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Tantra masseuse Alice

Alice is a courageous, open and direct woman who knows how to listen, understand and accept all you would like to confess to her. She is full of energy and natural femininity. She shines with empathy, sensitivity and security. Her power lies in her open fragility. During the massage, she may connect you with a deep inner peace, take care of you softly or she might expose you to the hot flames of passion.


I like writing and reading. I ride my bike in summer and snowboard in winter. I sing while driving and paint and bake at home. I am learning archery and cleaving the pin. I enjoy being connected to higher levels and trying to be open to the world: there is a plenty of beauty and sensual pleasure all around us. I totally love to meditate when moving and doing everyday tasks and I enjoy the conscious catch of the moment. And I love my tom - cats. However, people are my main passion.

Why the tantra massage?

I feel Tantra teaches us how to breathe, to feel beauty and to live fully. And also to believe in the wisdom of the body, which knows how to heal the soul through the breath and movement. All you need to do is to trust it and accept it with all it stands for. I respect freedom of feeling, movement while also respecting personal borders. I accompany and offer but I do not force. I believe that when we leave our expectations, stereotypes and concepts behind, we encounter a whole new space open for miracles to happen. And really, the way of self-exploration is one of the most beautiful adventures we can undergo. I am looking forward to meeting you and to the small parts of a life-journey we will share. Here and now, in the beautiful Temple of sacred Tantra.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

During all energy massages, time just passes by and one hour may feel like ten minutes. Coming back to Earth may feel faster than you actually wish. Therefore, I prefer the Deluxe Tantra massage which is at least three-hours long. I love the Couples Deluxe massage because of its interesting combination of topics, energies and sharing. Pretty Woman Tantra massage is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of female power that is sometimes forgotten even by us, women.

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