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Tantra masseuse Michaela U.

Míša is a woman full of sensuality, tenderness and gentle feminine beauty who will charm you with her youthful smile as well as deep eyes. Her touch unites passion, emotions as well as high massage art that will transport you deep into yourself and to the mystical secrets of Tantra.


I find greatest relaxation and joy in wandering through nature in the company of the wind, the scent of flowers and my dogs. My second great passion is travelling to hot countries where I like to meet new people, their culture, cuisine and natural sites.

Why the tantra massage?

For me tantra is a natural path towards the harmony of body and soul. During the tantra massage ritual they are perfectly united and what follows is a feeling of rebirth that lasts for a long time after the massage is over. On a deeper level tantra helps you understand and listen to your own body and thus find a way to yourself. In short, tantra will open your eyes, change the way you think, sense and feel and open the doors to new and unexpected experiences. On the physical level, tantra massage helps remove pain, not only physical pain, but it also heals scars on the soul. With each massage you delve deeper and deeper into yourself and you gradually learn to expand your boundaries. The next day you feel more vital, happier and more motivated. Each massage session is a new, adventurous journey full of surprises on which I will be happy to guide you. There’s nothing to worry about, nothing to lose, only to gain.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

One of my favourite massage types is the Deluxe Tantra Massage where you set out on a journey outside your normal world, you relax and open up more, so the experience is much stronger. I also like Tantra Massage for Couples during which the sexual energy of the couple is multiplied and their mutual relationship is strengthened.

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Today I was lucky enough to experience tantra massage Deluxe two hours from the goddess named Míša. Míša is very tender and her massage is very sensual. She made me feel energized in my entire body, from fingers to toes. It has been totally relaxing. Thank you, Míša, you're a really wonderful person! It has been my first time at this studio, but I will certainly come back.
Michal, 42, Germany
Three days have passed now since my tantra Deluxe treatment with Michaela U. I can still fell her gentle touch, I can still see her affectionate look into my eyes and I am still deeply relaxed since this wonderful experience. What she gave to me, was more than just a good tantra massage. She created a pure atmosphere of love and care, which allowed me to let go myself completely and for which I want to thank her deeply.
Bernhard, 35
I could not recommend Michaela more. I'm an oldster and figure I have had about 200 massages, but she gave me the best massage of my life. She is highly competent young woman – the best. She is a Czech national treasure – pretty, smart, and great at what she does. Respect her, and enjoy!
Michael, 65, United States
I couldn´t enjoy my jubilee tenth visit to your center more! Thanks to my masseuses Katka and Michelle, who are not only great and skillful masseuses, but also wonderful women. They started my session with pleasant and interesting conversation, which created relaxed atmosphere and made me feel good and welcomed. During the massage, I experienced not only great relaxation, but I also felt a powerful flow of energy throughout my body. It has been few days, but I still feel strength and energy I gained from my massage. I'm looking forward to my next massage with both masseuses who really have the talent to make people happy. At least I feel so!! I can´t imagine my life without tantra anymore.
Dear Tantra massage Prague, I want to give a short feedback about my experiences at your studio. I went through the tantra massage training with Jana first. Jana, Eva and Barbara, were just lovely people who made the learning experience wonderful! After the course, I also wanted to have the experience of receiving. I was totally blown away by tantra massage Deluxe with Ema a Michaela. Great masseuses who gave me an amazing experience with tantra from the other side! Thank you for your kindness and hopefully I’ll see you again.

Best regards
I’d like to thank Misa and Sabina for an unforgettable experience with four-hand tantra massage. Like a typical guy I can’t describe all the emotions that this meeting stirred up in me, but it was wonderful. Misa, Sabina, once again thank you for the lovely moments! I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Dear Michelle and all Tantra massage in Prague, I already tried a lot of tantra massage all over the world, but Czech tantra is very different from other countries. Tantra massage in your massage canter was the best I have ever experienced! Beautiful masseuses, interiors... everything. Your place is pure tantra - new beautiful experience. Thanks to Jana and Míša.
I was so pleased with Michaela's deluxe massage today. I have never experienced anything like this before, it was a real discovery! I will certainly recommend your canter to everyone, excellent service along with neat clean rooms, well decorated. It was perfect! And a big thanks to Michaela who transported me into a journey that I wish it didn't have to end. Thank you for your kindness, professionalism and skills; you are a sweet gifted girl. You have touched me for a lifetime, as very rare people are able to do so. I will come back as soon as possible! Best regards,
Just want to say thank you for excellent service and a fantastic introduction to tantra that I experienced on Saturday with Misha. Misha, you are a very, very nice person!
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