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Tantra masseuse Michaela

Michel will take your breath away with her looks of a sensual goddess. She moves with grace and acts very womanly. Tantra massage from Michel is delightful intoxication.


Horses are my secret passion. Their tenderness and pride are fascinating. I also love walking in nature and beauty of semiprecious stones.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra is not only my lifestyle, deep relaxation, sensuous touches or sharing energies – it is something that makes me feel complete. It is something that helps us find a way to human nature. It shows how to accept and love ourselves. Tantra is spiritual road, where we can meet each other in mutual respect. Tantra massages attract me with the chance, that I can deeply affect not only the surface of human body, but also human heart and soul. I like to be surprised and fascinated by every new meeting.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Michel loves long massages, where she can express all her femininity and experience real sensuous mystic meeting with the client. Her favourite massages are “tantra massage De Luxe” and “Tantra massage for couples”.



I was fortunate to receive a tantra massage deluxe from Misa this week. It is not easy to describe the fantastic outcome of the massage. Meeting Misa and receiving a massage from her gave me hope for a better tomorrow. I had a few tantra massages before but this one was by far the best. Actually I can’t think it gets any better! Thank you Misa.
Yesterday I had a fantastic experience with Míša. It was absolutely the best massage of my life.
Let me give sincere thanks for unbelievable and beautiful experience I had during a tantra massage with Míša. It has been a new trip into the wonderful unknown. I admit not expecting such an influence in respect of my body and soul. I can even say my perception of sexuality totally changed after experiencing tantra massage. It was truly unusual and beautiful; I enjoyed the moments a lot!
I have been spending many satisfied hours at your parlour and I would like to thank you for all the pleasant moment. I was pleased by your professional and discrete approach, wonderful rooms and magical welcoming ladies, Míša in particular. Everyone perceives massage and all around it differently; from my perspective I can say that especially with Míša I experienced a direct transfer into heaven (literarily :)), intense happiness and excitement of the whole being, opening energy channels and spiritual awakening and recharging. I am looking forward to visit you again sometime in future. I wish you good luck, success and prosperity.
Misa is a goddess! She has a pure positive energy and magical hands. It was my first experience with tantra massage and I can barely find some words to describe it. It was like a dream, which I hoped would never end. I hope I will have the privilege to repeat this wonderful experience with angel named Michaela.
Namaste, thanks for your existence!
Michaela is a beautiful, kind and extremely positive woman. On top of it, she has golden hands. It was an amazing tantra massage. I give 10/10.
David, 35
I went for a tantra massage, not knowing what to expect. What I found was a beautiful human being, who gave me the most amazing sensual experience. I left feeling love. Thank you, Michaela.
I want to express my deepest appreciation for the tantra massage from Michaela. Her massage was the most delightful tantra massage I have ever had. Her warmth, tenderness and attention gave me a soothing and blissful time! She made me feel comfortable and at ease all the time. She patiently explained everything I was interested in at beginning of the massage session. During the massage and afterwards she helped me unwind in her gentle way, I found the feeling I had indescribable. I do want to come to Prague again, and soon, and have another extended massage session with Michaela. She is so heavenly!
I would like to commend Michaela for the attentive and immensely enjoyable massage, and I can say that I'm still feeling rejuvenated more than 24 hours after my Tantra Deluxe Massage with her. I definitely felt a connection with her during the entire massage. I truly appreciated the subtle little things she did that I believe enhanced the massage. Her sunny and energetic personality also could be felt through her skillful and instinctive touch. If you give Michaela enough time, she will make you forget all your worries in life. Please thank her for a fantastic massage experience that I can honestly describe as a heavenly treat.
Hi, my friend sent me to your place because he thought I needed to try something new. And I did. Masseuse Michaela was lovely and sweet. The time flied quickly and next time I will definitely go for a longer option of the massage because 90 minutes is nothing and I even think I will have two masseuses next time :).
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