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There is nothing more intimate than share your Tantra massage with your partner. It is suitable for those freshly in love as well as stable couples - either lovers, or marital partners. It is intended for all couples that want to discover each other, as well as themselves and experience something new together, something unforgettable and converging. Tantra massage will bring inspiration into your love life and new impulse, which will deepen your relationship and open the topic of intimacy and mutual sexual needs. Couples often describe that they started to feel more desirable and attractive for each other after Tantra massage and that their love life got a new spark. But Tantra offers much more. With repeated experience you will learn tantric breathing techniques and energy work to bring exciting new dimensions into your life - love meditation and deep acceptance of yourself and your partner. You will learn how to connect with your partner not only physically, but also how to connect each other's energy and how to support and grow your sexual potential. You will leave our centre with feeling of deep connection, full of energy, vitality and joy.

For couples we offer two basic variants of partner massage, which is also included Couples Sale. However, you can choose any combination of our massages for men and women. If you come for a massage in the morning, you can also use a 10% discount off any massage.

Massage can be proceeded in a same room or separately. Massage can be provided by 2 masseuses, a masseur and a masseuse, or two masseurs. You can choose from our massage team when you make your booking. Part of each massage is also initial interview with enough space for your questions, wishes and any concerns, and a time for relaxation after massage, for which we provide 30 minutes of extra time for each massage.

Classical Tantra massage for couples

Basic sensual tantric ritual for couples, which awakens sexual energy, opens hearts and helps to relax from the stress and tension. Brings fresh air into your relationship. Includes Mutual attunement ritual establishing feelings of trust and safety, then relaxing pressure massage without oil, using deep knowledge of energy centers and rhythm of breath from our masseurs side. This massage helps to keep the worries behind the door and let you fully dive into the present moment. After this preparation a massage with hot towels follows, then pampering with fur and feathers and thorough full body massage with warm aromatherapeutic oil. The climax is an intimate massage of Yoni and Lingam, with an emphasis on working with energy and deepening the excitement throughout the body. This massage can also be extended with Prostate and New Dimensions massage.

  • 90 mins ......... CZK 5500 / EUR 220 (extra Prostate massage / New Dimensions + CZK 1.000,- / EUR 40 pair and extra 15mins of massage)

Luxury tantra massage for couples

You will taste the best of our masseuses and masseurs art and you will enjoy a time dedicated only to you and your partner for the deepest experience possible. Discover new dimensions of sexual excitement and thaw yourself under thousands of sensual touches all over your body. After the Mutual attunement ritual which establish mutual trust and sense of security, you will receive massage of the head, feet and trapezoid muscles using pressure points, then massage with hot towels to release tense muscles will follow along with gentle pampering items like fur and feathers, oriental oil masage is extended with hot lava stones massage for maximal relaxation and as a pinnacle of your experience, there is prolonged intimate massage of Yoni and Lingam, which will shoot you into an indescribable state of bliss. This massage is also possible extend with Prostate and New Dimensions massage on demand. DeLuxe massage is one of the most popular tantra massages in our center!

  • 2h..........CZK 8000 / EUR 320
  • 2,5h.......CZK 9700 / EUR 390
  • 3h........CZK 10900 / EUR 435
  • 4h........CZK 13900 / EUR 600
  • 5h........CZK 17500 / EUR 760

Tantra Massage Prague introduce their masseuses:

Tantra masseuse Eva
“Tantra allows me to meet people at a deep intensive level and accompany them on their way to their very natural core. I'll use all my skills to provide you with one amazing experience of body and mind connection, which Tantra enables.”

Tantra masseuse Lijana
“For me personally, Tantra massage is a deep worship and celebration of the body, as well as unique ability to communicate on a deep, symbolic level, which may, in a single contact, open a huge range of emotions and deliver you a message that touches entire human being - your body, mind and soul.”

Tantra masseuse Liduška
“Tantra massage gives me the opportunity to enter an area where I am very close to another person and remain with him in silence, place where I can listen to his soul, to feel his needs, to lead, teach and with respect, discover new spaces.”

Tantra masseuse Diana
“Tantra is not only my lifestyle, deep relaxation, sensuous touches or sharing energy – it is something that teach us how to respect and love ourselves. Tantra massage mean so much to me for their ability to touch the human being from inside out.”
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