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Tantra masseuse Victoria

Victoria is a beautiful young woman deeply interested in growth of a human body. She has been working as a professional masseuse for several years, but after some time the classical massages started to feel shallow and deficient. In our centre she learned the art of tantra massage, which allows her to meet with the clients in different way and get to know them more deeply.


Ballet, yoga or acrobatics are my relaxing hobbies. I like literature fictional as well as professional. Travelling, around the secret corners of the world, brings me inspiration.

Why the tantra massage?

When I was making the classical massages I had the feeling, that clients are changing quickly one after another, but I was not actually meeting them as person. I wanted to know more about the people that I am meeting. I enjoy the massage much more if I have the opportunity to talk over a cup of tea with a client, that I can create deeper relationship with. The quality of my work reflects from how much we are connected to each other.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I like the most the part of the massage, where hot aromatic oil is used. This is why I prefer longer massages De Luxe, where I have enough time, to work with whole body, relax your nervous system and emphasize health benefits of the massage. My speciality is tantra massage for women, where I can use my valuable cosmetic education while making massage of face, neck and cleavage helping to women, to not only leave only relaxed, but more beautiful, satisfied and happy with themselves.


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