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Therapeutic Rehabilitation Massage

In this unique deep tissue massage the massage therapist uses the weight of their body. Using palms and forearms they treat not only the muscles themselves, but also the deeper pressure points that release deep muscle tension. Using a combination of pressure and oil massage blockages, stress and muscle stiffness are removed and energy in your body is invigorated.

The massage process:

The massage session starts with a gentle stretch to relax tension followed by the relaxation of muscle blockages through a sarong or a towel. This is followed by an oil massage using aromatherapy essential oils that wonderfully warm up and relax your muscles. The actual massage concentrates on the deep muscles along the spine, the area of the shoulder blades, shoulders, neck spine and nape, but also massage in the area of lower back, hips and buttocks. The masseurs use their palms as well as their forearms and they know pressure points which release deep tissue tensions. Other massage types include thigh and calf muscles and the area of feet, hands and top of chest. The massage includes a relaxing head massage, so you will leave beautifully relaxed and fresh in the body and soul.

The massage includes:

Passive stretching

Stretching is a special form of slow activity that serves as a way of muscle stretching, it increases the ability of joints to stretch and also helps remove muscle and psychological tension.

Trigger point therapy

Trigger points are one of the most common causes of pain of the locomotive system. Trigger point therapy can remove body tension as well as muscle pain. It helps restore muscle elasticity and range of motion.

Why you should try this massage:

• It releases muscle tension and pain.
• It enhances range of motion.
• It heals old injuries and chronic pain.
• It harmonises your body and mind.
• It lowers stress levels.


  • 60 min ............................. 1.600 Kč / 64 EUR
  • 90 min ............................. 2.200 Kč / 88 EUR
  • 120 min ............................ 2.700 Kč / 108 EUR

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Therapeutic rehabilitation massage not only relaxes your whole body and mind, it also enhances the range of motion, heals old injuries and chronic pain. This makes it the perfect present for men and women.


Harmonise your body and mind.

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