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Tantra masseuse Simona

Womanhood in its crystalline form, this is how this woman can be seen. She is a wonderfully balanced mix of passion, tenderness, wisdom, spontaneity, lightness and depth. If you want a profound path full of enjoyment, Simona is the right guide for you. She will make you laugh, she will listen to you, thanks to her you might find something inside you that you’ve thought was completely lost. It is up to you how much you allow her to enter.


The sound of bongo drums, a view of the countryside, the smell of the forest after rain, a firm hug and Italian cuisine. Spanish rhythms, which awaken her heart, and yoga, which calms her mind. Going down a river on a kayak, because the stream reminds her that you don’t need to push a river, it flows by itself.

Why the tantra massage?

Touches in our everyday lives seem to lack warmth, they are often mechanical, unconscious, routine and automatic. Human touch becomes warm when it’s conscious, when we are fully present and true. Tantra massage enables me to bring this kind of touch back into life. I see Tantra massage as a path to discovering our body in a way that we don’t get to experience very often in everyday life – consciously, in the present, with respect and patience. It is a way to experience one’s body in its complexity and sensuality, with an opportunity to put away all the judgments we are so used to. Tantra massage is also a space where the provider and recipient can meet in mutual respect and celebrate sexual energy in its natural, vital form without the pornographic attributes of Western culture. I like the fact that we can be surprised by what comes our way. Even if nothing comes... maybe we just didn’t notice the calm that’s come our way.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I like Tantra massage that provides space and time necessary to create trust, submission and deep immersion into the feelings. One of my favourites is Tantra Massage Deluxe both in the classic form as well as four-hand. I also like to work with couples in the ritual of Tantra Massage for Couples that enhances the couple’s relationship and opens a new way for their mutual closeness.



Dear Simona, I was a little speechless yesterday after the massage: the first time, the first experience.... well, it took a while until the first impression could sink. I wanted to say thank you again. The massage was terrific, an A to Z of new insights: it was closeness, sensuality, poetry, magic, confidence, surprise, pleasure, happiness, devotion, and feeling. You are a remarkable young woman with a great charisma and soothing effect. It was indeed an unforgettable togetherness for me. Thank you and stay true to your philosophy. I'm looking forward to a re-feeling - someday.
Tantra massage session with Miss Simona was beyond expectation. Thanks for wonderful experience.
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