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School of tantra massage: Teaching experiences

"I took the course of tantra massage from curiosity; I wanted to meet new faces and desired to try out something mysterious and new. At the beginning I felt shame and apprehension but after a while in a friendly environment with nice people it was gone. At the course I learnt to intensely perceive my feelings and needs but of course of others. To celebrate and enjoy myself and use energy that I think is very important in such hectic current times. I totally enjoyed every moment; it was beautiful, mysterious, and sensitive and I think the experience will always stay with me. After the weekend I still feel full of energy and pure in mind wearing a smile on my face. Thank you all very much and I hope to meet at another course again."

Olga, 23 years (Jablonec nad Nisou)

Dear members of Tantra masáže Praha team,

I would like to thank Petra, our lecturer, for her patience, willingness and overall supervision of tantra massage course. For me it was an experience indescribable with words, an understanding of another part of life and sense of intimate moments. Really I cannot find words, but it was so beautiful and thanks very much!

Martin, 27 years (Brno)

Good day,

let me share my experience with tantra massage course. I liked it very much not only because during an exercise I totally removed a block from my lower back that was troubling me for months. Since Friday it does not hurt at all and I feel a lot of heat in the area. I wasn’t bored for a single moment during the course; it was dynamic with no blind spots combining movement and theory. As I expected I learnt something new about myself and I feel that similar knowledge is beneficial for me. Anička is in my opinion a great and entertaining lecturer and I was honoured to be one of her students. I look forward to applying the theory into praxis.

Markéta, 31 years (Prague)

Your experience with tantra massage

Dear Miss Jana, First of all I would like to thank you for unforgettable and hardly describable experience and the fact I managed to “switch off” with you after long three years. I admire the way you work with inner energy spreading it all over the body. It is quite incredible allowing the feelings during tantra massage get even stronger. During the massage I kept saying to myself I would never end as I have actually never experienced something so pleasant and relaxing. Three hours with you are simply not enough :-).


I had my very first experience with tantra massage with you and I just want to say it was wonderful, amazing and endlessly inspirational. Right on spot after the massage it was hard to formulate my ideas but it got easier with a few days distance. It was really an uplifting experience that will always remain with me deeply as a resource of much energy. It was something fresh and real, almost intoxicating! I even feared it could be addictive… so again, thanks much, Jana!


I would like to point out an abnormal quality of massaging work of Miss Jana, who devoted not only her hands to tantra massage but also her soul. My curiosity keeps nudging me to ask Jana – how often do clients fall in love with you? :-)


Please pass on my thanks to Jana and Kristyna for a wonderful tantra massage. I look forward to seeing you all again when I return to Prague. Kindest regards


Hey guys, I have visited your place twice so far and I have to say it´s a phenomenal experience. I had a masseuse therapist Jana. She had such good energy, she was talkative and easy going :).I was afraid it would be awkward but because of her attitude it was splendid. Her fingers are something else! Every time I will have a business trip in the Czech Republic I will definitely go there!


I heartily greet your wonderful company! Yesterday I went for your tantra massage and I would like to praise Miss Petra. She is a pleasant, interesting and unforgettably beautiful girl. It was a life shaking experience, sometimes even adrenalin-like. I finally met a tantra woman, very rare in our country same as diamonds and a goddess. She moved all my energies. I really needed that. I can recommend your tantra massages to all my friends!


Dear Tantra massage in Prague, I just want to tell you my feedback from the tantra massage that you recomend me. I had a wonderful time with Petra. She is a darling and an intelligent girl with magic hands,


Hi, I am a really shy person and I have a personal problem with people in general. That is the reason I went to your place. I heard that tantra massage could help you to be more open towards people and the world itself. I was so suprised by what happend. Masseuse Petra just opened the world for me completely. She is so beautiful and kind but at the same time strong and focused. I have been in your place four times now and I hope I will have enough time to visit your centrum regularly because no one has ever treat me like her.


Hello, I would like to thank you for the thing that happened last week at your centre. I´ve experienced something extraordinary. The massage gave me so much energy and good mood. I don´t think my soul and body have been ever so pleased. Thank you very much once again, especially Petra, who was my messause therapist, and please be still so perfect!


