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Tantra masseuse Rijana

Rijana is a sensual woman with an animate look full of kind smiles. Her presence means mystery and awakens expectations of the things to come. Her pulse is the pulse of the Earth and tantra massage with her will get deep under your skin.


I like the sun and the rain, summer and winter. I like opposites and the opportunity to enjoy as many experiences as possible, from meditation to travelling and trips to nature. With each new trip I feel excited all over, I feel alive, I feel like a free being made for love. In my free time I paint portraits, landscapes as well as symbols that stem from my inner feelings and experiences. For this reason I prefer impressionism, expressionism and symbolism. I like symbolics because it can’t be interpreted in a simple way and it can carry more than words, it goes deep. I consider myself to be a person who likes to discover and show enthusiasm and gratitude for everything newly learned. I love the Earth, people, animals, plants and stones. I’m fascinated by the beauty of the Czech landscape with which I feel deeply connected.

Why the tantra massage?

In tantra massage I find a way to be closer to other people, without barriers and what can or can’t be done. I can look into another person’s eyes without shyness and see our divine nature in them, because as the mystics say “I am you and you are me”. Leading others along this path is a great gift and a blessing in which I find deep satisfaction. Thanks to providence that I got to this beautiful tantra temple where I am the priestess and also a guide for everyone looking for a way or just love and acceptance. For me tantra massage is a ritual honouring the body and soul. It makes sexual energy, our life power, flow with ease. During tantra massage I try to work with this power consciously and I will help you cultivate it through breathing and spreading it around your body. This ecstatic power leads us to ourselves and enables us to express our true self. It is incredibly healing and powerful.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I like all massage types where there is time and space for establishing a deeper connection with one another because the journey towards oneself can’t be hastened. I find this depth and relaxation in Tantra Massage Deluxe. I also like Massage for Couples or Four-Hands Tantra Massage. My work with women is very specific. It has deep curative character. I prefer 2 to 3 hour long massage treatments such as the Sensual Ritual Honouring the Body or Pretty Woman Luxury Tantra Massage.


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