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Modern times are ever more demanding on male population in respect of high performance, responsibility and maintaining so called male roles. Therefore today’s men often live in tension and general stress. Anyone needs a place to stop for a moment to regain life forces and remain on his own. In our tantra temple you soon discover feelings of tender care and relaxation with someone who can really listen to your needs and you needn’t care much, give back in return and focus totally on your self. Apart from relaxation itself tantra massage offers you a completely new look at enjoying excitement, which is very different to whatever we are familiar with in the Western culture. Due to tantra techniques and caring attention of a masseuse your excitement will raise and decline in waves and you will enjoy it not only within your pelvis but all around in through your body, as a fulfilling feeling when you forget all your worries. Let yourself get spoiled!

Recommended massage for men:

Classical tantra massage

Try a sensual relaxing full body massage that awakens life enhancing sexual energy. It includes also intimate massage of your lingam. Relax your body and mind. (Read more here)

Price: 3.000 CZK / 120 EUR / 90 min

Tantra massage “De luxe”

Luxury tantra massage, during which you can enjoy the best of our masseuse arts and most time just for yourself. A massage done with hot towels, oil full body massage with hot oriental oil, lava stones for your tight muscles, reflexology foot massage, relaxing head massage, tantra breathing techniques and enlarged intimate lingam massage, will all deepen your experience. Any massage can optionally include also prostate massage. (Read more here)

Price: 4.350 CZK / 174 EUR / 2 hrs
5.200 CZK / 208 EUR / 2,5 hrs
5.900 CZK / 236 EUR / 3 hrs

Four and more hands tantra massage

A perfect harmony and mutual interplay allows you to totally live the moment and succumb to tender touches and just yourself. Get lost in the plenty of beautiful touches and you’ll feel like paradise. It can be added to any massage on offer; some of them come with high discount (classical tantra massage and tantra massage “De luxe”). (Read more here)

Price from 4.800 CZK / 192 EUR for 90 minutes of massage with two masseuses.

Tantra massage of prostate

Prostate belongs to the most important endocrines of a male body; sometimes it is called male G-point. It is located inside the pelvis and its massage brings deep and intense feelings. Explore your thirteenth chamber !Prostate massage can be freely added to “De luxe” tantra massage or with an extra fee of 20 euro include into classical tantra massage. (Read more)

Classical tantra massage + 500 CZK / 20 EUR (massage is 15 minutes longer)
“De luxe” tantra massage FREE (on request – please let us know at ordering)
Are you interested in other Tantra massage for men? You find our full offer here.

Out tip!

Are you interested in trying a tantra massage with a prostate massage, but you are doubting what to expect? Read our article on Prostate massage, details and hidden taboos or Most frequently asked questions about prostate massage, where you find answers to the most intimate questions on the issue.

If you are interested in a tantra massage in general, read Frequent questions about tantra massage. If you want to know more about tantra terminology and the roots of tantra skills, here is an article Secret tantra – terminology.


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