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Tantra masseuse Luna

Luna is a beautiful being whose look will cast a spell on you. Her gentle feminine beauty meets calmness, confidence and understanding. You can be certain that she will show you places which you had no idea were there and open doors which you thought might remain closed for ever. Her sensitive and firm lead will help you start a journey on which you might never have dared to set out. Come to experience new adventures.


I admire the creativity of human mind, I love stories, dreams and art. Reading, listening and drawing, sometimes getting lost in the alleyways of old Prague, star gazing or listening to magical music.

Why the tantra massage?

Everyone can take whatever they need from Tantra philosophy. I went to it for help. Tantra will teach you how to breathe properly, how to live every moment to the full and it will help you find out that there is always something new to discover. I was led without pushing, without being persuaded by someone – Tantra has become a relief and regeneration for me. It is an adventure with the soul of another, it is therapeutic conscious touching, it is a teaching about empathy and mutual respect. Do you need more energy? I will be honoured to be your guide on the journey to releasing streams of your strength.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I like it most when I can help people relax to the full and forget everything they are in everyday life. The human body is a temple for me, its uniqueness never stops fascinating and captivating me. I prefer Tantra Massage Deluxe, Tantra Massage for Couples and luxury massage for women.



Tantric massage with Luna not only surprised me, but I am not afraid to say that I was totally stunned! It was my first experience with tantra and I had no clue what to expect. In my mind, Tantra was a little mystical, but mostly erotic massage of the body. I expected a masseuse in the sexy red panties, welcoming me with a glass of wine, maybe little small talk and then going straight to IT. Luna has completely changed all my expectations and scenarios! At first I was surprised by a deep and interesting conversation about tantra. Her real interest, intelligence and charisma took me in and awakened the desire to learn more about what this beautiful and mysterious priestess actually offers. Luna taught me how to breathe properly and how to perceive and approach the ritual of tantra massage. It was something quite different from what I expected, but I thought I had nothing to lose, so decided to try it. Oh God! It was one of the best decisions I made in the last two years! Her magical touches, tenderness and passion totally absorbed me. It was incredibly beautiful, mystical, exciting, interesting and completely different. It is a few days after the massage and I still feel her touches all over my body and I still feel the energy flowing through my body. I know now that it was only the beginning and there is so much more to explore, but even if it was the only experience I had with tantra, I am so grateful for it! It changed something in me. Thank you, Luna, for a wonderful initiation into tantra, I can´t wait to return to your tantric temple and feel your touches again.
Michal, 38
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