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Tantra masseuse Tatiana

Tania gives an impression of an exotic dancer. Her smooth moves and cultivated image will fascinate you. All this charming young woman does, she invests a lot of herself and her own feelings into; a massage is a real enjoyment that will carry you away.


I love movement and when I hear music I just have to start dancing. While dancing I enjoy moments of complete freedom and orgasmic states of joy. Music, dance and colors are of the main importance in my life. I feel like a visual artist and lately I fell for the world of acting and theatre spontaneity, creativity and present moment of “here and now” are never stop inspiring me. Apart from that I like traveling and learning about new cultures and customs; I am a social and emotional woman who can listen and give advice at the same time.

Why the tantra massage?

Life is like a path full of unexpected opportunities, crossroads and surprises. Tantra is a direction we can follow together. It is a path of learning about yourself and a path towards others. We can take it together and I will be glad to become your guide on your way to self-awareness and the base of happy and completely aware being in this world and the world inside us.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I enjoy sinking into the flowing. A tantra massage is a common meditation in movement during which we enjoy moments of joy and silent connection. I like enough space and time so I prefer De luxe tantra massage.

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