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Tantra masseuse Svetlana

Svetlana looks like a frail and etheric fairy with kind soul and gentle demeanour. But inside she is strong young woman with deep respect to spirituality and wild feminine nature. She is elegant, polite and none the less wild and passionate. In her massage you will find tenderness and strength which she unites with experience. She is a true priestess of Tantric temple.


I love seeing bodies and souls dancing as well as art and pure being in motion. Tantric yoga is inseparably part of tantric ritual. It helps me to develop awakened energy after the massage and close a tantric meeting with this. I believe Tantric yoga leads us to our „highest I“. It expands our senses and allows us to stay with love, from which we are all created. I love coupling with nature. When I travel I pay attention to other people and I don´t even have to understand their language. I´m aware of their energy, moves and voices. It teaches me to attentively listen to what is behind words so I can be closer to them on deeper level.

Why the tantra massage?

I am always surprised how lovingly I can touch a person whom I have never met in real life. Within hours I get to know him better, because his body tells more than words. I see Shiva – the universal male aspect - in him. Shakti is on the other hand universal divine energy or a female aspect. I honor divine constituent in the person I give massage to. and step by step we together move closer to what really we are.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I like long tantric massages through which I can closer relationship with other person and stroke his body and soul. Tantra massage „DeLuxe“ allows us to fill the space with respect, devotion and beautiful experiences. Along with my partner Marek I´d love to guide you through Tantra massage ritual for couples. We can enrich you with knowledge and experiences from the life of a devoted tantra enthusiasts. Worth of trying is also Four-handed Tantra massage for women in which I and Marek offer both: the male and female aspect. It will certainly brace up your experience of male and female polarity each of us has.


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