Let me thank you for yesterday´s amazing experience with Míša and Anička. I still haven’t “fully recovered”. I have tried tantra massage the first time in my life and I already know it was not the last time. At the beginning it was not easy to relax but the whole thing was still amazing especially due to a great attitude of your wonderful and fascinating masseuses. I could hardly find the right words except the English expression "heavenly". I already know the answer to "What would you do if the world ended tomorrow?" I´d go visit your tantra place. Thank you for professional and warm attitude.


Once again I would like to thank you for all the wonderful moments spent in your centre and mainly incredibly skilful hands of a masseuse Anička, who could take away all my worries and taught me to enjoy the experience for full. Prior to my first visit I hesitated for a long time to meet tantra and this kind of massage. Although I resourced many interesting and useful information from your website, still I entered your parlour quite tense. After entering the door the space full of peace and calm opened to me. With Anička a beautifully smiling, understanding and tender personality entered the room and all my worries were suddenly gone. During initial interview it was clear I am looking into the eyes of an intelligent man with rich experience of tantra teaching and enough enthusiasm to apply. The massage was a journey beyond this world; everything except myself and touching of the masseuse ceased to exist. Her skills provided unknown relaxation and lots of new energy all through my body. I was cradled and fully devoted to my feelings up to the moment when a cruel ending was announced, though with a return to reality. During the final interview I started to realise what I experienced and hardly could find the words to describe it. I have to appreciate a great patience and empathy of my masseuse who only took a few moments and after several sentences we spoke she understood my attitude and needs. I was so thrilled by the experience to repeat it again and I am always looking forward to more Anička´s care. Thank you for the moments purely enriching my life.


While I was thinking I realised Anna rhythmically, slowly and deeply breathing. It is another tantra technique and I caught on with her breath too. As she was taking care of me on all non-sexual parts of my body, putting hot towels on my thighs and warming my back with hot stones and I needn’t care of anything, even breathing became automatic as I just followed her, I stopped worrying about what I will write and began slowly levitating. To use the language of Buddhism – all duality was disappearing.

Coverage of Jiří X. Doležal published in the weekly magazine Reflex

Meanwhile Anička was changing her clothes. She took of her green aesthetic clothes but claret scarf tied up behind her neck. And then it began. She came close to me, hugged me tightly so I could feel her nice smelling breath. It was pleasant anyway. She approached my intimate zone and I became nervous and confused. Moreover there were photo flashes… I preferred to close my eyes. The masseuse used long moves with her hands all across my hands and legs breathing deeply and loudly and I started to sink inside myself and connect with her on energy level.

Coverage in Blesk pro ženy magazine

The massage was started by a ritual that happened in upright position and was supposed to take off all the masks my partner and I brought inside the parlour. During tantra massage just one level is important, that is meeting of a man and a woman and everything else must go away. When I opened my eyes after the procedure I felt like a different human being. I perceived tantra massage as purifying ritual, a new beginning I can build on. And that was not the ending! After the massage Lukáš and I took a bath in a shape of heart with lights of candles we were holding hands and let all the feelings fade out.

Glanc magazine April/2013

Dear Tantra massage, thank you for a very nice tantra massage today with Ondra and Anicka. It was as a wonderful tantric experience for both of us. We will certainly come back.

Anne & Rune

Dear Tantra masasage in Prague, Hereby I would like to tell my feelings about you services I took in May. I was very surprise by Anička who cared about me. Words cannot express what I got at your temple. I love open-minded girls so since we started with talking this was a full experience of joy, closeness and intimacy. When the massage started I went to the heaven. It was like a dream full of sweet touches and gentle press. At the end I felt full acceptance. She was holding my hands so tender and firmly! This nice woman got back smile to my face and bright to my head. Thank you for all of this and keep on!


Hello, I have been to tantra massages almost everywhere in Europe but just you guys showed me what tantra is about. Anna (masseuse), she is so energetic and powerful. Every single part of my body was awaken. The morning after it I felt like a different person. So relaxed and fresh.


