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Tantra massage will lead you deep into microcosmos of your feelings and pleasant relaxation within secure borders. Massage follows your needs led by your current feelings. You won’t be pushed but gradually encouraged to open up on your own, widen up your mind, to eventually energize yourself and relax. You’ll be guided through entire ritual to beautiful and unforgettable experience. For the massage you can choose either masseuse or masseur from our team.

Important part of the massage is Initial interview, where your masseuse or masseur will answer your questions, it's the proper time to define your wishes, mention your existing experience and discuss any other concerns. You will get detailed information about Tantra massage procedure. We provide you with extra 30 minutes for the interview each time, which can also be used to relax after the massage itself.

Sensuous ritual of honoring the body

This is an introductory full body massage, during which you’ll be pampered with hot towels massage, playful soft and tender fur and feathers massage, sensual oriental oil massage and hot lava stones massage. Included is energizing reflexology massage of the head or feet. You will leave relaxed and full of invigorating energy. This massage does not include intimate massage of Yoni.

  • 60 min.........2.000 CZK / 80 EUR
  • 90 min.........3.000 CZK / 120 EUR
  • 120 min........3.500 CZK / 140 EUR

Classical Tantra massage

After Initial interview, this massage begins with Mutual attunement ritual, during wich your masseur or masseuse will tune to you, without words, to give you physical feeling of confidence and certainty, that you can rely on him or her as on your guide. Your daily masks and social armor will be took off to prepare you for the receiving. After this ritual, you’ll be laid on the futon bed. You can expect relaxing massage with hot towels, through gentle touch of fur and feathers you'll feel awakening sensual energy, and full body massage with warm aromatic oil will nurture your body. Included is massage of Yoni and pelvis area, through which you’ll experience influx of new, rejuvenating energy, distributed all over your body. You can also extend your Classical Tantra Massage with New dimensions massage.

  • 90 mins ........ 3.000 CZK / 120 EUR (New Dimension: 500 CZK / 20 EUR and extra 15 minutes)

Tantra massage “DeLuxe”

Luxury Tantra massage offers plenty of time to really delve into the deep, transformational experience that helps to nourish and heal on both levels – physical and mental. Give in to the present moment and discover new possibilities of experiencing the excitement along with a feeling of connection of sexuality and spirituality. After Mutual attunement ritual, you can expect a relaxing body massage with hot towels to relax your muscles, pampering, tender massage with fur and feathers, followed by warm rose infused oil or sensual oriental oils, soothing massage with lava stones and last but not least - prolonged intimate massage of Yoni and pelvic area, which takes you into a state of deep bliss. For longer massage (3 hours or more), you can also optionally extend your DeLuxe massage with New dimensions massage or bath.

  • 2h ........ 4.350 CZK / 174 EUR
  • 2,5 h ..... 5.200 CZK / 208 EUR
  • 3h ........ 5.900 CZK / 236 EUR
  • 3,5 h ..... 6.500 CZK / 260 EUR
  • 4h ........ 7.500 CZK / 300 EUR
  • 5h ....... 9.500 CZK / 380 EUR

Luxurious Tantra massage “Pretty Woman”

Learn how to percieve yourself as a sex goddess through this mystical ritual. Experience feelings you've only dreamed of so far. We will pamper all your senses and celebrate you through series of rituals, based on feminine needs for fineness, smoothness and sensitivity to beauty and fragrance. Massage and gentle touches will bring you waves of your own sexual energy, which will make you completely relaxed and bring you feeling of being accepted, celebrated and revered. After the Ritual of mutual attunement with your masseuse/masseur, receiving woman will encounter a variety of touches and techniques, selected specifically for the female body. It includes elements of classical Tantra massage, gentle energy manipulation based on Taoist techniques. First comes a massage with hot towels to relax your muscles, then playful massage with soft and furry Tantric gloves and feathers and after that, nurturing body massage with warm scented almond oil, massage with rose petals, hot lava stones massage, reflexology massage of the head and face with high quality almond oil. To deepen the relaxation impact of Pretty Woman massage, special attention is given to area of buttocks and pelvic ligaments, which will naturally release your Kundalini energy. The highlight of this ritual is extended Yoni massage, to bring out wave of pure vital energy, which is then redirected to entire body. On demand, New Dimensions massage can extend Pretty Woman ritual (ask for it during introduction interview before massage, or during making a reservation). Whole ritual is accompanied with relax music, fresh flowers, fruit snack, green tea and full attention of your masseur or masseuse. So why not pamer yourself?!

