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Tantra is not only my lifestyle, deep relaxation, sensuous touches or sharing energies – it is something that makes me feel complete. It is something that helps us find a way to human nature. It shows how to accept and love ourselves. Tantra is spiritual road, where we can meet each other in mutual respect. Tantra massages attract me with the chance, that I can deeply affect not only the surface of human body, but also human h ... More about me



I think of tantra massage as a never-ending way of exploring one's self as well as others. For me, it is a bottomless well of inspiration and life wisdom that cannot be simply learned but must be perceived only through experience. A benefit of tantra massage is that one can relax for a while and leave the everyday rush outside. It´s time to rest, relax and to get rid of all the masks you may be guarding yourself with in the ou ... More about me



Everyone can take whatever they need from Tantra philosophy. I went to it for help. Tantra will teach you how to breathe properly, how to live every moment to the full and it will help you find out that there is always something new to discover. I was led without pushing, without being persuaded by someone – Tantra has become a relief and regeneration for me. It is an adventure with the soul of another, it is therapeutic consc ... More about me



Tantra massage is not just massage for me. It is a joining of the spirit and body, a connection so often neglected nowadays. It is a path that should lead you to accepting yourself as a whole and to understanding your own uniqueness in this world. And only after we are able to accept ourselves can we experience the real feeling of calm and contentment that will shine around us and that people around us will sense very intensel ... More about me



Tantra massage allows me to experience the eternal joy of giving, so I can give and receive at the same time. During massage, I delve into the story each person brings with them. With great interest and curiosity, I discover all the layers and try to create such a space that everyone can develop their story in all its beauty and uniqueness. In the mysterious ritual, I will guide you to the fascinating world in which gentle ten ... More about me



Tantra is an unexpected treasure that I found while searching for myself. It is a place of the encounter between the body and soul, the visible and the invisible, the well-known and the mysterious, simplicity and complexity. Tantra is a gust of wind that blows away all the unnecessary and redundant to make room for experiencing the very essence of being, that which is present in every divine being, but which is often inaccessi ... More about me



Tantra has opened up the map of my inner cosmos, it has relaxed my body and soul from the shackles of my mind and it has given structure to my spirituality. It is a path of self-knowledge, feelings and integration of my whole being for me. I see Tantra massage as a ritual of life and sensuality and an initiation into the depths of ecstatic experience. It is a fated encounter with oneself, a return to one’s own core. It is an u ... More about me



Tantra massage joins everything I love. It’s caring, exciting, discovering and spiritual. It combines my love for the body and movement. For a long time I was looking for something where I could join the body with the spiritual and where I could help people through an intense experience of finding oneself. It is a world of beauty, tenderness, care and deep relaxation. We always meet in a unique moment that pushes the boundary ... More about me



Everything is connected. Body and soul and every event have many links. Even a seemingly unimportant step can change your whole life. The same way a sensual massage can change your inner feeling, your approach to life and to yourself. Open up to new opportunities, allow yourself to see the unseen, to hear the unheard, and feel the unperceived. If we follow our inner lead we’ll find true joy and calm. You just need to surrender ... More about me



There are eight billion people and for me that’s eight billion universes. The most fascinating thing is that we are all interconnected. We are perfect in our imperfection, vulnerable in our emotional existence and wild like a stormy ocean. I see life as a path of self-discovery and coexistence in unity and harmony with all the inhabitants of our beautiful planet. I feel profound humbleness, gratefulness and respect to everyone ... More about me



More about me

Our tantra massages

Sensuous ritual of honoring the body

Sen­sual and re­lax­ing body mas­sage, suit­able as a gen­tle entry into the world of tantra mas­sage, or as a gift.

Sensuous ritual of honoring the body

Classical Tantra massage

This is a sen­sual re­lax­ing full body mas­sage, dur­ing which you ex­pe­ri­ence a flow of life en­ergy and pleas­antly relax both your mind and body.

Classical Tantra massage

Tantra massage Deluxe

Lux­ury tantra mas­sage, dur­ing which you ex­pe­ri­ence the best of our masseuse skills and enjoy enough time just for your­self.

Tantra massage Deluxe

Luxurious massage Pretty Woman

Sen­sual pro­longed tantra mas­sages are ap­pre­ci­ated es­pe­cially by women who are cel­e­brated through many rit­u­als and spe­cially se­lected tech­niques.

Luxurious massage Pretty Woman

Tantra massage The Birth of Venus

Venus, god­des of love and beauty was usu­ally pic­tured step­ping out of sea wa­ters. Water - it calms us and leads us to deep re­lax­ation.

Tantra massage The Birth of Venus

Tantra massage for couples

Tantra mas­sage can be shared with your part­ner. Your sex­ual en­ergy and mu­tual trust can be strongly en­hanced dur­ing the pro­ce­dure.

Tantra massage for couples

Four-handed tantra massage

Ex­pe­ri­ence per­fect har­mony of tantra mas­sage and lose your­self in tide-wave of won­der­ful touches all over your the body.

Four-handed tantra massage

Massage of the prostate

This unique heal­ing mas­sage will help you to dis­cover new lev­els of in­ti­macy and en­ergy re­fill through the first Chakra.

Massage of the prostate

New dimensions (for women)

This heal­ing mas­sage gen­tly re­laxes pelvic area and brings a deep and sat­is­fy­ing feel­ing through stim­u­la­tion of the first Chakra.

New dimensions (for women)

Tantra massage for gays

Tantra mas­sage fol­lows your en­ergy and feel­ings; you can enjoy it as a soft and sen­sual rit­ual of a mas­sage with a firm manly touch.

Tantra massage for gays

Tantra massage for youths

Ex­pe­ri­ence re­lax­ing, ex­cit­ing and dis­cov­ery touches that will open a door to your own body in­ti­macy and awaken your fan­tasy and joy of ex­per­i­ment­ing.

Tantra massage for youths

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