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Tantra masseuse Michaela

Michel will take your breath away with her looks of a sensual goddess. She moves with grace and acts very womanly. Tantra massage from Michel is delightful intoxication.


Horses are my secret passion. Their tenderness and pride are fascinating. I also love walking in nature and beauty of semiprecious stones.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra is not only my lifestyle, deep relaxation, sensuous touches or sharing energies – it is something that makes me feel complete. It is something that helps us find a way to human nature. It shows how to accept and love ourselves. Tantra is spiritual road, where we can meet each other in mutual respect. Tantra massages attract me with the chance, that I can deeply affect not only the surface of human body, but also human heart and soul. I like to be surprised and fascinated by every new meeting.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Michel loves long massages, where she can express all her femininity and experience real sensuous mystic meeting with the client. Her favourite massages are “tantra massage De Luxe” and “Tantra massage for couples”.


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