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Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi

Unique massage that originates on Hawaii. Combines exotic atmosphere, rhythmic music, scent of tropical islands with traditional massage technique using not only palms of both hands, but also forearms, to distribute weight of the masseuse for the best impact of massage. Using long smooth strokes, consistently covering your body , your masseuse or masseur will bring you to the state of deep physical and mental relaxation. Rhythmic massage awakens natural life energy, so you will leave our Centre rested, shining and enthusiastic.

As massage is:

The massage begins with contact of massage to release tension, which is carried out over a towel or sarong, followed by oil massage, starting with long deep strokes along the spine through the forearm, the spinal extensors leads to stretching and deep back muscles. Subsequently released, the arms, shoulders and neck. It is not forgotten either, the field hands, neck, shoulders, hips and a nice ass massage. Finally, experience ecstatic massage foot massage where the strokes with long forearms thoroughly promasírovány thigh and calf muscles and consequently feet.

Possible variations of our Hawaiian massage:

Hawaiian massage COCONUT DREAM

This type of massage uses nourishing effects and pleasant fragrance of 100% organic coconut oil. Close your eyes and it will drag you to distant tropical islands. With your eyes closed you may hear soft shuffle of waves and your thoughts will travel into the land of daydreaming. Beautiful coconut fragrance will perfume your skin for whole day.


The heady scent of jasmine flowers, roses, passion fruit and plumeria will cover your body and caress your senses. Luxury brand Pure Fiji oils nourish your skin, leaving it silky soft and fragrant.


  • 60 min .................. 1.600 CZK / 64 EUR
  • 90 min .................. 2.200 CZK / 88 EUR
  • 120 min ................ 2.700 CZK / 108 EUR

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Hawaii massage is an interesting and exotic gift for men and women. A massage nicely stretches whole body while essential oils and exotic music and pleasant environment give it a luxury atmosphere.


We offer a massage of various durations: 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

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