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Tantra masseuse Lucy

If you long for a direct and playful approach, Lucie will be the best guide for you. Her smile will relax you and prepare you for the experience of a deep spiritual journey full of self-awareness and joy. Her spontaneity will help you lose all inhibition and fully surrender to her gentle and patient hands. Don’t expect just gentle breeze, with this woman you can experience the greatest storm of your life too.


I approach life in the simple way and I like simple things. I love nature and the never-ending adventure it provides. I like to overcome myself crossing mountain ranges or I just sit under a palm tree, eat a papaya and enjoy the view of the sea. I love the atmosphere of farmer’s markets full of fresh fruit and happy people. Walking through the woods or bike trips are also wonderful. I enjoy doing interesting projects, sharing the joy and experiences with my friends, meeting new inspiring people and encountering new cultures. My life passion is travelling, because each journey leaves me stronger, more conscious, more thankful and happier. I simply love life the way it is and I enjoy everything it surprises me with.

Why the tantra massage?

I’ve always been fascinated by discovering various ways to better understand people, the world and myself. I was surprised by Tantra’s complexity, depth, strength and its gentleness. I’m fascinated by its healing effect on the body and soul. Tantra allows me to expand my knowledge and experience and I’m thankful that I can pass on its legacy through Tantra massage.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I love the playful and sensual simplicity of the Classic Tantra Massage as well as the long Deluxe Tantra Massage which provides the time and space for deeper connection as well as for working on body relaxation and awakening life energy which will take you to the state of deep inner ecstasy. Tatra Massage provides many opportunities to stroke and pamper every tiny bit of your body, to experience connection, intimacy as well as deep mutual compliance.



Lucy, you surfaced my feelings. Thank you, Lucy and I love you.
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