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Indian head massage Indian head massage Indian head massage

Indian head massage follows traditional Ayurveda art and works with the parts of your body that contain most stress and tension accumulated through the day bringing a fast relaxation of nervous system. The massage gives you vitality, calms down a tired mind and brings new joy into life.

How it works:

Massage works with acupressure points and aims at relaxing mainly trapezius muscles of your head, shoulders and neck that are also important energy centres to unblock tension, anxiety and stress. There is no oil used only Ayurveda herbal ointment that is applied locally in the tightest places or with migraine states. Traditionally it is done in a sitting position in a comfortable chair and it can be done also on a futon on request. It can also include reflex massage of feet.


  • 30 min ................ 490 CZK / 20 EUR
  • 60 min ................ 890 CZK / 36 EUR

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Indian head massage offers a fast and effective relief from stress and exhaustion. The massage includes head, neck and shoulders and gets rid of tension in the areas helping the body to regain natural harmony and balance.


90 minutes massage includes also acupressure foot massage on request.

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