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Aromatherapeutic bath - eucalyptus Aromatherapeutic bath - eucalyptus

Eucalyptus originates in Tasmania and Australian savannahs from where it spread further to other continents. It is known for its positive effect on migraine or breathing difficulties; moreover it supports energy flow in the body. The bath is suitable for anyone who requires more energy and stamina!


  • The bath consists of the Dead sea salts, eucalypt essential oil and luxury bath highest quality oils in a comfortable bath in a heart shape.
  • In a soft candle light with rose smells from an aromatic lamp.
  • Refreshment with fresh fruit and beverages.
  • Whole atmosphere is complex with a special selection of music.
  • Final relax on a futon.

Length: 50 minutes

Price: 1.000 CZK / 40 EUR

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Dead Sea salt bath added with aroma therapeutic effects of natural essential oils of the highest quality is the real relaxation prior to accepting tantra massage. A bath suits men, women and couples too!


Choose any of our eight aroma baths and get carried away into the dreamland.

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