that I finally enjoyed the shivering, total relax and strong energy vibes. I have been feeling those shivering moments all day on, after the massage. What have you done with me, beloved Eveline?

Finally, I would like to thank you one more time for such an unbelievable experience. Eveline, I have been feeling your amazing self during the massage. Exactly as stated in your portrait. You are so tender, sensitive, warmhearted, humble and so strong inside. Please, do believe me: you have an amazing power! You know how to heel not only by words but by touches as well! Please, do not get spoiled by our society. Be yourself! I wish you all the best. I know now that I have found my masseuse. Always yours client Petr
Dearest Eveline, how to describe by words something that cannot be described? There were all your powers present during the massage. Heeling touches, sensitive heart, tenderness and energy. Thanks to this cumulating effect I have enjoyed the best massage full of shivering in hand and legs but also on my lips and all around my body. You opened yourself to me, my beloved Eveline. You accepted me the way I am during all the massage. You have been so natural when I expressed my emotions during our session. You are wonderful, perfect, and full of energy. You really have an unbelievable power and gift of healing. You know how to pamper the soul by words, touch, and sight. You put the power of heart and love into the massage. Thank you, my dearest tantric goddess. From now on always your permanent client

I have been thinking for a long time what to write. And it is really damn difficult to find the right words to describe the feelings from tantric massage with Eveline. It was an unique, amazing and very strong experience. Eveline has empathetically felt what my body and soul needs and she was there for me to be my ideal, tender and authentic guide. I recommend her to every woman!

I would like to thank Ms. Evelina for wonderful feelings and pleasant moments I have experienced during tantric massage with her. She was so sensitive and skillful to overcome my first insecurity by her positive energy, tenderness and natural approach. My feelings transferred into a wonderful relaxation, chilling and maximal relief. I am happy to come back again.
Dear Evelina

First of all, I'd like to thank you for the sensitive, emotional and very comfortable massage. It was my first tantra massage and I'm sure it won't be my last! The massage was just wonderful! I'm really happy to made this experience - so much energy and power, just wow! For everybody who is looking for something new or special, or just like to expand his horizon: Take the tantra massage Deluxe and enjoy it. For your future, Evelina, I wish you only the best. Greetings from Switzerland.
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TТантра массажистка Эвелина TТантра массажистка Эвелина


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