Good day, I would like to thank Tomáš for today´s “tantra initiation”. It was my first experience with tantra massage and it exceeded all my expectations by far! Tomáš was an excellent choice. I will be looking forward to my future visits.


Dear Thomas. Your treatment was incredible, relaxing both my soul and body. I appreciate especially your human mind and philosophy regarding people and the connection you are creating between yourself and your customers. Never before have I experienced this kind of a total physical satisfaction, and I wonder if I have missed something in my life, I know I have. I can recommend Tomas´ treatment to any man who would like to experience a new dimension without any kind of limits. Tomas´ treatment is beautiful, sensitive and both mentally and physically total. I miss you and I really hope to meet you soon again in Prague.


Today I received a 2.5 hours massage from Tomaš. It was a wonderful experience, intense, relaxed, intimate and free. I came to like Tomaš' energy very much. He has an ability to listen and follow the energy I very much enjoyed. I give Tomaš my very best recommandations. Warm regards,


Last Saturday my husband and I had a pair tantra massage. We took our time writing you back but only now I feel the right moment to thank for such intense experience. After the massage I was quite confused and didn’t know what to think or say. On the second day right after I woke up I felt certain what we experienced then I would like to repeat again! I was so happy, relaxed and satisfied! I am not afraid to say it was one of the most wonderful experience of my life. We agreed to pay you another visit soon. Please give our thanks to Ondra nad Jana as well.


Dear Tantra massage, thank you for a very nice tantra massage today with Ondra and Anicka. It was as a wonderful tantric experience for both of us. We will certainly come back.

Anne & Rune

Dear Tereza, I would like to thank you for your courtesy and excellent service. I feel myself very lucky to meet with you and also to discover this cosy place in Prague.You can be sure that I will try my best to create an occasion to visit your place.


Dear Michelle and all Tantra massage in Prague, I already tried a lot of tantra massage all over the world, but czech tantra is very different from other countries. Tantra massage in your massage center was the best I have ever experienced! Beautiful masseuses, interiors... everything. Your place is pure tantra - new beautiful experience. Thanks to Jana and Míša.


Words can hardly express what I have experienced. It was my first tantra massage ever, I didn’t know what to expect. Yet all my worries were gone soon after I came to a lovely place lit many candles smelling of orange and incense. In the room was a pleasant mellow music. I was greeted by a cute masseuse Liduška. First we talked about my wishes and then I just gave in to her hands. After a while I felt like being in a new world. My whole body relaxed with her touching. She massaged my stiff muscles and I felt a lot of heat. Every cell in my body called out for more touching. I was like a ritual of beautiful sacred erotic; exciting and tender at the same time. It was a new untypical experience I can recommend to everyone to try out.


The term tantra massage has been popping out quite often in my neighbourhood so I simply decided to try it. I can tell you my tantra massage experience in your centre exceeded all my expectations. Miss Liduška was very nice and pleasant and the massage wonderful on its own. It had nothing to do with sex and touching the place on human body that are not usually massaged felt very natural. Probably because of the way the masseuse relaxed me; more deeply than any other massage I have ever experienced. I could go on with praising the masseuse for ever. I highly recommend everyone this kind of experience!


We would like to thank you for a wonderful Wednesday afternoon you prepared for us in your parlour along with Milan O. and his colleague Liduška. Following the first insecure worries from unknown we began to feel really great; relaxation and flowing of sexual energy took us to a new dimension of experience! Thank you and we look forward to another visit.

