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Tantra masseuse Petra

Petra is beautiful deep-set eyed young woman full of mysteries and promises. One moment she might enhance you with tenderness and sparkling humor, the other day you´ll completely fall off guard by this self-confident Femme Fatale. She will guide you into the garden of lust, all the way towards its hidden corners. What will always captivate your imagination is her sheer tantric approach. Her massage skills will sweep you off your feet.


There is nothing more captivating than human´s inner world and its impact on surrounding environment. That´s why I am so excited about art in all its forms: music, literature, painting, art of physique or religiously motivated art. I am always deeply touched by close encounters with other individual. Each one of us represents a specific story which we carry inside. Let it release and let it plait together with stories of others. For the same reason I get very touched by a beauty of nature. I see it as an act of God´s inner world and breathtaking invitation to connect my own story through His.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra candidly honors one´s body, that is how I see it. Especially today when all of us try to make up our bodies as much as possible. We wish they expose the very best of ourselves. Rarely we realize how much pressure we apply in order to satisfy our demands. Nevertheless we tend not to be happy, almost never. The Tantric ritual is different – it allows a body to become authentically itself, untethered and it applies on the sexual dimension as well. The body breathes freely. Perhaps thanks to the ritual it can say things that were left ananswered for a long time.
I love all types of massages, but Tantra stands out. It represents an amazing opportunity to communicate. The communication is held on very deep and symbolic level. A brief moment or a single touch can present a whole palette of feelings. It´s an errand, affecting the human as a whole, its body, mind and soul. In every person I see a unique human being, a reflexion, a shadow of strength which creates and is the essence of everything around us. Thanks to the tantric touches I try to pass on the idea of originality to others; everyone is beautiful, valuable and loveworthy.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I truly enjoy Tantra De Luxe massage. It allows me to know each other, to play and discover. During a luxurious tantric massage for women (called „Pretty Woman“) I like the possiblity to embark a beauty of a female body and convey my own joy back to her. Partner Tantra massage is also on my favourite list. It has very unusual dynamics and it definitely represents a challenge for all of those present.




I would like to thank you for the thing that happened last week at your centre. I´ve experienced something extraordinary. The massage gave me so much energy and good mood. I don´t think my soul and body have been ever so pleased. Thank you very much once again, especially Petra, who was my messause therapist, and please be still so perfect!

I am a really shy person and I have a personal problem with people in general. That is the reason I went to your place. I heard that tantra massage could help you to be more open towards people and the world itself. I was so suprised by what happend. Masseuse Petra just opened the world for me completely. She is so beautiful and kind but at the same time strong and focused. I have been in your place four times now and I hope I will have enough time to visit your centrum regularly because no one has ever treat me like her.
Dear Tantra massage in Prague,

I just want to tell you my feedback from the tantra massage that you recomend me. I had a wonderful time with Petra. She is a darling and an intelligent girl with magic hands,
I heartily greet your wonderful company! Yesterday I went for your tantra massage and I would like to praise Miss Petra. She is a pleasant, interesting and unforgettably beautiful girl. It was a life shaking experience, sometimes even adrenalin-like. I finally met a tantra woman, very rare in our country same as diamonds and a goddess. She moved all my energies. I really needed that. I can recommend your tantra massages to all my friends!
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