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Tantra masseuse Šárka

Šárka is a sensitive and open woman with a big heart and a deep understanding for others as well as herself. Thanks to her openness, intelligence and gentle sense of humor, you will soon feel natural and safe in her presence. Her massage is dynamic, sensual and gentle at the same time. Surrender yourself to her caring touch and enjoy the magic of a tantra massage like none you have experienced before.


Long walks in the forest, climbing mountains, sitting on the beach, swimming in the water. Listening to the wind blowing in the trees, watching the rain falling down the roofs. Feeling the moonlight in the night, having peace dwelling in her mind.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra massage enables me to have a peaceful moment for a while. It´s the moment when we leave our burdened mind outside the door and fully enjoy the special moment together. Invisible, though very present, energies flow by during the massage opening a brand new dimension of experience. As a result, our being itself changes. During a tantra massage, I am allowed to be the one who helps loosen the reins of everyday life and opens the way to deeper, more sensual experiences. I can feel this is the right place for me and I am sure you will experience the same during the massage.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

My favorite massages are long and sensual, like the Deluxe Tantra Massage, because there is plenty of time to enjoy moments of tantra meditation together. During these massages, I can pamper your whole body and let your awakened sexual energy rise and fall in waves, driving you far beyond the borders of your previous experience.

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Dear Tantra massage Prague,

I was on travel and had 2 days in Prague. I was looking for an authentic and genuine Tantric experience. I came across Tantra massage Prague and decided to try it. My experience with Sarka was amazing. It was amazing for a number of reasons but most importantly because it was genuine and authentic in the practice of Tantra. From the moment you look into her eyes you can almost sense the ability she has to connect with you. She is a beautiful woman inside and outside as well. The facility and rooms are extremely clean and wonderfully decorated. Whether you have a session with her simply to experience a Tantra massage or you are truly looking to understand and experience how authentic transfer of energy can be channeled from one person to another, Sarka is an amazing choice and a perfect masseuse. I highly recommend Tantra massage Prague and look forward to another visit when my travels bring me there again.Thanks,
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