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Tantra masseuse Martina

If you want to follow the path of unbridled energy, Martina will be the right guide for you. You will find fierceness, warmth, gentleness, understanding and a deeply mystic connection. She is not easy to describe or grasp, but from the very first moment you feel that you can act naturally with her. A shaman, a woman, a priestess – all these words describe her. If you listen carefully when you are with her, you might hear the sound of drumming and cracking of fire.


I love freedom most of all. Especially if it takes on the form of dance, wandering and creating. I love the sea, trees, the burning sun, deep snow, Moravian Karst and its caves. I enjoy the presence of music, theatre, poetry and everyone who inspires me. I like to watch people and their strength and authenticity. I like life in all its diversity and dynamics.

Why the tantra massage?

Through touch I sense and experience, through touch I trust and recognise. Tantra leads my way through my body and soul, it allows me to experience bliss and to get deep to understand myself and the world around me. Conscious touch is the most natural way of communication and Tantra massage is an adventurous journey that leads us to unbelievable places inside ourselves. It will be an honour for me to guide you with conscious touch.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

My favourite Tantra massages are all those during which we have enough time to set out together on an adventurous journey of energy and touch. When working with the body I like to use the healing energy of hot lava stones that have the ability to make energy flow and relax the body and soul, so I like Tantra Massage Deluxe. For women I like the luxury Pretty Woman Tantra Massage the best as it provides enough space for relaxation and mutual closeness. You can also book me for Tantra Massage for Couples where I will accompany you on the journey of intimacy and closeness in your relationship.



Where to start? Miss Martina is simply a Goddess. Her hands are magical, and every touch gets right under your skin. She inspires you passion and evokes all your desires. She takes tantra to the astronomical level. Her massage was a blessing. I will not forget this experience and neither Martina´s eyes. Deep and beautiful. Thank you ...
Fabio, 25
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