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Tantra masseuse Maria

A young girl’s energy with a woman’s experience. You will never get bored with this woman. She is sensitive, understanding, docile as well as decisive. She offers you the image of who you used to be and at the same time provides possibilities for who you can become. Rest in her arms and forget everything that worries you. Walk together into the other world, you undergo a process of cleansing, giving in, self-awareness, ecstatic moments all the way to the final rebirth. All you need to do is take the first step.


Being connected to wilderness, all its creatures and plants is essential for my life. Whenever possible I set out on walks in the countryside, I swim in rivers and lakes, I touch pebbles and stalks of grass with bare feet. I love the Earth in all its shapes. I can’t exist without art and you will regularly see me with a book or listening to music. I love dancing. I also do creative projects, especially in fine arts.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra is an unexpected treasure that I found while searching for myself. It is a place of the encounter between the body and soul, the visible and the invisible, the well-known and the mysterious, simplicity and complexity. Tantra is a gust of wind that blows away all the unnecessary and redundant to make room for experiencing the very essence of being, that which is present in every divine being, but which is often inaccessible to modern-day people. Tantra massage is a way to ecstatic experiences, to cleansing, closeness and the very essence of being.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I like all kinds of Tantra massage where there is time to establish a deeper connection between us and with oneself, because finding the path to oneself can’t be hastened. I find relaxation, meditation and depth in the Tantra Massage Deluxe.



It was my first Tantra session and my massage therapist was Marie who seemed very nice and friendly. I’d like to praise her sensitive and considerate approach. Thanks to her my introduction to Tantra massage was like a familiar personal encounter. I’d also like to praise her massage skills. I have experience with Thai, Shiatsu and other massage types so I can appreciate it if the therapist knows which touch to use to relax not only the mind, but the body too. An interesting novelty for me was the use of straw breathing, similar to the ujjayi breath from yoga. Overall, the massage was a very pleasant and powerful experience for which I am grateful.
Peter, 42
I still want to thank Marie for the opportunity to experience tantra massage in her skillful hands. She accompanied me on a fantastic sensory journey. I touched the sky with a finger!!! It has been years since I didn´t feel so good. Thank you again for sharing this wonderful tantric experience with me. I hope to have other opportunities in the upcoming months, to be able to continue my fantastic tantric journey with Marie, even if I live and work in Italy. Marie is worth to come. Thank you so much Marie! Big hug and good luck for your life. I wish you the life is always brighter for you.
Pierandrea from Italy
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