  • 3 hodiny.........5.500 CZK / 220 EUR

Tantra massage “Birth of Venus”

We came into the world In amniotic fluid, 70% of the human body is made up of water. Venus, goddes of love and beauty was usually pictured stepping out of sea waters. Water - it calms us and leads human mind into state of deep relaxation and meditation. Tantra massage The Birth of Venus begins with rose bath, enhanced with rose oil, salt from the Dead Sea and rose petals, luxurious bath that will tune you in on the wave of natural feeling of innocence, which is inherent in us since we came into the world. While you relax in the bath, accompanied by sound of sea waves, your masseur or masseuse will wash you with washcloth, massage stiff neck muscles and reflex points on the head, making you feel relaxed and prepared for the next ritual. After the bath you will be laid on a futon and you will receive gentle, fragrant sugar scrub all over your body, which you will wash down again in rose bath. Seconds later, a relaxing full body massage, including foot, head, face and abdomen will follow. With the help of infused rose oil and hot sea shells, which will release the tense of muscles and open you to receive pleasure and joy. During this massage you will be cared with utmost loving tenderness. Massage Birth of Venus can also be extended with intimate massage of Yoni and pelvic floor.

  • 3 hodiny.........5.700 CZK / 228 EUR

Four-handed and multi-hand Tantra massage

Perfect harmony of touches of two or more masseurs will allow you to forget all everyday worries and fully indulge in the present moment. Not a spot of your body won't be left untouched and soon you'll find that you've lost track of the time and the only thing you realize is You, your body and the indescribable feelings bliss you are experiencing. Dive with us into this royal massage and draw new energy and joy!

  • Tantra massage Classic - 90 minutes: 2 masseurs 4.800 CZK / 192 EUR, 3 masseurs 7.500 CZK / 300 EUR
  • Tantra massage DeLuxe - 2hrs: 2 masseurs 7.500 CZK / 300 EUR, 3 masseurs 9.800 CZK / 392 EUR
  • Tantra massage DeLuxe - 2.5hrs: 8.800 CZK / 352 EUR, 3 masseurs 13.000 CZK / 520 EUR
  • Tantra massage DeLuxe - 3hrs: 2 masseurs 9.800 CZK / 392 EUR, 3 masseurs 14.500 CZK / 580 EUR

Ritual of Tantric Initiation

3hrs long mystical ritual which will consecrate you into mysteries of Tantra philosophy. After the initial interview and Ritual of mutual attunement, you'll experience beautiful ritual of Awakening the senses and opening the heart, which will take you far beyond nowadays hurried time, will deepen your self-confidence, sharpen your perception, open your heart and prepare you for deeper experience of Tantra massage that will follow. During 2hrs long massage “DeLuxe” you will enjoy different kind of touches - from slow and gentle to firm and dynamic, every little ritual of DeLuxe massage and an extended massage of Yoni and pelvic floor, during which our clients often experience deep orgasmic states of body and mind. This Ritual may be extended with New dimensions massage. Of course there is ongoing fruit snack and drinks service at your hand.

  • 3h.........5.900 CZK / 236 EUR

Initiation of Shakti

Come with us on a journey of energetic Tantra massage, which, with a small steps leads to You alone. You will learn to feel your body more and experience the excitement as meditative, sensual energy that fills you, and revives your inner core. We will also focus on tantric breathing techniques, and opening your heart. Masseur or masseuse will be your sensitive and perceptive guide.

  • 2h.........3.900 CZK / 156 EUR

For your massage, we recommend:

Tantra masseuse Eva
“Tantra allows me to meet people at a deep intensive level and accompany them on their way to their very natural core. I'll use all my skills to provide you with one amazing experience of body and mind connection, which Tantra enables.”

Tantra masseuse Liduska
“I love sincerity of Tantra massage for women. In Tantra massage women are looking for tenderness, sensuality, beauty and spirituality, they don't need to pretend anything. I like to watch when they leave shining with beauty, cheerful and relaxed. Their satisfaction makes me feel satisfied too.”

Tantra masseuse Diana
“Tantra is a divine blessing, which enters the temple of body so it shatters all the glass in the windows. Tantra is indescribable. Tantra must be experienced and lived through. Why women? They are beautiful, they glare, I like to touch them, look after them, wake their subtlety and passion. I like to learn about them, share experiences and ease their concerns through tantra massage.”

Tantra masseur Martin
“The woman was the first object of religion to a man, celebrated Goddess of different names and forms, with one common denominator - The WOMAN. Tantra massage lets you experience your divine nature, you'll feel like you've became the center of the Universe. Concerns of what was before or what will be after, we'll send along the river of oblivion. Far away..”

Tantra masseuse Tereza
“For me, Tantra massage is perfect blend of relaxation and intense being with yourself. Providing care and feeling of safety to women fills me with satisfaction. The biggest award is seeing them bloom and shine.”
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