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Tantra masseuse Magdalene

When she enters the room, you feel sparks. When she smiles, all your worries disappear. When she touches your skin, she touches your heart too. Naturalness, warmth, playfulness and courage. An Amazon who is setting out into the depths of your soul and to awaken your body. The world becomes more colourful with her, scents are stronger and problems float away into another world. Take up the challenge she represents and experience the call of adventure which you can experience together and at the end of which there is a great prize waiting for you- the rediscovery of the lightness of being.


I like to be surrounded by my friends who recharge me with positive energy. I love travelling to exotic countries where I admire not only nature and the miracles it was able to create, but I also enjoy meeting new people from different cultures. I love the variety of every day, the spontaneity and freedom in what I want to do and what I enjoy. During my studies I take time to actively relax at Bikram yoga classes or spend time alone in nature with a glass of good wine. I like to take care of others and I like to be pampered. I often just sit, observe others and think about other people’s stories written in their faces.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra teaches me to study the male and female body, its depth, feelings and the importance of touching. I think that in Tantra everyone finds what they are missing or looking for. Every Tantra experience moves you forward, we stop seeing the everyday reality and we allow ourselves to stop and realise our needs and desires. To perceive oneself here and now through interconnecting sexuality, the heart and consciousness. It teaches us to master our body energy. Tantra accepts each and everyone. It give you passion, gentleness, joy, love, harmony and self-knowledge. Some years ago this quote made an impression on me: “Caring for the happiness of others, we find our own.” It will be my pleasure to be your guide to this wonderful and deep ritual.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

My favourites include the long and sensual Tantra Massage Deluxe during which there is enough time to enjoy the moments of shared Tantra meditation. I can pamper your whole body and let your awakened sexual energy rise and fall in waves which will take you far beyond your past experiences. I also enjoy the Four-Hand Tantra Massage and Massage for Couples.



Thank you for helping us coordinate an unforgettable experience. We love your space and loved our massages and the sweet energy of Magda and Nora. They felt like old friends. They have a lot of wisdom in their hands and minds and we are so grateful for them to introducing tantra to us. Thank you for fitting us in in short notice. Our already fabulous relationship is just a little sweeter now with a renewed understanding of what we enjoy to be able to share with one another. We live in California; let us know if you have any visiting masseuses or great connections out here. Unfortunately, the options out here in California are not quite the same as many are not legitimate tantric masseuses.
Katie and Ryan
I had 4 hour massage with Magdalene. She is really a charming person with good massaging skills. She took care of me well by asking about how I feel and also offered me drink whenever I needed. Her hands are magical and created a kind of pleasant electrifying sensation which I have never experienced previously. The massage was very relaxing and a unique experience. After the massage I felt really light, energetic and born as a new man. I had one of the golden moments of my life and I wished it should never end. Definitely I would like to visit again and I can only recommend her to every one
Leo, Germany
I had a beautiful and pleasant experience in your massage spa. I would give 5 star rating to all the services. Receptionist received and greeted me very warmly. I had tantra massage with Magdalene. She is a wonderful person with good massaging skills. I was totally relaxed and enjoyed her massage. She took care of me very well. She responded very well to my body’s reaction and made me feel in magical hands. I would like to visit your spa again. I Thank and congratulate you and your masseuse from the bottom of my heart for providing a wonderful experience. With lots of love and happiness.
Magdalena was a beautiful angel. This was my first tantra massage and because of her, every aspect of the session was sensational. She is an excellent masseuse, but more importantly she is a loving and tender caregiver. I do believe that at times our hearts truly beat as one. If given the opportunity to return to Prague, I will return to Tantra Massage Prague, and I certainly hope to see Magdalena again.
Thank you, Magdalene. With your calm way, good information and energy you gave me a perfect introduction to Tantra. Your energy and sensual touch in the massage made the 3 hours pass very fast, but in a great way. Very nice and informative to have time for the talk after the massage was finished.
Stefan, 41, Sweden
I would like to say thanks to Magdalena once again for an unforgettable tantra massage! When I saw Magdalena on your website, I knew I was going to experience something interesting and unusual and I'm glad that my sixth sense didn´t disappoint me. Magdalena gave so much of herself to the massage! It is something she doesn´t have to, but she wants to. The massage was spontaneous, without a scenario, but all my body was covered and well taken care of. She felt what was right for me. For a while, I felt as a baby being taken care of by mom and in the next moment Magdalena turned into a Goddess, so determined to the sacred tantric ritual and she was really working with the energy she had created. It was unbelievable. From the beginning and for the entire time of the massage, we were in the Indian temple of Tantra where I had never been before. I left with a smile on my lips, with an incredibly positive energy and I felt just pure happiness. Every time I recall the massage, I find myself smiling. I believe that the experience will keep me energized for a long time, especially when I will need it. It wasn´t my only massage for sure!
Magdalene was wonderful and fulfilled all my expectations. She is a very caring person. She left me with so much energy I barely slept the next few days. I was also very happy with the friendly service and the organization worked out well. Next time I am back in Prague I will be sure to get in contact again.
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