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Tantra masseuse Nora

She will charm you the moment you meet her. A magical nymph who doesn’t seem to belong to these times. A free and clean spirit who will fill you with optimism and good mood. Come and set out with her to a fairytale land where her hands can do magic, where you can be the king or the knight, but first and foremost yourself. Her touch goes deep under your skin and bares your soul. It awakens your body, it plays and discovers. If you want to turn your life upside down, experience your life in one second and every second as an infinite moment, you have found the right guide.


I love to discover new universes, I love the starry skies and their secrets. The colours of the rainbow that cuts across the horizon and fascinates my senses. I like to listen to the song of the spirits of trees when the wind is playing with their tops and I let myself get washed over with the power of strong winds when I go hiking on rocks. I love the freedom with which I fly in the clouds and the darkness through which I swim and in whose depths I find my own self. I love the beauty of diversity and a touch that warms the heart.

Why the tantra massage?

I love the energy of rituals and the love and humility with which they are carried out, as well as their power. Tantra is a fascinating universe which gave my life another dimension. It gives me the chance to discover myself amidst all this. It is the power of the present moment that gives me freedom. The path of all acceptance. I see it as an unbridled creative power which pervades all aspects of being. This energy dances with joy when it’s being discovered and appraised.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

My favourite Tantra massage is that which provides enough room to let yourself get carried away. To enjoy every touch through the cells in your body without hurry. Such a massage session can last hours. My favourites thus include Tantra Massage Deluxe or Tantra Massage with Priestesses. I also enjoy the Ritual of Tantric Initiation which provides enough space to discover the magic of all our senses and the mysterious Tantra Massage in the Dark.



Fantastic masseuse, caring, empathetic, beautiful and skilled. Highly recommend.
Rik, United Kingdom
Thank you so much, we had a wonderful time. Eva and Nora have been a perfect match. These are two very beautiful young skilled Ladies. If we come back next time we will have no questions to ask we only will make a booking. Please let the Ladies know we will be thinking about it for a long time and hope to see them next time. Thanks again. Now we know why you recommend 3 hours. I think we could spend and enjoy the massage for another 1 or 2 hours. 2 hours are really not enough. Next time will be at least 3 hours. Thanks for everything.
Werner and Yung
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