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Tantra masseuse Margaret

Margaret is beautiful, sensuous, mature and wise woman. She will guide you trhu nice and kind moments as you´ll discover secrets of tantric relaxation. Her massages are tender and passionate, so your energy will rise and descend in waves.


I am never tired of flying and motorbike riding. City of New York is my favourite. Bending and breaking my own body through yoga gives me a joy, as well as long strolls and painting and cooking. I love sauning and reading by a fire place. Storms fascinate me.

Why the tantra massage?

I´ve always wished to do purposeful work which brings joy and relief to people. Over the time this need grew stronger and Classical Tantra massage wasn´t what I was exactly looking for. This wasn´t the right way to help others and to develop myself as well. Then I have discovered the magical, sacred, playfull and therapeutic principles of Tantra. It amazingly combines spirituality, mystique and respectful expression towards the body and it also presents a pure joy of one´s sexuality. I´m happy, that my work is also a beautiful way of life. I love being myself. I´ll help you to put aside shame and fear and with passion and kindness I will pet every single part of your body. Your own skin will feel that I love my job and enjoy it fully. Let me spoil you. Forget those mundane worries. Gain new energy and inspiration. I´m looking forward to meet you!

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Thanks to her passionate will to care for others, Margaret enjoys the most long „DeLuxe“ tantra massage. It comes with a bath where she can spoil you perfectly!

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