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Tantra massage can be enjoyed with a partner, if you are freshly in love, lovers or husbands. Common tantra massage is a sensual, intimate experience supporting mutual trust, brings new impulses and inspiration and opens communication on issues of intimacy and mutual needs. It is an unforgettable, deep and bonding experience suitable for all couples aiming at enhancing their sexual energy and discovering each other.
You can choose a massage in single or separate rooms and meet up in the final relaxation or a bath. A massage can be done by two masseuses (women) or a masseur and a masseuse. You can also have a four and multiple hand option depending on your wishes and fantasy on how you wish to enjoy the wonderful ritual. A part of any tantra massage is also an interview during which you can share your wishes, fantasies or worries.

A recommended type of massage for pairs:

Classical tantra massage for couples

It is a sensual pair ritual opening hearts, awakening sexual energy and helping tension and stress. Masseur and masseuse use tantra techniques of working with energy letting it float through your body so you can get lost in a plenty of beautiful touches. It is an initial ritual awaking trust; massage using hot towels, furs and feathers; full body massage with hot oils and an intimate massage of joni and lingam respecting everyone’s feelings. After the massage you feel relaxed and full of energy! With the massage you can also order prostate massage and new dimensionmassage. (Read more here)

Price: 5.500 CZK / 220 EUR / 90min

Luxury tantra massage for couples

Enjoy the best skills of our masseuses and masseurs and discover new dimensions of enjoying excitement. All your senses will be spoilt in length and celebrated so that you forget all your worries and succumb to our touches. Following mutual trust and safety ritual there is a relaxing head, foot and trapeze muscle massage, using pressure points and calming breathing rhythms; then a hot towel massage with smelly natural herbal oils will warm you up and relax the last elements of tension so you will be able to fully enjoy soft caressing. Then your body will be massaged with warm oriental oils using energising effects of lava stones. The peak of the massage is intimate massage of joni and lingam producing a state of unimaginable bliss. De luxe tantra massage belongs to the most favourite tantra massage in our centre and it can include also prostate massage and a new dimension massage. (Read more here)

Discounted prices from: 8.000 CZK / 320 EUR / 120min

You can order any other tantra massage as a pair massage from our offer for men and for women. The only thing to correspond is the length of a massage!

Our tip!

Tantra massage for pairs can have many forms and variations as you can discover in the article Tantra massage for pairs, get inspired and enjoy the beautiful massage fully and exactly according to your needs.

Most of your questions are answered in the article Frequent questions about tantra massage. If you are interested in learning more on tantra philosophy that is the source of tantra massage or terminology, then read an article Secret tantra - terminology, which tells you for example what is kundaliní energy, what does tantra sexuality look like, who is Shiva Shakti or what are the principles of tantra massage!


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