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The shamanic path is a spiritual path to a conscious experiencing of one’s own body, the art of feeling the inner energy and power, understanding everyday situations and relationships, removing physical and psychological blocks as well as a path to a general release of your potential. We will help you understand yourself, other people and situations around you and give you tools to work with your inner energy and use it to your advantage.

The course of a session:

Shamanic path of revelation is an individual path to your inner sources of strength and energy, removing physical and psychological blocks and finding inner harmony and balance. Sessions are always individual and depend on your needs and the therapist’s intuition. To understand your situation we talk and work with symbols and tarot cards, during the treatment you can expect massage with elements of bioenergetics, tantra and Taoism, breathing and body exercises, using rhythmic music, techniques of reaching a trance, smoking out with white sage or relaxation techniques. The therapist chooses the methods after evaluating your situation and goals.

Session length:

The initial session lasts 90 minutes during which we will look at your situation, conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings, places where your energy is stagnant or blocked and we will select the suitable process. During the session, your body opens up to trust, new impulses and the rhythm of music. The following length and frequency of treatments will be agreed upon with your therapist depending on your possibilities as well as the objectives you want to reach.


  • Helps find an inner path and self-understanding.
  • Increases body awareness and reactions.
  • Removes physical and psychological blocks.
  • Lowers undesirable conscious control.
  • Increases spontaneity.
  • Removes tiredness and stress.
  • Helps release the flow of life energy and use this energy consciously.
  • Helps find a path to oneself and others.
  • Opens and heals past injuries and helps understand the significance of negative experience.


First session 90 min 2.500 CZK / 100 EUR
Bodywork 60 min 1.600 CZK / 64 EUR

Discounted packages:

Basic 5 x 60 min 7.100 CZK / 284 EUR
Basic 10 x 60 min 13.500 CZK / 540 EUR
Standard 5 x 90 min 9.990 CZK / 400 EUR
Standard 10 x 90 min 19.500 CZK / 780 EUR
Deluxe 5 x 120 min 12.900 CZK / 516 EUR
Deluxe 10 x 120 min 25.000 CZK / 1000 EUR
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