Karel and Jana

The beautiful masseuse Ester is the right woman for the job. I was so surprised with her gentle approach shortly after we met. Since the beginning, I respected her personality, professionalism as well as passion she has for her job. The love and care she felt for me is almost unbelievable and inexplicable. I was wondering already during the introduction ritual, “this can´t be true”! Somebody accepts me so beautifully and purely with all my pros and cons. I felt like being with my mum or a beautiful and loving sister who says “it is you, stay who you are”. All those perfectly and easily performed well-thought rituals brought me into another world. To the world full of mystery, mysticism and sanctity of the present moment. Ester knows many techniques, such as the one of directing your breath to wake up your Kundalini energy during the massage. All these brought me into a trans stage I exposed on the surface, of course. Honestly, I was so happy to enjoy these moments with such a beautiful Tantra priestess. I have visited many sacred places on the Earth but never felt such divine moments like I did with Ester. A three-hour-long massage Deluxe was something new and unexpected to me. Moreover, I appreciate so much another part of the massage: my Kundalini has been awaken and for example I have not eaten in two days and still don´t feel hungry at all. I attach this to a higher state of mind I reached thanks to Ester and her perfect touches. Thanks to her I woke up my “spinal snake”. Things do happen for a reason if one goes for it. My part was only the fact I entered this wonderful Tantric temple, the rest was Ester´s “fault”. I am a very rich man now, thanks to her. Thank you, Ester, for the endless peace you set in my mind. Thank you one more time, Ester. Hopefully, I shall soon be back in your warms arms. You are beautiful!


Dear Ester and Andrea, thanks again for this wonderful afternoon. Your massage was fantastic!


Hello Jane, I would like to thank you and pay a tribute for Saturday tantra massage. It was truly amazing. It gave me a lot of new energy and somehow more comfort and a smile during this gloomy winter. It was incredibly gentle caress for both, body and soul. I felt very calm and balanced after the massage. Your choice of essential oils was also amazing. When I smelled to my clothes next day, I was able to recall all the experience and I felt so good again! Thank you for wonderful experience!


Dear Jane, I consider it lucky, that I met you, and if one has a good luck, it is a sign that it on a right track. Thank you and see you soon.


Dear I am writing below a few words of appreciation of my experience in your magical salon two days ago. This was my first experience at Tantra Massage Prague. However it was not my first experience with tantra massage. I had the privilege of this wonderful massage in several places around the world like Germany, Ireland, England or Thailand. My tantra session was the Deluxe tantra massage two and a half hours long and it was with Andrea. Pictures in the website portray Andrea very beautifully indeed. But I also say that when I met Andrea in person, she is one of unparalleled beauty with grace and elegance, spirit and compassion, wonderful charm and allure. She has a magical touch and an enchanting and fragrant aura. Through her embraces and strokes I lost all sense of that which is around me and heavy burdens. I was floating in her arms. It is difficult to describe a picture of how I felt. It just was magnificent. The salon Tantra Massage Prague far surpasses any of the places I have visited before. The attention to detail in design, space, colors, furniture, and many other aspects is truly amazing. A gem between all salons. It may not appear so from the outside but inside started an unforgettable experience once the door are opened and the receptionist ushered me in with a welcome full of warmth and attentiveness. Some may think my writing above may be exaggerated. To that I answer that the Ink will dry before I can do justice to describe my tantra session with Andrea and Tantra Massage Prague. Thank you thank you Andrea. I will come back. With love and gratitude

W. A.

Dear Ester and Andrea, thanks again for this wonderful afternoon. Your massage was fantastic!


Dear Tereza, I just want to say THANK YOU for last tantra massage with you! You helped me a lot with my recovery after a long week. I enjoyed it indeed.


Dear Tereza, since I was in your beautiful tantra studio in Prague, I feel I have changed my attitude towards my life. I feel much more connected, present and playful and I want to thank you again for the gift you shared with me during my tantra massage. I'm considering to come back for tantra massage course. I hope that you will accept to share your knowledge with me. Until we meet, I wish you all the best in life! Namasté.


I would like to thank you very much for a perfect Tantric massage of my friend from Scotland. It was a wedding gift from me and another friend. My friend was very positively surprised as he did not know what to expect until the very last moment (it was a surprise). It was all wonderful – champagne, beautiful decorations as well as the professionalism of the masseur Milan. I am sure he will visit your place next time he comes to the Czech Republic. Thanks!


Hello, Jana! I would like to thank you for a wonderful Saturday night Tantra experience. Again, I am back in good mood and full of energy. It was simply perfect. Thanks for being here.


