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Tantra masseuse Tereza

Tereza is beautiful curious young woman who likes sports and is full of tenderness and endless inner power. Her intelligence will certainly charm you and you will be moved by her sense of humor. It is so pleasurable to be in her company. Moreover, as she practices physiotherapy, her experienced massage stokes and deep knowledge of anatomy will make your moments unforgettable. With Tereza, tantra massage is a means of getting to your inner self and a well-deserved relaxation full of tender touches.


I love freedom in general and especially freedom of movement. I adore nature and enjoy spending time with interesting and inspiring people who challenge me to be of some inspiration for them, too. It is so beautiful to be inspired by someone and to be an inspiration at the same time! I fancy listening to music, playing music and singing. Finally, I like to practice sports.

Why the tantra massage?

For me, Tantra represents a creative and inspiring way to my inner self as well as to the selves of others. I enjoy being part of the moment, full of strong mutual energy in which we can both get lost without having any thoughts, no obligations… where we can simply be ourselves. I like meeting other people at moments when they feel natural and thus, beautiful, charming and full of élan. I am happy to help you explore the exciting magic of touch as well as the intimacy of your own body. I am here to accompany you through the adventure of full commitment while becoming one with yourself.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Tantra massage offers a broad variety of possibilities to pamper and fondle each single part of your body, to experience connection, intimacy and deep mutual understanding. I really like the long Deluxe Tantra Massages as they provide enough time and space to work on the relaxation of both body and mind with energy excitation leading to a deep inner ecstasy. Also, I like to work with women and couples. Thus, I enjoy practicing the Pretty Woman Tantra Massage because there is plenty of time to spoil and pamper each woman using various soft and sensual touches in order to awaken her unique sexual energy. Moreover, Tantra Massages for Couples offer the time and space to deepen mutual trust and to work on intimacy issues.

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