The Art of Conversation ? Therapeutic Approach in Tantra Massage

This course is intended for beginners as well experienced professional Tantra massage therapists who want to use the full therapeutic potential of Tantra massage and to be well prepared for topics they will inadvertently come across in their therapeutic practice. The course is taught by a gestalt therapist, drama therapist and Tantra instructor with a 10-year experience teaching and giving Tantra massage. The course is practical and experiential and uses selected drama therapy techniques (role-playing, reflection, feedback etc.), so you will be able to use the newly acquired skills in practice immediately.

Form: individual training / pair training / training in a small group of up to six people

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Course topics:

  • Therapeutic approach basics

    What the therapeutic approach is, how it can be good for you and how you can use it during the Tantra massage ritual. Effects of a physical touch ? possible therapeutic effects of Tantra massage.

  • Conversation as a means to establish trust and to set boundaries

    You will learn to explain to different types of clients what Tantra massage is and how it will proceed as well as explain to the client what they can do to enhance their experience. We will teach you to gain the client?s trust and create a safe environment and to sensitively set boundaries for Tantra massage.

  • Working with requirements and expectations

    Each client has a different reason for coming for Tantra massage and each needs something else from us. Recognising the client?s needs and working with them is a way to attract clients, but also to keep them in an increasingly competitive environment.

  • Tantra massage boundaries

    What are your boundaries? What are your client?s boundaries? What is the importance of boundaries? How to work with them and what to do when the client doesn?t respect them?

  • Problematic topics and how to approach them

    • Clients demanding an orgasm
    • Clients who don?t respect boundaries
    • Nakedness in Tantra massage
    • An enamoured client
    • A manipulative client
    • An angry client
    • A disappointed client
    • A client after a trauma

  • Tantra massage for couples

    • Specific issues for working with couples
    • Jealousy and how to deal with it

  • Tantra massage for women

    Specific issues for working with women

  • Dangerous topics and what to avoid

    Evaluation, criticising, playacting and everything else that should not be part of Tantra massage.

  • Mental health of a Tantra massage therapist

    The importance of Tantra philosophy, one?s own experience, the art of reflection and self-reflection, the importance of supervision.

  • Closing conversation

    How to conclude a Tantra massage session, what should be said and what to give space to. Beyond the limits of your meeting.

Length and prices:

  • Individuals: 15 hours – 24.000 CZK / 960 EUR

  • Couples: 20 hours – 36.000 CZK / 1.440 EUR

  • Groups (3- 6 people): 25 hours – 50.000 CZK / 2.000 EUR

The price includes:

  • Remuneration for the instructor.
  • Comfortable space adapted for the course.
  • A certificate of course completion.
  • Fruit refreshments and beverages.
  • A VIP voucher for a 30% discount on any Tantra massage from our catalogue for every course attendant.


Tantra Massage Prague Ltd. Centre, Na Čečeličce 5, Praha 5, 150 00 or Centrum Integrity Ltd., Staropramenná 7, Praha 5, 150 00

Course reservation:

Please, contact us at +420 603 185 066 or and together we can find dates that will suit you.

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The course is aimed at beginners as well as already active Tantra massage therapists who want to use the full potential of Tantra massage and be prepared for topics with which they will come across in their professional practice at the same time. A gift voucher for this course is a valuable and interesting present which everyone who provides Tantra massage as a professional service will very much appreciate.

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The Art of Conversation ? Therapeutic Approach in Tantra Massage The Art of Conversation ? Therapeutic Approach in Tantra Massage


I had a great experience from the weekend course of tantra massage "From Touch to Intimacy". I especially appreciate a pleasant environment of the studio, excellent lecturer Jana and very practical knowledge of tantra massage. I have learnt a lot and got a new inspiration for my relationship as well.


Dear Jana, I would like to thank you again for the beautiful journey into Tantra massage. I really enjoyed your teaching and the nice atmosphere all along the weekend. It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot. Please thank again to Eva, our model, as well the precious moments spent with her will remain in my mind. I wish you all the best.


Dear Tantra massage Prague, I want to give a short feedback about my experiences at your studio. Jana, Eva and Barbara, were just lovely people who made the learning experience wonderful. I got good feedbacks and advices. Jana is a great teacher and holds a lot of knowledge and skills that she shared with me. After finishing my lessons, I also had two tantra massage sessions with Michaela and Ema. Great people who gave me an a ...


I was wondering how to enrich our life after being married for over 6 years. Today I know that choosing the tantra massage course "From touch to intimacy" was the right choice! I spent three wonderful and inspirational days in Prague, learning the great art of tantra massage. Moreover, I have met a nice and inspiring person who was our lecturer. Thank you, Jane, for all your beautiful thoughts and for the beautiful guidance of ...

Simona, 44

I can say that the tantric course led by Michelle was totally professional, full of new knowledge and sometimes painfully intense and authentic, but I want to say something else. In life, we have moments that we want to quickly forget, moments we simply forget and moments we'll remember forever. Tantra training with Michelle is the one, I want to remember forever. Michelle, I'm so glad, that you came into my life! Thank you, n ...

Andrea, 35

A friend of mine passed professional tantra course with Michelle. He was very excited and he told me, that this course literally changed his life. After a month of intense training, I can understand why! Michelle is a great and professional lecturer who can teach even the less talented student. She can explain everything and meet you at your level of understanding. It was obvious that she loves and understands tantra and bodyw ...

Martin, 34

I applied for a tantra massage course because of curiosity. I wanted to meet new people and experience something new. At the beginning I was very nervous, but thanks to Michelle´s kindness and supportive environment, I quickly became comfortable and relaxed. Through experience and different encounters, I have learnt how to approach, massage and touch other people, but also how to enjoy my own body. I started to feel my sexual ...

Olga, 23

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for our lecturer Michelle. Thank you for your patience and willingness to explain everything into so much detail. I really enjoyed your sensitive guidance during the tantra massage course. It was an incredible experience. I have learnt not only lot of practical skills, but also lot of new aspects of life and intimacy. Thank you very much, it was wonderful!

Martin, 27

I would like to share my experience from professional tantra massage course with Michelle, which I really enjoyed. Michelle is an excellent and entertaining lecturer with a lot of knowledge that goes far beyond tantric philosophy and therapeutic bodywork. The training was conceived dynamically, without deaf places. There was very good balance of theory and practice and I have learned a lot of new knowledge. I feel honored to b ...

Margaret, 31

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Michaela L.
Torstenová, BA, MBA

Psychotherapist, Tantra teacher and founder of the Tantra Massage Prague centre, more than nine years of massage experience in the Czech Republic and abroad. Read more




Course instructor for course working with Tao energy and Tantra massage courses, professional Tantra massage therapist and theatre costume designer. Read more

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