Dear Ester, Let me thank you one more time please for my first Tantra experience, which I enjoyed with and through You. Since you were so relaxed, I “let” my body and mind to relax totally as well enabling me to enjoy a moment of gratitude for my own existence and for the existence of the whole world as well. Your guidance was professional and still so intimate and nicely human. You brought me to the mindless state…and you gave me a big impulse to my life so I am happy to explore this mindless situation again. Simply put, thanks again, looking forward to the next time :).


Dear Michaela, Thank you for all your Time and compliments to this Nice Studio. Andrea was a Good therapist and is a wonderful Young Lady. Warmest regards


Good morning, I would like to thank you very much for nice moments in the presence of the priestess Diana. Sometimes, I still catch myself being with her in my memories … feeling her skilful hands on body and sensing her beautiful body over mine. Please give priestess Diana my warmest regards, I am already looking forward to another massage. Moreover, I would like to thank that person who recommended Diana to me, I would have never made a better choice.


Good evening, I would like to thank one more time to Martin for such a wonderful Saturday massage experience. I totally lost the sense of time and I enjoyed the massage very much. I feel so good. I still have to think of that experience, it was indescribably beautiful!


Dear Mrs, Last Thursday, I had a chance to get familiar with tantra massage thanks to a beautiful masseuse Ester at your Integrity Centre. I have been tempted with tantra for a long time so I had some expectations. However, the experience with Ester during the tantric initiation ritual was even more than I expected. It can be best described with these words: it was a groove! Thanks Ester! Since 2010 I am familiar with traditional Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, I do have certain experience with energies, meditations, yoga. Now, I know what my next steps should be! Thank you for doing what you do.


I would like to thank Miss Andrea for a very pleasant and professional tantra massage. I'll be back. Sincerely


Good morning, it´s going to be two weeks on Sunday since we have visited your place with my wife but definitely not for the last time! We have always enjoyed a couple massage together and my wife always preferred a masseuse. However, this time she decided to try a masseur. We had no idea what to expect, therefore we chose a massage in separate rooms. I was paired with Livia and my wife chose Jakub. Our experience goes beyond all superlative descriptions! I have enjoyed Tantric massage many times, alone or with my wife, but this time with Livia and Martin was really special, perfect! I would never believe something like this was even possible. My wife was also very excited. Thank you very much, we still feel very relaxed and we recall those Tantric feelings with Livia and Martin (our guides through Heaven) when having our intimate moments. We are both sure to come back to your studio and we are already looking forward to it. And me personally – I can´t resist those beautiful eyes!


Quality, good atmosphere, professional attitude, very friendly environment. I went for massage and also training later on. Both together with Martin, who was very empathic, gave a space, fantastic guidance and felt what he should and can do. Fantastic experience all over, the training together with Martin was an extra experience, full of philosophy, but also practical exercise. All tailor made for me. Very much worth coming over.


Dear Tantra Massages Prague, I decided to describe my feeling from your services. I have visited your studio in May and I was honestly surprised by Diana, who took care of me. There is no way to put in words what I have experienced in your Tantric Temple. I love open-mined women. Once we started to chat with each other, it was a lovely experience full of joy, closeness and intimacy. And fight after the beginning of the massage, I was sent to heaven. It was just like a dream, full of sweet touches and soft tension. At the end, I felt fully accepted. Diana held my hands so strongly and tenderly at the same time! This beautiful lady has returned a smile on my face and light into my head. Thank you for everything and keep going!


Dear Diana, I have experienced tantric massages all around Europe but it has been only you who opened my eyes and showed me the whole range of this art. You are a goddess full of energy and passion. All the parts of my body were awakened and full of energy. I felt like another human being the other day. Relaxed and fresh like I have not felt for a long time before. Thank you, dearest Diana.


Hi Andrea, thank you for the great tantra massage this morning, it was very nice and I have very good feelings!


Dearest Andrea, I can't describe to you how happy I was to see you again and get the opportunity to be pampered by your heavenly touch. I am so fortunate that I am able to come for another tantra session with you and certainly will not be the last. One thi