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Tantra masseuse Pavla

At first sight Pavla might seem as shaman from some faraway lands. She has a very beautiful figure and pleasant voice. You will be captivated by her wild energy that cannot be bind. Tantra massage from Pavla is a real adventure. She can work with energies and she might awaken things you never even dreamed of.


Pavla likes to destroy prejudices and boundaries of the society. She loves challenges, dance and Greek yogurt with almonds. She is always looking for a way through the clouds. She always listens the troubles or happiness of others.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra shows me the way of love, honour for myself and to world around us. It is an important stop on our way through life, where we can listen to our needs, like proximity, touches or encouragement. Tantra helps us realize our uniqueness and attractiveness, the hidden perfection in our deficiencies. During the massage we can experience the essence of life itself.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Pavla likes to guide and teach. She has a deep connection to rituals. Her most favourite massages are “Tantra massage as a ritual of tantric initiation” or tantra massage “De Luxe”. She will also guide you through the pleasant experience of “Tantra massage Classic”. Pavla likes to work with women, so you will enjoy “Tantric massage for women” with her as well.

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