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All women want secretly desire to receive plenty of love, care and attention. She wants to be cherished and touched the way she would stop controlling herself and feel her female power and joy of energy, which is awaken and belongs only to her. Yet women often encounter partners who have little patience for such exploring of their bodies so women are often unaware of what their bodies can offer. Tantra massage takes you deep down to your real feelings and full body and mind relaxation. It will cherish your with tenderness and excitement you might have not encounter ever before. A part of tantra massage can also be intimate massage of joni and pelvis or you can enjoy it simply as a sensual ritual on its own. Any massage moves and touching is completely safe and non-invasive; your feelings and borders are the only limitations. You can choose between a woman and a man. All massage also include 30 minutes of time for talking with your masseur or masseuse and a final relaxation.

Recommended massage for women:

Sensuous ritual of honoring the body

This is an introductory full body massage, during which you enjoy hot towels, feathers, furs and essential oils. Longer versions include lava stones to relax your tight muscles. Also there is a relaxation head massage or reflexology foot massage, long connecting moves, bottom massage and energizing Tao practise. The massage does not include intimate joni massage, and it is suitable as a careful introduction of tantra massage or a gift. (Read more here)

Price: 2.000 CZK / 80 EUR / 60 min
3.000 CZK / 120 EUR / 90 min
3.500 CZK / 140 EUR / 120 min

Tantra massage „De luxe“

Luxury tantra massage, a length of which corresponds to women body needs and requirements and allows you to sink into a deep transformation experience that helps, nourishes and heals in many levels. Experience a relaxing full body massage with hot rose oil, celebratory massage with leaves of red roses, relaxation through pressure massage done with hot towels, spoiling with feathers, furs and hot lava stones; in the end you can also enjoy a prolonged intimate massage of joni, with a sensitive respect towards your feelings and situation. In the framework of the massage you can require also a new dimension massage. (Read more here)

Price: 4.350 CZK / 174 EUR / 2 hrs
5.200 CZK / 208 EUR / 2,5 hrs
5.900 CZK / 236 EUR / 3 hrs

Luxurious tantra massage Pretty Woman

Discover to enjoy yourself as a sexual goddess through a mythical ritual you have only dreamt about. Starting with a bath of red roses and relaxing anti stress massage of your head neck right in the bath; a ritual of awaking trust follows and then a sensual luxury tantra massage full of smells and beautiful touches through hot lava stones, smell towels, hot oils, furs, feathers or rose leaves ; finished by joni massage which gets you into the waves of your own sexual energy that can be transformed all through your body. The whole ritual includes music, smells, fresh flowers and fruit and beverages. Let yourself get spoilt! (Read more here)

5.500 CZK / 220 EUR / 3 hrs

Tantra massage The Birth of Venus

Water is our natural component; it calms us down, soothes and brings feelings of trust and safety. With the sound of sea waves you can relax in the Dead sea bath, rose oil and leaves with a head and neck massage and washing with a towel directly inside the bath if you wish. A purifying natural sugar peeling follows and another washing in the bath. Then there is a long and beautiful full body massage with hot towels, furs, feathers, hot mussels and exotic oils to relax muscles and relaxing and awakening of vital energy of the first and second chakra. Part of the massage is optionally intimate joni massage.

5.700 CZK / 228 EUR / 3 hrs

Four hand tantra massage

A perfect harmony and mutual interplay allows you to totally live the moment and succumb to tender touches and just yourself. Get lost in the plenty of beautiful touches and you’ll feel like paradise. Massage can be done by two women, two men or a combination of both sexes. It can be added to any massage on offer; some of them come with high discount.

Price example: 90 minutes with 2 therapists – 4.800 CZK / 192 EUR
2 hours with 2 therapists – 7.500 CZK / 300 EUR
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